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Although we have tried hard to cover everything on this, we know that we can't have everything. After searching on the net, these are the articles that we think may interest you.

ActiveIE's IE5 News
Microsoft is rushing things a little. Within 5 months after the final release of Internet Explorer version 4, version 5 is already under alpha stage. Keep up with the latest IE news with this site. With top DHTML design and most up-to-date information on IE, this site is a must for IE maniacs.

CNET's 20 Questions About Windows 98
Yeah, even CNET is promoting the hell out of Windows 98. For those of you who are new, you might want to check them out. We find them quite helpful and interesting.

Winmag's Windows 98 Megasite
This site is quite good. We rate it a top for the most informative articles and help. Visit it sometime. There is even a site for Windows NT 5 beta. The site is updated from time to time.

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