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Interview with Lisa Gurry, Spokesperson: MSN Music What are your main reasons for the design change? 

Lisa Gurry: This second phase stems from a great deal of consumer feedback and research on what visitors want from an online music site.  We've redesigned the home page with two main rotating features and a new navigation bar to make it easier for people to access the most popular services on the site, as well as access new and exciting content, such as exclusive videos, artist spotlights, or other relevant info like our Grammy Guide. Do you expect MSN Music to become even more integrated in the next version of MSN Explorer? 

Lisa Gurry: While we can't share specifics of the next version of MSN Explorer and MSN Music, we can assure you that MSN Music will continue to work at delivering the best content and experiences to its users to enable them to listen and discover the music they desire. MSN Music will continue to be an area of focus for MSN. What kind of feedback have you had from users to help you redesign and add new features to the website?

Lisa Gurry: Consumers wanted greater personalization opportunities, more insight into their favorite artists, more downloadable music, and easier access to additional services like our pressplay subscription service and online purchasing opportunities. Can we expect more changes/updates in the near future? 

Lisa Gurry: MSN's online music venture provides people with the best online music experience on the Web.  We will continue to deliver technology innovations to the site, as well as continue to develop industry leading relationships with a wide spectrum of partners, labels, and artists to ensure that we offer the best online music experience available anywhere on the Web. We will not have another major technology upgrade until we release the next version of MSN later this year. How does MSN Music compare to competing sites? 

Lisa Gurry: MSN Music offers the most useful and personal listening experience through innovative technology, up-to-date and exciting content, and the widest range of music available today online.  With more than 20 music styles, countless subcategories, 300,000  +  pre-programmed radio stations (compared to only 100 radio stations on AOL) , "SoundsLike" and mood searching,  MSN Music is connecting people directly to a huge variety of music that they are interested in .  MSN Music also offers exclusive, up-to-date content, through partnerships with leading artists like Alanis Morissette, NSYNC, Mick Jagger, J-Lo, and Paul McCartney.



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