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Interview with Rod Fergusson, Program Manager: Microsoft Train Simulator Do you anticipate success with Microsoft Train Simulator? What audiences do you think will most be interested in this game?

Rod Fergusson: Microsoft is very excited about the enthusiastic reception the product has received from the train community. Train Modelers, Train Enthusiasts, Simulation Enthusiasts, Kids and anyone with a general interest in trains will be delighted with Microsoft Train Simulator. What are some of the different trains that will be available? Is it available to interchange different trains on different routes?

Rod Fergusson: You will be able to operate steam, diesel and electric trains. To date we have announced the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Dash 9 diesel engine, the Amtrak Acela Express electric train set and the Flying Scotsman steam engine. And yes, you will be able interchange different trains on different routes. What are some of the different controls that will be available to manipulate in the cab?

Rod Fergusson: You will be able to operate the most relevant cab controls for train operations. This includes the throttle, reverser, automatic brake, independent brake, dynamic brake, horn, bell, lights, wipers, etc. What are some of the scenarios being worked on for this game?

Rod Fergusson: There are four main types of activities available in the game; passenger activities (delivering passengers on a specific timetable), road freight activities (driving freight from point A to point B), local freight activities (delivering and picking up freight to and from local industries), and yard activities (sorting cars and building trains in a yard). Who are some of the partners in the Rail/Train Industry that are helping in the development of this game? What parts are they mainly helping on?

Rod Fergusson: For the list of partners, please see our web page at The parts they are helping with are mainly access to the routes and route documentation, access to the trains and train documentation as well as helping to design player activities and as testers to help ensure we meet our realism goals. And, lastly, will the trains be able to crash, or derail? :-)

Rod Fergusson: Yes but there will not be any damage, death or gore.


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