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  Mac OS 10.3 or Windows XP?
Time: 09:53 EST/14:53 GMT | News Source: ActiveMac | Posted By: Byron Hinson

I’ll admit to being a little narrow-minded when it came to computers over the last 8 years or so. I was one of those people who thought that there was no other operating system other than that of Microsoft’s Windows. There was very little chance of me ever trying a Mac or Linux based machine no matter how many times I’d seen what other people had been using.....

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#1 By 163 ( at 11/2/2003 3:20:17 PM
Definetely Mac OS. I am a Windows user that hasn't completely switched for 1 big reason: Games. Everything else I can do with a Mac. Granted, there are plently games out there for Macs, but not Online Games like Asheron's Call. Until then, I'll have to stick with my Windows machine.

Price would help too. Everytime I go to CompUSA and see those G5's I feel like in Wayne's world when Wayne is staring at the guitar.


#2 By 3 ( at 11/4/2003 12:08:45 PM
#24 - itunes was a typo which was meant to say iPhoto - I'll change it later. As for the high quality icon saying - they are high quality are they not? so whether they are PNG, JPG or Gif they were and are high quality, I wasn't stating a name or extension for them.

Finally the release date of Longhorn is unknown - it could be late 2005 or sometime in 2006.

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