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  Exclusive: Mac OS X 10.2.7 Update Build 6R43 Seeded
Time: 11:47 EST/16:47 GMT | News Source: ActiveMac | Posted By: Byron Hinson

On the 15th Apple seeded 10.2.7 Update Build 6R43

Areas changed since 10.2.6

- ATI Video
- Audio
- FireWire
- nVidia Video
- OpenGL
- Security Update 2003-08-14

Fixed since 6R34

- Additional Audio fixes
- Security Update 2003-08-14

Fixed since 6R29

- Kernel panic if you don't have the latest Airport Driver installed (3.1)

Areas to focus when testing:

- Airport
- ATI & nVidia Video
- FireWire
- Games
- PC Cards (PCMCIA)
- Sound
- General Usage

Known problems

DVD Player may not work on some machines

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