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News Date: Wednesday 10th November 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
Fifa 2000 Competition - BT
  • Microsoft Unveils New Windows Technology to Enable SDMI-Capable Products for Secure Digital Music
    Time: 16:00 EST/21:00 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft Corp. today announced the release of the Microsoft® Windows Media™ Device Manager (WMDM), a new Windows® technology to manage and transfer secure digital media for hardware manufacturers and independent software vendors (ISVs). The Windows Media Device Manager gives manufacturers and developers a standard way to transfer secure digital media on portable music devices, PC applications such as digital music jukebox applications, and storage media such as flash memory cards. This new Windows technology also creates a standard way for a wide range products to become Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI)-capable, with integrated digital rights management.

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  • Baan Early to Market With Microsoft Windows 2000 Ready Enterprise Solution
    Time: 15:59 EST/20:59 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    At BaanWorld 99 today, Microsoft Corp. announced that BaanERP 5.0c is one of the first enterprise-class applications to be directory-enabled on the Microsoft® Windows® 2000 operating system. This new version of BaanERP fully utilizes the capabilities of Windows 2000. It provides customers of Baan Co. N.V. with a strong foundation on which to Internet-enable traditional businesses and enable transaction processing for e-commerce. Microsoft and Baan have also reaffirmed their continued collaboration in the development of e-enabled enterprise solutions.

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  • Microsoft Announces New Windows Media Developer Resources For Next Generation of Digital Audio and Video Applications
    Time: 15:58 EST/20:58 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft Corp. today announced immediate availability of a new unified Windows Media™ Software Development Kit (SDK), the most comprehensive set of tools for developing digital media applications. Now a wide range of developers can use a single set of tools for Windows Media development. The Windows Media SDK enables independent software vendors (ISVs), hardware manufacturers and Web professionals to integrate market-leading audio, video and digital rights management technology into their solutions.

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  • Competition: Win Fifa 2000: MLS
    Time: 15:04 EST/20:04 GMT News Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Are you interested in Football/Soccer - then Fifa 2000 is the game for you. If you would like the chance to winning a copy of the US version of Fifa 2000 then all you need to do is answer this simple question and mail your answer in to us.

    Q: Who are the current champions of the English Premier League?

    Hint - I hate them and their name is mentioned on one of the screenshots in the Fifa 2000 review we posted. The competition ends this Sunday the 14th November, so get those answers in quick.

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  • Microsoft poised to build Bluetooth support into Windows
    Time: 11:15 EST/16:15 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Notorious Bluetooth hold out Microsoft seems to be poised to join the group, if the company's own job ads are to be believed. Microsoft is not, currently, either one of the five Bluetooth founder members or a member of the prodigiously large Bluetooth SIG, but Microsoft is, currently, recruiting staff in order to incorporate Bluetooth into its products.

    The company is currently looking for a group programme manager, a programme manager and a software design engineer to work on Bluetooth-related projects, and the latter vacancy notice reveals most about what the company is up to. "The USB Software design Engineer, Microsoft Windows OS Base team owns core bluetooth (wireless) bus technology, architecture, and support for all Windows platforms." Responsibilities include "working with Intel and other IHVs/OEMs to provide smooth integration of bluetooth devices into our core product."

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  • BT's U-turn could drive competitors off the road
    Time: 11:14 EST/16:14 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Byron Hinson

    BT's seemingly groundbreaking decision to "slash the cost of dial-up Internet access" is not all it seems. Aimed at ISPs rather than end users, it will only be available for service providers who manage at least 140,000 Net users.

    Take into account all the complex maths tied up in the offer, users could expect to pay at least £16 for around 30 hours call time a month. Add on VAT and the ISP's cut, and the figure could be nearer £20 a month, if not higher.

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  • Microsoft and Customers Are Getting Y2K Ready
    Time: 09:31 EST/14:31 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Y2K is only 52 days away, and computer users everywhere want to make sure that their computer software functions smoothly into the next millennium. To help address these concerns, Microsoft has devoted time and effort to provide customers with the information and resources they need to prepare for the Year 2000. In addition, Microsoft has been evaluating its own internal Y2K readiness.

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  • Microsoft Lesson Connection Launched At Technology + Learning Conference
    Time: 09:30 EST/14:30 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    At the National School Board Association's Technology + Learning Conference, Microsoft Corp. today announced the launch of Microsoft® Lesson Connection, a new set of free tools designed to help teachers nationwide search for lesson plans matching their local and state curriculum standards (connect-time charges may apply). Microsoft Lesson Connection, created in collaboration with Tudor Publishing Company and Classroom Connect, provides teachers with powerful search tools to easily search through tens of thousands of online lesson plans to find lessons that satisfy their local or state curriculum standards.

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  • Prosecution demands could force MS to open up source code
    Time: 08:52 EST/13:52 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Byron Hinson

    The Department of Justice and US states officials will insist on Microsoft's monopoly of the operating system market being broken, according to a story in today's New York Times. No precise mechanism for doing so has yet been identified, but according to state officials quoted in the Times piece several measures are being considered.

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  • Bt Announces It Will "Dramatically Reduce" Internet Call Charges In The UK
    Time: 07:32 EST/12:32 GMT News Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Bt has announced that it will "Dramatically Reduce" internet call charges in the United Kingdom which could include unmetered access for around £10 a month.

    Read more

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  • Microsoft Delivers Office 2000 as an Internet-Hosted Service With Microsoft Office Online
    Time: 03:11 EST/08:11 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Alex Harris

    Microsoft Corp. today announced Microsoft® Office Online, a new offering of its flagship Office product that will enable the delivery of Office 2000 over the Internet. Office Online will provide a choice for Office customers who prefer the benefits of centrally managed software and will be offered to small-business customers through Microsoft's bCentral Web services portal. As part of an Office Online pilot program, leading partners also announced Office Online service offerings today, including British Telecommunications PLC; CenterBeam Inc.; Concentric Network; Digex Inc.; Equant; FutureLink Corp.; Interland Inc.; Interliant Inc.; Micron Electronics; MTT Mpowered, a division of Aliant; Qwest Communications International Inc.; TeleComputing Inc.; USinternetworking Inc.; Verio Inc.; and Winstar Communications Inc. Several of these offerings are available today and others will be introduced over the upcoming months.

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  • Microsoft Launches Redesigned Portal And New Communications Services -A Major Step Toward Delivering Promise of Everyday Web
    Time: 03:06 EST/08:06 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Alex Harris

    Microsoft Corp. today announced the newly redesigned™ portal, which embraces personal communications via a Message Center that integrates new services including a major update to MSN™ Web Communities. The new portal debuts an innovative and easy-to-use interface, providing people with one central view of their online personal communications. To complement the new MSN Web Communities, which provides users with more customization than any other communities offering today, the new Message Center also supports updated versions of MSN Chat and MSN Messenger Service with new functionality, including tighter integration with the Hotmail™ Web-based e-mail service.

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  • Apple boosts QuickTime efforts, signs more partners
    Time: 03:00 EST/08:00 GMT News Source: CNet News Posted By: Alex Harris

    Apple Computer outlined steps to revive its multimedia efforts, including a renewed partnership with, as it moves to turn its popular QuickTime software into a money-making enterprise.

    At Apple's first-ever QuickTime Live conference for content developers, the company demonstrated new technologies such as automated ad insertion that will boost the software's e-commerce capabilities. The emphasis reflects Apple's desire to promote QuickTime from its status as a marketing expense to a new revenue generator.

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  • New, fast-spreading email virus found
    Time: 02:58 EST/07:58 GMT News Source: CNet News Posted By: Alex Harris

    A virulent new kind of computer virus triggered simply by opening an infected email message has been identified, antivirus researchers said today.

    The virus, dubbed "Bubbleboy," apparently hasn't yet made it onto the open Internet, which means researchers haven't heard of any computers being infected. But a version of the program was mailed anonymously to researchers last night, indicating a high potential for future infections.

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  • Data Return says Windows 2000-based servers up to 40 percent faster than Windows NT
    Time: 02:55 EST/07:55 GMT News Source: Microsoft Daily News Posted By: Alex Harris

    A company's success can depend on the performance and availability of its Web sites and other online resources.

    That's why companies around the world turn to Data Return Corp. for Internet, intranet and extranet hosting. And according to the Dallas-based company, it can offer even better reliability, scalability and performance using Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server. Windows 2000-based servers have consistently outperformed Windows NT® 4.0-based servers at Data Return, running up to 40 percent faster with increased uptime and scalability and improved remote management.

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News Date: Tuesday 9th November 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
Fifa 2000 - MSN
  • IBM Mounts Campaign To Support Win 2000
    Time: 16:36 EST/21:36 GMT News Source: TechWeb Posted By: Matt Sabean

    IBM is mounting a substantial campaign to promote and support Windows 2000, and its epicenter is the little-known IBM Center for Microsoft Technologies here, 5 miles down the road from Microsoft's corporate campus.

    IBM and Microsoft engineers cooperate in a unique collaboration between the two computing industry powerhouses. A T3 line from the Redmond, Wash., headquarters of Microsoft connects the two sites, letting IBM engineers test daily builds of Win 2000, the Platinum version of Exchange and SQL Server, and other software. In the process, Armonk, N.Y.-based IBM works to optimize Microsoft's latest releases with IBM systems and resolve compatibility issues.

    "We are here forming that strong relationship on a technical basis with Microsoft," said Sandra Carter, IBM director of Netfinity Partners on Development.

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  • Hotmail uses controversial filter to fight spam
    Time: 16:36 EST/21:36 GMT News Source: Posted By: Matt Sabean

    A controversial antispam tool has acquired legitimacy with the addition of a new subscriber: the 800-pound gorilla of Web-based email, Hotmail.

    Microsoft's free Hotmail service last week started filtering all email coming from servers listed on the Mail Abuse Prevention System's (MAPS) Realtime Blackhole List (RBL). The list is composed of email servers known to be used by senders of unsolicited commercial email, known as spammers.

    Hotmail is using the list to reduce the amount of junk email its users receive. But the list is harsh medicine. The filter, which does not distinguish between spam and other messages, will block legitimate email that happens to be routed through the blacklisted servers.

    "It's something we've been looking at for a while," said Randy Delucchi, Hotmail's director of operations services. "We implemented it last week in order to protect our users."

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  • New Matrox NT Drivers Posted
    Time: 16:13 EST/21:13 GMT News Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Matrox has just posted new Windows NT drivers on their website at:

    These drivers (version 4.31.008) are compatible with the following products:

    - Millennium G400
    - Millennium G200
    - Mystique G200
    - MGA G200
    - Productiva G100
    - Productiva G100 MMS (but no vid tools for the MMS with TV Tuner)

    For more information on this driver, please refer to the release notes (

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  • Microsoft to rent Office space
    Time: 16:09 EST/21:09 GMT News Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft Corp. Tuesday said it will move ahead with long discussed plans to offer its Office productivity software online by the end of the year.

    The program allows customers to rent the software applications, rather than buy them. MS Office Online will be available for small business customers through Microsoft's (Nasdaq: MSFT) Central Web services portal.

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  • Rainbow 6 : Rogue Spear - Review
    Time: 15:07 EST/20:07 GMT News Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Alex Harris

    I have posted my review of Red Storm's Rainbow 6 : Rogue Spear. Here is a snippet from the review:

    In the game you can play the head of one of the up to 8 that you can send in to deal with these different factions that appear in the game. This game is similar to Hidden and Dangerous, but has some significant differences in it to the aforementioned game. Those being that you can take up to 8 people into "battle" rather than the up to 4 that can be used in each mission in H&D. In Rainbow 6 you also use the planning stage a lot more extensively than you did in Hidden and Dangerous. In Rainbow 6 you have the option to use the HQ plan, or design one yourself.

    Read more

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  • Fifa 2000 - Review
    Time: 07:41 EST/12:41 GMT News Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron Hinson

    I have posted my review of EA Sports latest Football (Soccer) title, Fifa 2000. Here is a snippet from the review:

    There is now a season feature where you can compete in both a league and cup competition, but this is again quite limited, it would be nice to see full league seasons such as the Premier League's four divisions with relegations and proper cup competitions, this would greatly improve the season feature. There are slightly (and I mean slightly) improved management features. You are now able to transfer players during your season, nothing along the lines of the superb and unbeatable Championship Manager 3 but you are able to spend money on new signings, but unfortunate you could play as a team like Watford and still bring in top class players if you have the money (They wouldn't touch Watford in real life) as the teams you buy the players from cannot object to your offers.

    Read more

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  • Pondering Microsoft's breakup valuation
    Time: 05:40 EST/10:40 GMT News Source: Red Herring Posted By: Alex Harris

    Pondering Microsoft's breakup valuation By R. Scott Raynovich November 8, 1999

    Microsoft  is America's most highly valued company. But would it be as valuable, or as powerful, split into its constituent elements? After Friday's release of a strongly worded finding of fact by federal judge Thomas Penfield Jackson that rejected many of Microsoft's defenses in the government's antitrust suit, some analysts are exploring the potential valuation of Microsoft as a collection of companies.

    Pondering Microsoft's breakup valuation Webvan stock stalls after quick start Cobalt burns hotter than Red Hat.

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  • Microsoft and others put $500 million in Teligent
    Time: 05:38 EST/10:38 GMT News Source: Red Herring Posted By: Alex Harris

    Teligent's (Nasdaq: TGNT) pitch to small businesses is that it provides high bandwidth at a lower cost than its wire-line competitors. But in order to do that, it must first build out broadband wireless networks across the world -- a costly undertaking.

    Though up to its knickers in red ink, Teligent won't have to worry about where the money will come from to keep its build-out going. It raised $500 million in new capital from an investment group led by Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) and Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst.

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  • New MCSEs Lose TechNet
    Time: 05:25 EST/10:25 GMT News Source: Windows NT Magazine Posted By: Alex Harris

    Windows NT Magazine has posted an article about how Microsoft has decided to terminate free access to the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) site for Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs). Here is a snippet of the article:

    Well folks, until last week, I had no idea of my clairvoyant abilities. On October 22, Microsoft posted a notice on its MCP Web site declaring that it would no longer provide the free 1-year subscription to TechNet for newly knighted MCSEs. Instead, Microsoft is giving new MCSEs the chance to purchase a 1-year subscription of TechNet and get a 50 percent "rebate or discount off the estimated retail price of a 1-year subscription during their first year of certification."

    I love the way Microsoft makes these announcements. First, it titles the announcement "New MCP Benefits." Then, it spends the first couple paragraphs of the announcement describing, in poetic prose, how the company is "committed to ensuring that membership in the MCP program is a valuable and enduring experience." Recognizing that people rarely read beyond the first few paragraphs of press announcements, Microsoft usually buries the bad news somewhere beyond the first page of the announcement (in this case, in the 10th paragraph).

    Read more

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  • Using Windows 2000's Multiple Monitor Functionality
    Time: 05:25 EST/10:25 GMT News Source: Windows NT Magazine Posted By: Alex Harris

    Windows NT Magazine has posted an article about a new Windows 2000 feature, Multiple Monitor Functionality. Here is a snippet of the article:

    Windows 2000 (Win2K) has a cool new feature that lets you attach multiple monitors to one Win2K system. The idea is to give you more desktop space than you get with just one monitor. Stretching the desktop to multiple displays can make you more productive, although some people might want to add additional monitors just to impress coworkers. In this week’s column, I'll describe how to install additional monitors and discuss some of the advantages and the limitations of multiple-monitor functionality.

    Read more

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  • Gore's latest Internet problem
    Time: 05:21 EST/10:21 GMT News Source: CNN Posted By: Alex Harris

    Al Gore has an Internet problem. No, it's not that silly remark about him having invented it. Gore's real problem is that Net surfers apparently think his site is too dull to visit.

    A recent study by Direct Hit, the Massachusetts-based company that operates a "popularity" search engine, revealed that for five days in late October, almost no one searching the Web for information about Gore actually made their way to Gore's official Web site. By a large margin, Web surfers preferred going to a Gore parody site or an anti-Gore site to the real thing.

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  • Microsoft Browser Holds 64 Percent Share
    Time: 05:19 EST/10:19 GMT News Source: Techweb Posted By: Alex Harris

    Microsoft's Internet Explorer was the primary browser choice for 64 percent of respondents to an October survey of corporate IT professionals released Monday by Zona Research, Redwood City, Calif. Thirty-six percent of the respondents used Netscape Navigator. According to the survey, 70 percent of businesses that have corporate browser policies require the Microsoft browser.

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  • Cookies Can Be Unhealthy For Net Users
    Time: 05:17 EST/10:17 GMT News Source: Techweb Posted By: Alex Harris

    Federal regulators warned the online advertising industry Monday to respect consumers' privacy or the government would set rules.

    The Commerce Department and Federal Trade Commission met with Internet advertisers in Washington, D.C., in a public workshop examining online profiling.

    Although e-commerce is expanding, it still is a small part of the economy. It won't fulfill its potential until consumers trust that their personal information is protected online, said FTC Commissioner Robert Pitofsky.

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  • Microsoft Seen Losing Power In Web-Based World
    Time: 05:16 EST/10:16 GMT News Source: Yahoo News Posted By: Alex Harris

    Regardless of how the landmark antitrust case against Microsoft Corp (Nasdaq:MSFT - news). turns out, the company's influence is waning in an Internet-driven world moving rapidly to devices other than personal computers, analysts say.

    Even before the U.S. Justice Department and 19 states filed suit against the world's largest software maker in May 1998, Microsoft executives were scrambling to stem defections of software developers shifting to Windows-independent platforms.

    ``I think they face the biggest threat they've had in years,'' said Scott McAdams, president of Seattle-based brokerage McAdams Wright Ragen. ``There is a fundamental change going on in information appliance architecture.''

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  • Judge Rejected Gates' Explanations
    Time: 05:14 EST/10:14 GMT News Source: Yahoo News Posted By: Alex Harris

    Despite the judge's blunt language in a blistering ruling against the Microsoft Corp (Nasdaq:MSFT - news)., the worst part for the company may be what was merely suggested between the lines. U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson didn't outright question the honesty of Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, but he rejected almost every explanation of events offered under oath by the world's most famous billionaire and his most senior executives.

    That apparent lack of faith in Microsoft's trustworthiness could hurt chances for a less severe punishment - or even for a settlement offer - that would hinge on its promises of good behavior toward rivals in the technology industry. Once the judge determines which antitrust laws Microsoft broke, he could order punishments as severe as breaking up the company unless a settlement is reached, which many lawyers and analysts consider unlikely.

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  • Hewlett-Packard reduces time-to-market, cuts costs with Microsoft Windows Media
    Time: 05:11 EST/10:11 GMT News Source: Microsoft Daily News Posted By: Alex Harris

    Streaming media can make marketing communications more successful—and less expensive.

    That's what Hewlett-Packard Co. has learned since adopting Microsoft® Windows Media™ Technologies. According to a study by market research firm Aberdeen Group, the use of streaming media has allowed HP to reduce time to market, reach more customers and produce more compelling marketing materials. And HP's first-year savings resulting from streaming media are estimated at $1.2 million—for a return on investment of 1,800 percent on the $60,000 the company spent to adopt the technology.

    Hewlett-Packard is one of a growing number of enterprises adopting streaming media for corporate communications.

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  • Paul Allen Bandwidth Believer
    Time: 05:09 EST/10:09 GMT News Source: Forbes Posted By: Alex Harris

    What on Earth has gotten into Paul Allen? For most of the 1990s the man who confounded Microsoft seemed content to sit back, reap the soaring value of his passive stake in Bill Gates and invest here and there in high tech. Yet since early 1998, Allen, second only to Gates as the world's richest man, has flung some $24.5 billion into a mad buying spree aimed at broadband plays--cable systems, wireless modems, Web portals and more. In October he paid $1.65 billion to raise his 5% stake to as much as 27% in RCN, a fiber builder that bypasses the Bells' "last mile" wiring.

    This month Paul Allen, 46, makes his boldest move yet. In two years he has cobbled together the nation's fourth-largest portfolio of cable systems, serving 6.2 million homes in the South, Midwest, southern California and elsewhere. Now he is staging one of the biggest initial public offerings on record, hoping to raise about $3.5 billion for his cable firm, Charter Communications. Allen won't talk about it--he's still in an SEC-imposed blackout period--but the offering provides the best blueprint yet for the emerging strategy of one of the world's most enigmatic empire builders.

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  • IBM plans PCs with new look and feel
    Time: 05:05 EST/10:05 GMT News Source: Posted By: Alex Harris

    IBM is betting customers want more style and simplicity, joining its leading rivals in revising PC design.

    Early next year, Big Blue will launch a new line of commercial PCs, code-named EON, that are easier to manage and network than current computers, according to sources close to the company.

    Some of the models will include built-in, "flat panel" screens; gone will be the "legacy" connectors common on today's PCs, such as parallel and serial ports. More interestingly, some systems may come without Microsoft's ubiquitous Windows operating system.

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  • Outlook vulnerable to masquerade attack
    Time: 04:52 EST/09:52 GMT News Source: Posted By: Matt Sabean

    A prominent computer "bug hunter" has found a vulnerability that allows a malicious programmer to launch an email attack which bypasses some of the precautions built into Microsoft's Outlook software.

    The vulnerability smoothes the way for a new type of email-borne virus, also called a Trojan horse, and other malicious software. Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email programs in use.

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  • MSN Web redesign due
    Time: 04:40 EST/09:40 GMT News Source: Posted By: Matt Sabean

    Microsoft today will unveil a redesign of its MSN Web portal and launch new services on the network, while debuting a revised version of its controversial instant messaging program.

    The redesign, which has been in "preview" mode, will unveil new features such as a "Message Center" that displays a user's new Hotmail messages, online buddies from MSN Messenger, and community lists.

    Microsoft will also introduce a new version of its MSN Messenger service, the company's instant messenger "client." The service made headlines when it began allowing users to communicate with AOL Instant Messenger users. AOL criticized the move as a hack into its system and blocked Messenger's access; Microsoft returned fire, claiming AOL was not working up to industry standards.

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News Date: Monday 8th November 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
Site News
  • Study: People increasingly using IE
    Time: 17:27 EST/22:27 GMT News Source: Posted By: Matt Sabean

    On the heels of the release of the findings of fact in the landmark antitrust suit against Microsoft, a study confirms one of the trends the judge pointed out: Microsoft is running away with the browser market.

    Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser is now the choice for 64 percent of corporate users, up from 59 percent in April and 40 percent a year ago, according to a study by Zona Research. That compares with 36 percent choosing Netscape's Communicator browser, down from 41 percent in April and 60 percent a year ago. America Online acquired Netscape this year.

    The IE total includes the browser that comes with the AOL proprietary online service, but relatively few enterprises use the AOL online service.

    "The battle is pretty much over," said Zona analyst Clay Ryder. "There are two players in this market, and when it started there were nine. We're also seeing that this is a Coke and Pepsi battle--that it's not terribly germane anymore. Now the battle is over content, not access technology."

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  • MS ruling doesn't drag down Wall Street
    Time: 14:54 EST/19:54 GMT News Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft Corp.'s Black Friday is not turning into Black Monday as far as investors are concerned. After a steep fall at the opening bell, Microsoft shares recovered much of their loss as investors digested Friday's hard antitrust ruling against the company.

    Meanwhile, Microsoft's competitors were flying on Wall Street. In early trading, shares of Red Hat, the distributor of the Linux operating system that competes with Microsoft Windows, was up 17 points. Also up sharply were America Online Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc.

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  • Windows 2000's big headaches
    Time: 14:53 EST/19:53 GMT News Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Software is supposed to be getting easier to use. Yeah, right. All software does is make it easier for someone to make money off you, as demonstrated by Windows 2000 Professional RC2.   

    Granted, Windows 2000 is in beta, but so is every other operating system from Microsoft, including the ones in shipping form. That's why I have no problems writing about it. Here's my horrid account of getting the OS to run.

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  • Friction Free Software: A Foundation for Building Tomorrow's Applications
    Time: 14:49 EST/19:49 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    In an age where every day seems to bring a new paradigm shift, much has been written about the impact of technology on the enterprise. Networks, email and the Web are giving rise to increasingly competitive global markets, while at the same time transforming the way companies collect information, make decisions, and create products and services. With these changes have come incredible opportunities and unprecedented demands. To stay competitive, businesses need tools that help them lower costs, respond rapidly to changes in the marketplace and empower employees to focus on work that adds value for customers. Increasingly, successful companies are finding that the ability to take advantage of the Internet to automate transactions with suppliers, partners and customers is critical.

    Read more

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  • Life After Microsoft: What's Next and What It Means to You
    Time: 08:59 EST/13:59 GMT News Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron Hinson

    It's strange to write you this morning in the aftermath of the antitrust ruling. Because the legal impact is much less than everybody imagines. And the business impact is much more.

    Just in case you've been hibernating in a bat cave this weekend, here's what I'm talking about: U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson issued a preliminary finding of fact in the Microsoft antitrust trial. He came down strongly that 1) Microsoft is indeed a monopoly and 2) the company abused that position.

    Read more

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  • RealPlayer v7.0 Plus/Basic Beta - Release
    Time: 08:54 EST/13:54 GMT News Source: Desktop Watch Posted By: Byron Hinson

    RealNetworks, Inc. , the recognized leader in media delivery on the Internet, today announced the immediate availability of the first beta release of RealPlayer(R) 7 Basic and RealPlayer 7 Plus for Windows and Macintosh. The new Network and Take5 were announced today in separate press releases. (The file above is the RealPlayer v7.0 Basic Beta Complete.)

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  • VERITAS Software Unveils A Powerful New Centralized Administration Solution for Windows NT/2000 Data Protection
    Time: 08:40 EST/13:40 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    VERITAS® Software Corporation (Nasdaq:VRTS - news), the industry's leading enterprise-class application storage management software provider, today introduces VERITAS Backup Exec(TM) Network Storage Executive(TM)(NSE), a powerful new storage management tool designed to greatly enhance the functionality of VERITAS Backup Exec for Windows NT/2000.

    By leveraging the strengths of Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and the Microsoft Management Console, VERITAS Backup Exec NSE unifies multiple independent VERITAS Backup Exec for Windows NT/2000 servers to provide one central point of administration and control. VERITAS Backup Exec for Windows NT and VERITAS Backup Exec Network Storage Executive were selected for worldwide data protection at Microsoft (please see separate announcement dated October 5, 1999(b)).

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  • Mobile Automation Announces First System Management Solution to Integrate Windows CE, Palm Pilot and Visor Devices Into Microsoft System Management Server
    Time: 08:39 EST/13:39 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Mobile Automation Inc. (MAI) today announced the release of a new version of its SMS integration product, Mobile Automation 2000 - SMS Integration Pack. With this release, MAI delivers the first product that provides the integration of handheld devices such as Palm Pilot, Visor and Windows CE into the Microsoft System Management Server 1.2 & 2.0.

    3Com Corp.'s (Nasdaq:COMS - news) Palm Pilot, HandSpring's Visor and devices powered by Microsoft's Windows CE (Nasdaq:MSFT - news) are a new management challenge for IT professionals in corporations. These devices are infiltrating corporations at an astonishing rate and up until now there has been no easy way to manage them with the existing tools companies have already purchased.

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  • StarBurst Sender for Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0 Streamlines Electronic Software Delivery
    Time: 08:38 EST/13:38 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    StarBurst Software today announced a new version of its StarBurst Sender software that is more tightly integrated with Microsoft's popular Systems Management Server 2.0. StarBurst Sender for Systems Management Server 2.0 can provide users with a more efficient and reliable means of simultaneously distributing software to many remote sites over any kind of network, including the Internet. The StarBurst Sender software enables Systems Management Server 2.0 users to reduce network traffic, decrease the load on sending servers, and minimize software distribution time through bandwidth-efficient one-to-many simultaneous transfers

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  • Affiliates Request
    Time: 08:31 EST/13:31 GMT News Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron Hinson

    We are on the look out for more affiliates. We already have quite a few but with the upcoming branching out of the website we are after a few big site names to join our list of Windows, Linux, DVD and Games website affiliates. If you are interested just drop me a line.

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  • Linux lovers: Hail to the judge -- not!
    Time: 08:06 EST/13:06 GMT News Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron Hinson

    The Web site renders Bill Gates as a non-feeling Borg from Star Trek. Many visitors replace the 's' in Microsoft with a $. They play the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) card at the first waft of pro-Microsoft sentiment.

    Collectively, they are the maintainers and visitors at, the most prominent Linux community site, which has become something of a cultural phenomenon -- its founder landing in Rolling Stone and earning more than $1 million when he sold the site.

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  • How fighting piracy helps MS boost Windows sales
    Time: 07:58 EST/12:58 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft can even use the fight against piracy as a mechanism for strengthening its hold on the OS market, according to Judge Jackson's findings of fact. The company has achieved a situation where practically all PCs ship with Windows on them, so nobody much wants a pirate copy of the OS, and where the illegal market that does exist has no effect on keeping the prices Microsoft charges down.

    It's nice work if you can get it. This is how, according to the judge, it works: "Although there is no legal secondary market for Microsoft's PC operating systems, there is a thriving illegal one. Software pirates illegally copy software products such as Windows, selling each copy for a fraction of the vendor's usual price."

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  • Judge: Linux can't break Windows monopoly
    Time: 07:57 EST/12:57 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Linux and the open source movement won't succeed in breaking Microsoft's hold on the operating system market, said Judge Jackson in his findings of fact last Friday. Jackson accepts that Linux has been growing in popularity, but rejects the 'resistance is futile, victory is inevitable' viewpoint common in the Linux community.

    Linux partisans can view this as a mix of good news and bad news. Jackson's conclusion that Linux, Be, network computers and other alternative operating systems can't shift Microsoft unaided means that he's coming down on the side of Microsoft being a monopoly with no effective competition. Buy saying this he's clearly rejecting the case Microsoft somewhat hurriedly made for Linux being a serious competitor. The Microsoft pitch is that the sudden rise of Linux just goes to show that things move very fast in the IT business, that competition can come out of nowhere, and that Microsoft therefore isn't a monopoly really.

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  • Site News
    Time: 07:51 EST/12:51 GMT News Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Well, we took a well deserved day off from updating yesterday, we hope you didn't mind too much but doing daily news updates does take its toll on each of us. This week we have quite a lot of new bits and pieces going on including new articles, editorials and reviews. Speaking of reviews, here are a few of the ones we have coming up.

    Hardware: Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Racing Wheel, Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer, Regular Visor, Microtek SlimScan6, SoundBlaster Live! Platinum, Microsoft Force Feedback Steering Wheel, Microsoft Force Feedback Joystick
    Software: Reverent, Asheron's Call, Unreal Tournament, Wheel Of Time, Delta Force 2, Nocturne (This week + competition), Fifa 2000 (This week + competition), Prince Of Persia 3D, Flight Simulator 2000 Pro, Pandora's Box, Links LS 2000, Rogue Spear, Driver
    Applications: Corel Suite 9, Vizact 2000 (+ competition)

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News Date: Saturday 6th November 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
RealPlayer - Site News
  • New Privacy Glitch Snares Real
    Time: 18:07 EST/23:07 GMT News Source: Wired Posted By: Matt Sabean

    RealNetworks plugged a major privacy glitch in its music software last Monday, but a newly discovered problem in the company's far more popular streaming software remains wide open.

    The company last week issued a patch to remove from its RealJukebox software a unique identification number, which tracks users' listening habits. Software analysis shows that the same identifier is also transmitted by RealNetworks' RealPlayer.

    RealPlayer, which is used on millions of desktops, continues to provide a means for companies to stealthily collect software IDs. The unique identification numbers could be tied to personal information that is collected by RealNetworks during user registration.

    "It's harder for [RealNetworks] to fix, because the player has been around for years," said Richard Smith, who first pointed out the problem. "[Sites] are really using the [ID] numbers in a big way." Smith regularly monitors the behavior of Internet software for security and privacy flaws.

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  • Microsoft under pressure to settle case
    Time: 15:32 EST/20:32 GMT News Source: CNN Posted By: Byron Hinson

    A federal judge's crushing blow to Microsoft Corp.'s defense puts renewed pressure on the software firm to settle its antitrust case with the U.S. government, according to legal experts.

    Late Friday, U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson ruled in his findings of fact that Microsoft (MSFT) holds monopoly power in the market for PC operating systems. More damaging to the company, Jackson said Microsoft's actions have harmed consumers, rejecting the company's defense that the government failed to show consumer harm.

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  • Site News
    Time: 06:28 EST/11:28 GMT News Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Hi Everyone, it has been another good week for news and reviews here at ActiveWindows and this upcoming week we should be able to better ourselves once again. Some of you may have already noticed that our DVD section on the website is now sponsored by DVD Express, so expect a large amount of updates and reviews from now on.

    Remember to sign up for our online community where you can chat with us and ask questions via our message board, our next chat is on November 13th so mark your calendars. On another note, our new domain for ActiveLinux, A website dedicated to Linux news, tips, downloads and articles which will be run in a similar fashion to ActiveWindows will be for all of those who have been asking. We are still after a few more Linux fans to help us run it, if you are interested then drop us a line ASAP as we have already started full work on the new site. Here is a list of our upcoming reviews:

    Hardware: Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Racing Wheel, Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer, Regular Visor, Microtek SlimScan6, SoundBlaster Live! Platinum, Microsoft Force Feedback Steering Wheel, Microsoft Force Feedback Joystick
    Software: Reverent, Asheron's Call, Unreal Tournament, Wheel Of Time, Delta Force 2, Nocturne (This week + competition), Fifa 2000 (This week + competition), Prince Of Persia 3D, Flight Simulator 2000 Pro, Pandora's Box, Links LS 2000, Firestorm, System Shock 2, Rogue Spear, Driver
    Applications: Corel Suite 9, Vizact 2000

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News Date: Friday 5th November 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
Judge Decision - Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS99-047)
  • Statement by Bill Gates on Findings of Fact
    Time: 21:51 EST/02:51 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matt Sabean

    MR. GATES: Good evening. I'd like to take this opportunity to make a few remarks about the findings of fact issued by the Court.

    It's important to recognize that today's filing is just one step in an ongoing legal process that has many steps remaining.

    We respectfully disagree with a number of the Court's findings, and believe the American legal system ultimately will affirm that Microsoft's actions and innovations were fair and legal, and have brought tremendous benefits to millions of consumers.

    The Court's findings do acknowledge that Microsoft's actions accelerated the development of the Internet, reduced the cost to consumers and improved the quality of web-browsing software. Microsoft competes vigorously, and fairly.

    Microsoft is committed to resolving this case in a fair and responsible manner, while ensuring that the principles of consumer benefit and innovation are protected.


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  • Microsoft Scraps Reseller Referrals On Online Store
    Time: 20:34 EST/01:34 GMT News Source: TechWeb Posted By: Matt Sabean

    Microsoft said Friday it will embrace a more directmodel to sell to consumers over

    The online store, which was launched just last spring, will scrap its current method of direct product order referrals to the four retailers on board: CDW, CompUSA, Insight Direct, and, and instead steer the consumer shopping cart directly to Microsoft's online cashiers.

    The move, made less than a year after its e-doors opened, confirms retailers' initial fears that Microsoft eventually will embrace a direct relationship with its online customers.

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  • Microsoft shares slip following antitrust report
    Time: 20:24 EST/01:24 GMT News Source: ZDII Posted By: Matt Sabean

    Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) shares fell in after-hours trading Friday after a federal judge determined it holds a monopoly in PC operating systems and used that power to stifle innovation and steamroll potential competitors.

    On Island's after-hours trading system, shares of the software giant fell 4 17/32 to 89 as more than 111,000 shares exchanged hands. The stock could continue to fall on Monday, but there's a weekend's worth of information to digest before the market opens. During a press conference following the release of the judicial decision, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates declined to predict its effect on his company's share price.

    "Microsoft is not a prognosticator of the stock market, not up, not down, not sideways," said Gates, chairman and CEO of Microsoft. "I'm not going to speculate on the market one way or the other."

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  • The Rare Glitch Project: The legendary search for a stable version of Windows
    Time: 19:37 EST/00:37 GMT News Source: CNN Posted By: Byron Hinson

    graphicIn October 1999, three student filmmakers disappeared in a building in Redmond, Wash., while shooting a documentary. A week later, their footage was found. What follows is an edited transcript of that footage. Fortunately, I was able to cut the transcript, which was 385 pages, down to a half page by removing the profanity.

    The would-be filmmakers are Heather, Josh, and Mike. They are attempting to document the Rare Glitch Project, a legendary version of Microsoft Windows designed to be compact and stable. As the film begins, Heather describes the first landmark, Coffee Rock, to the camera.

    Heather says, "The way the legend goes, seven men were found sleeping in this break room, all the caffeine having been sucked out of their brains. They had markings on them that were made by a tiny piercing instrument that penetrated their skin while they were still alive. One symbol looked like a heart. Another was a hula girl that danced when he flexed his muscles.

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  • Microsoft Says Innovation and Competition Thriving in Marketplace
    Time: 19:37 EST/00:37 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft Corp today said the District Court's findings of fact in the antitrust lawsuit with the U.S. Justice Department do not reflect the phenomenal competition and innovation in the software industry and that consumers make decisions based on the best products in the marketplace. Microsoft said the company will continue to defend the principle of innovation and pointed out that today's findings are just one step in an ongoing legal process that has many steps remaining.

    The Court's Findings of Fact: (Self-extracting .EXE - Word format)

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  • Netscape Communicator 5.0 too late?
    Time: 19:37 EST/00:37 GMT News Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Has Web-based computing passed by Netscape Communications Corp.? The subsidiary of America Online Inc. expects to finally ship a beta of Communicator 5.0 next month, almost a year after it was originally planned. But it may be a case of too little, too late. By failing to match Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer 5.0 with support for advanced Web technologies such as XML (Extensible Markup Language), Netscape's browser has fallen out of favor among many IT managers and Web developers.

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  • Judge: No viable alternative to Windows
    Time: 19:36 EST/00:36 GMT News Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron Hinson

    In the first major decision so far in the Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq:MSFT) antitrust case, Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson has ruled that Microsoft has monopoly power. The judge wrote in part, "first, Microsoft's share of the market for Intel-compatible PC operating systems is extremely large and stable. Second, Microsoft’s dominant market share is protected by a high barrier to entry. Third, and largely as a result of that barrier, Microsoft’s customers lack a commercially viable alternative to Windows," Judge Jackson wrote.

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  • Microsoft monopoly power found
    Time: 18:55 EST/23:55 GMT News Source: MSNBC Posted By: Matt Sabean

    The judge in the historic antitrust trial of software giant Microsoft Corp. ruled Friday that the software giant wields monopoly power in personal computer operating systems and issued a decision highly favorable to the government.

    JUDGE THOMAS PENFIELD JACKSON said that “to the detriment of consumers ... Microsoft has done much more than develop innovative browsing software of commendable quality and offer it bundled with Windows at no additional charge.” As has has been shown, “Microsoft also engaged in a concerted series of actions designed to protect the applications barrier to entry, and hence its monopoly power from a variety of middle-ware threats including Netscape’s Web browser and Sun Microsystems implementation of Java,” the judge said.

    “Many of these actions have harmed consumers in ways that are immediate and easily discernable,” the judge continued.

    Side note from ActiveWin staff: Let's hope there are some cut backs in the Microsoft Windows Beta department once all this goes through.

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  • MSN Community Spotlight
    Time: 18:54 EST/23:54 GMT News Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Just noticed that our ActiveWindows Community on MSN has been spotlighted in the Computers & Internet section on MSN. So please don't hesitate to join our community--we would love to have you!  We are currently the largest Windows site on the MSN community list.  Who will be our three-hundredth member?

    We have an upcoming chat taking place on Saturday November 13th at 7pm EST 12pm GMT, we will all be there.

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  • MS decision to be released in just under two hours
    Time: 17:45 EST/22:45 GMT News Source: TV Posted By: Byron Hinson

    U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson will release his finding of fact in the Microsoft antitrust case later today. A court clerk confirmed that the judge's decision will be released around 3:30 PM, Pacific Time.

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  • Win2000: So far so good
    Time: 14:36 EST/19:36 GMT News Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Is Windows 2000 just a retread of NT or is it a really new product? Well, I've been using one of the late beta versions, and in at least one area, it's a great time saver for both home and small businesses. That's in the area of sharing an Internet connection.

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  • Win95 - is it just Dos 7 plus Windows 4 after all?
    Time: 14:32 EST/19:32 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Brad Silverberg, who is now surely rich enough to hire somebody to work his shift key for him, was concerned early on about how to make DR-DOS run badly, or preferably, not run at all. He emailed Barrett on 27 September 1991: "can you tell me specifically what we're going to do to bind ourselves closer to ms dos? ... Let me emphasize the importance; ibm is going to announce the drdos deal at comdex (almost certain)."

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  • MS trial shaped current digital economy
    Time: 10:23 EST/15:23 GMT News Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron Hinson

    With a ruling in U.S.A. v. Microsoft Corp. expected as soon as Friday, some of the outcome is clear. The long-running antitrust case itself has already played a major role in shaping the digital economy.

    Two years of intensive federal scrutiny of Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT) have been a kind of remedy for the very concerns that prompted the lawsuit. The trial and its harsh publicity forestalled some of the software company's most aggressive practices at the very moment the foundation of Internet-based commerce was being laid. As a result, competition in the software industry has remained far more open than many would have predicted when the Justice Department and 19 states sued the company in 1997.

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  • Sun confirms MS Win2k pricing 'manipulation'
    Time: 08:37 EST/13:37 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Chris Sarfas, Sun's UK product marketing manager, was in explosive mood when he alleged that Microsoft has manipulated a price comparison between Solaris and Windows 2000 in its pricing announcement.

    Indeed, we said much the same thing earlier this week (see Win2k smoke and mirrors -- how MS is hiking OS prices.)

    "Any comparison between Solaris and Windows 2000 should use the same hardware," he observed testily, and went on to point out that a 100-user licence for Windows 2000 advanced server would cost $15,996 (and $3999 for each additional 25 users), compared with $4395 for a Solaris 7 licence for an unlimited number of users on an eight-CPU system. Sarfas told The Register how that Solaris 8 prices are expected to be similar to those for Solaris 7.

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  • Takes Pre-orders For Win2000
    Time: 05:35 EST/10:35 GMT News Source: TechWeb Posted By: Matt Sabean

    Software e-tailer announced this week that it would be the first to take "pre-orders" for Windows 2000 software. The company plans to ship orders some 24 hours prior to the general release, scheduled for Feb. 17, 2000.

    Site visitors at homepage today can see a box shot of the Win 2000 Professional NT 4.0 upgrade and click on a "pre-order" button to drop an IOU into their virtual shopping carts. The price for upgrades and "new" versions varies. The NT 4.0 upgrade is priced at $135.99, while elsewhere on the site, the Windows 2000 professional upgrade for Win 95 and Win 98 users is priced at $199.99.

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  • Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS99-047) - Patch Available for "Malformed Spooler Request" Vulnerability
    Time: 05:30 EDT/10:30 GMT News Source: E-mail Posted By: Matt Sabean

    Microsoft has released a patch that eliminates a security vulnerability in Microsoft(r) Windows NT(r) 4.0.

    Read More On This And Other Security Bulletins-->

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  • Community Updates
    Time: 05:15 EDT/10:15 GMT News Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Matt Sabean

    Just another reminder about signing up for our ActiveWindows Community on MSN.  It allows you to chat with us in our chat room or via our message board, it also lets you post your own screensavers and backgrounds for other ActiveWindows readers to download.

    So please don't hesitate to join our community--we would love to have you!  We are currently the largest Windows site on the MSN community list.  Who will be our three-hundredth member?

    We have an upcoming chat taking place on Saturday November 13th at 7pm EST 12pm GMT, we will all be there.

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News Date: Thursday 4th November 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
  • Microsoft's Little Public Beta Of Millennium
    Time: 15:10 EST/20:10 GMT News Source: Windows Magazine Posted By: Byron Hinson

    This Microsoft Ad ran in last Sunday's Seattle Times, in the Technology section:

    "Microsoft Windows code name Millennium

    An installation fair is being held on November 13, 1999 and we are looking for cutting edge computer users. If you currently run Windows 95 or Windows 98 on your home computer, Microsoft would like to upgrade it to our next Windows Beta product.

    For your participation, you will receive a gift and enjoy a complimentary refreshments while Microsoft technicians help you upgrade your PC!

    To receive an application, please send mail to: CWEVENT@MICROSOFT.COM. Please be sure to include your full name.

    We are looking for non-business PCs running Windows 95 or Windows 98. It must have at least 150 Mhz processor, 32 MB of RAM, CD-ROM drive, floppy drive, and 800 MB of available hard drive space. Also be aware that we will be using a beta product and therefore, participation is at your own risk. Participants will not be compensated, as this is a volunteer event. However, Microsoft will provide gives, snacks, drinks, and a great opportunity to take part in the development of our newest project."

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  • Microsoft's e-book push gets a boost
    Time: 14:48 EST/19:48 GMT News Source: Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft's drive to establish a market for electronic books got another boost today as the software giant announced a deal with printing and publishing house R.R. Donnelly & Sons.

    Under the terms of the agreement, Chicago-based Donnelly will work closely with its publishing partners to convert print titles into electronic versions that conform to the Open eBook specification. The deal will give access to Donnelly's repository of thousands of titles to users of Microsoft's Reader software.

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  • Microsoft and RR Donnelley Collaborate to Provide eBook Access to Publishers
    Time: 14:45 EST/19:45 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft and RR Donnelley & Sons Company today kept the literary light burning brightly at New York’s Algonquin Hotel, announcing a collaboration to put the world of literature at readers’ fingertips – instantly and electronically. In the same location where Dorothy Parker, George S. Kaufman, James Thurber, Harold Ross and other members of the Algonquin Roundtable -- one of the most celebrated literary groups in American history -- gathered in the 1920s to discuss their work and share ideas, the two companies announced plans that will undoubtedly enhance every reader’s access to his or her favorite novel, non-fiction title, book of poetry, college textbook, or medical professional book.

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  • MSR China’s Talented Staff Pursues Technology of the Future
    Time: 14:44 EST/19:44 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Nothing beats real Chinese cooking. That’s what internationally recognized computer researcher Kai-Fu Lee figured when he moved to China one year ago to build the company’s research center in Beijing.

    As Managing Director of Microsoft Research (MSR) China, which celebrates its first anniversary on November 5, Lee has been busy devising his own recipe for the facility’s success. The key ingredient: a staff of brilliant minds.

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  • More X-Box
    Time: 09:31 EST/14:31 GMT News Source: Sharky Extreme Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Sharky Extreme are quite a reliable website in terms of gaming news etc, so when they post some new information and specs on the Microsoft X-Box people sit up and take notice. Sharky has posted the story of The Microsoft X-Box - which includes the possible usage of the yet to be released .SE has also posted the latest scoop on the 18micron AMD K6-2+ 500MHz, USB support, the GeForce 256 and more!

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  • Microsoft, Caldera may finally go to trial
    Time: 09:16 EST/14:16 GMT News Source: Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft and Caldera appear to be headed for a legal showdown in early 2000.In a 68-page ruling issued late yesterday, a federal magistrate rejected Microsoft's motions for summary judgement, forcing the case to trial possibly in January or February.

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  • Windows will soon be obsolete, says MS defender
    Time: 09:11 EST/14:11 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Byron Hinson

    I was a quieter Halloween weekend than we expected, with no news from Judge Jackson (OK, our source was a dud). But we do expect some news this Friday night. There were many exquisite fireworks in court, so why not issue the findings of fact on the anniversary of Guy Fawkes' attempt to use gunpowder to blow up the Palace of Westminster - but with the venue being Fort Redmond?

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News Date: Wednesday 3rd November 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
  • Battle Of The Sexes
    Time: 18:54 EST/23:54 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft announced today that the battle of the sexes is raging on the MSN Gaming Zone ( with its new game "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus." The game, based on the best-selling book by John Gray, is available for free* multiplayer matchmaking. Published by Mattel, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" unlocks the mysteries of love and secrets of relationships.

    "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" tests gamers' relationship IQ with over 900 witty and irreverent questions dealing with such topics as love, dating, marriage and family. Gamers can play as either a Martian or Venusian and further customize their character by developing a name, portrait, and profile. The game reveals the complex, and sometimes hilarious, differences that exist between the sexes when it comes to matters of the heart.

    To play "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" on the Zone, visit:


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  • Ask AW Help...
    Time: 17:31 EST/22:31 GMT News Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    With the large amount of email regarding AW we've decided to ask for some help. From now on, Ask AW will be answered by not only AW staff but skilled visitors as well. If you're interested in this opportunity to help other users, please take our Ask AW test by emailing The test will consist of 2 questions and you will have to respond to them and if your answer is good, you'll be accepted. Your name will appear in a special page which will be decided later.

    If you have a question you'd like to submit for Ask AW email If you'd like to make a difference in your online community email to apply to help other visitors like yourself!

    Thank you for visiting ActiveWindows.

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  • Reminder: Asheron's Call Chat Tonight
    Time: 17:31 EST/22:31 GMT News Source: Microsoft Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    We'd like to remind you of the chat tonight with the Asheron's Call developers. It will begin at 8:30 P.M EST and will last until 10 P.M. EST 5:30-10 P.M. PST. Here's a quote from Microsoft:

    "With Asheron's Call due in stores this week, gamers will want to tune in to get the scoop on what to expect from this highly anticipated, new online world.  To participate in the Asheron's Call chat, click "Chat & Events" on the navigation bar across the top of any Zone page, and then click "Chat Rooms" and "Zone Theater Chat" in the room list."

    We'll see you there! My zone ID is HonestRocket, so I hope to see you all there!

    Another reminder... Asheron's Call is now in stores. The game includes 1 free month, but if you're lucky your dealer may give you the coupon for another free month. Its $ 9.95 US a month without the coupon.

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  • Reviews From The Web
    Time: 16:55 EST/21:55 GMT News Source: Various Posted By: Byron Hinson

    *Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro Review - USB Workshop
    *Microsoft Natural Pro Keyboard - AGN Hardware

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  • Microsoft, print publisher to announce deal
    Time: 15:14 EST/20:14 GMT News Source: Reuters Posted By: Byron Hinson

    NEW YORK--Software maker Microsoft and commercial printer R.R. Donnelley & Sons today said they will make an announcement of "historic proportions" here at a news conference tomorrow.

    In an advisory, the companies said speakers at the event would include Mark Bayer, senior vice president and general manager of R.R. Donnelley & Sons, and Dick Brass, vice president of technology development at Microsoft.

    "North America's leading integrated content manager of books, magazines, catalogs, directories, and financial information and the worldwide leader in software for business and personal computing will come together to mark a new era in bringing words to life," the statement said.

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  • SB Live! Win 2000 Fix
    Time: 15:10 EST/20:10 GMT News Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron Hinson

    A fix which allow to use Creative Labs Liveware 3 under Windows 2000 and a new SB Live! INF (wdma10k1.inf) with updated SB Live! hardware ID for all those newer Soundcards are now available at

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  • Microsoft, SHKP Join to Promote Intelligent Commercial Buildings
    Time: 15:05 EST/20:05 GMT News Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft Hong Kong and Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP) of Hong Kong announced a partnership to create intelligent commercial properties.

    Microsoft technologies will be deployed in SHKP's commercial and industrial buildings in Hong Kong to provide knowledge management capabilities to tenants.

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  • Microsoft asks investors to petition Congress
    Time: 15:05 EST/20:05 GMT News Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft Corp.'s millions of investors have been richly rewarded by its success. Now, with a ruling imminent in the company's antitrust trial, it is asking for their help.

    In a letter to shareholders, Microsoft's chief operating officer, Robert Herbold, appealed for support against the government, warning that "litigation and government intervention ... could choke off innovation and threaten the continued vitality of our industry as a whole." He doesn't mention the pending lawsuit in federal court here, filed last year by the Justice Department and 19 states.

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  • More Microsoft X-Box
    Time: 08:39 EST/13:39 GMT News Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Ga-Source has posted another issue of its Investor Insight. This week's issue, takes a look at Microsoft rumored X-Box game console. Here is a snippet:

    Most larger publishers won't speak of the X-Box due to NDAs (non disclosure agreements) with Microsoft concerning the matter. Some speak more freely though, as Yoshihiro Maruyama, the vice chairman of a U.S. joint venture between game makers Square and Electronic Arts. "Microsoft could make an announcement about a new console system by the end of October" he said to Bloomberg News in late September. Now the end of October has come and gone but statements like these do strengthen the probability of a Microsoft move into the console market. The fact that there is NDAs concerning the matter is of course a hint in the right direction.

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  • MS Halloween Linux report author surfaces at
    Time: 08:32 EST/13:32 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Byron Hinson

    The author of Microsoft's 'Halloween' Linux documents has indeed left the company for a start-up, but it's not a Linux one, nor was his departure anything to do with the leaking of his reports a year ago. That, at any rate, is what Vinod Valloppillil said to Dow Jones Newswire, which tracked him down to

    Sniffily, having missed the original story, Dow Jones observes that on Sunday "false online rumours surfaced that [Valloppillil] had quit Microsoft to join a 'Linux-based start-up,'" and adds that they were picked up by several sites, including The Register (See earlier false online rumour). In response would merely direct the reader's attention to Dow Jones' recent grovelling apology to Microsoft: Dow Jones unsustainable MS contract story.

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  • MSN eShop doors closed to IE, Netscape browsers
    Time: 08:31 EST/13:31 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Some of the shine rubbed off MSN's lustrous opening of its new digital store yesterday when eager shoppers were confronted with an error message instead of a well-stocked e-mporium.

    MSN's eShop was launched in time to capitalise on the holiday season spending spree, predicted by Forrester Research to top $4 billion this year.

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News Date: Tuesday 2nd November 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
Windows 2000 Pricing
  • Ask AW Update...
    Time: 18:33 EST/23:33 GMT News Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    Thanks for the overwhelming response to our Ask AW section! I have over 27 questions that have to be answered! Thats a lot more than what we had last week when we first announced the section. We will try to answer every question in our weekly section, but most likely we will not be able to. We will try to include 8 or 9 questions for this weekend's section to help get through all the questions. If we do not get to your question, we'll try to answer it, if we're unable to answer it, we'll email you other resources (newsgroups, etc.) to help find answers to your question.

    Thank you for taking advantage of the Ask AW section and visiting ActiveWindows.

    If you have a question for the ActiveWindows to answer in Ask AW, email

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  • Asheron's Call Release & Chat
    Time: 18:25 EST/23:25 GMT News Source: ActiveWindows & Microsoft Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    If you havn't heard, Asheron's Call shipped to customers last night, and thousands received it today. You can order Asheron's Call here. We are expecting to receive Asheron's Call this week or next week and will post an update to our review when we receive it.

    We also received a notice from Microsoft of a chat with the Asheron's Call developers tomorrow on the Zone. The chat will start at 8:30 - 10 p.m. EST, 5:30 - 7 p.m. PST. For more information on this chat check this out.

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  • Encarta 2000: How to Obtain an Update That Corrects Installation Issues
    Time: 16:43 EST/21:43 GMT News Source: Microsoft Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft has released an update file that corrects problems you may experience when you install the U.S. version of any of the programs listed at the beginning of this article. If you experience problems when you install your Encarta program, download and run the Crow.exe update file, and then install the Encarta program. The following file is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center. Click the file name below to download the file:

    *Download - Crow.exe

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  • Sun's new Solaris takes aim at Microsoft
    Time: 16:37 EST/21:37 GMT News Source: Posted By: Byron Hinson

    In a jab at fierce rival Microsoft, Sun Microsystems will release its newest operating system for general use the same month that Windows 2000 makes its debut.

    Sun said today that it will unveil the new Solaris 8 OS in February. On February 17, Microsoft introduces its much-anticipated, much-delayed Windows 2000, formerly called Windows NT.

    Solaris 8, the new edition of Sun's version of Unix, will become generally available that month, product manager Tom Goguen said in an interview today. But Sun is trying to prime the pump with a new program: Starting November 27, anyone who is so inclined will be able to begin beta testing on Solaris 8 for about $25.

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  • Microsoft Delivers True Plug-and-Play, and Play-and-Play
    Time: 09:41 EST/14:41 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft Corp. is providing new hope for PC gamers who don't enjoy crawling under their desks to wrestle with a multitude of wires and cobwebs just to swap out peripherals. With the new Microsoft® keyboard featuring two USB ports, gamers can sit back and enjoy all the benefits of true plug-and-play with their USB mouse, game pads and joysticks without under-the-desk acrobatics.

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  • Microsoft and Data Return Expand Relationship To Deliver Automated Install Scripts
    Time: 09:41 EST/14:41 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft Corp. today announced its collaboration with Data Return Corp. to develop automated install scripts to help application service providers (ASPs) deploy hosted business services and e-commerce solutions more rapidly and with less need of technical expertise. These install scripts automate the deployment of business and commerce services for direct selling, Web purchasing and customer relationship management based on the Microsoft® Windows NT® operating system, SQL Server™ 7.0 and Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition.

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  • Microsoft, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Philips, Siemens, Sony, Thomson, And Others Establish Universal Plug and Play Forum Steering Committee
    Time: 09:40 EST/14:40 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft Corp. today announced the formation of the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Forum Steering Committee, which will set the agenda, technology focus and guiding principles for the Universal Plug and Play Forum. The UPnP Forum was established in June 1999 to drive the emergence of a new generation of easily networked devices based on open Internet-based standards and protocols. The steering committee members include Axis Communications, Compaq Computer Corp., Echelon Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co., Honeywell Inc., IBM Corp., Intel Corp., Mitsubishi Electronics America Inc., Panja Inc., Philips Electronics, Siemens AG, Sony Corp., Thomson Multimedia SA and Microsoft.

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  • Microsoft Announces New One-Stop MSN eShop In Time for Online Holiday Rush
    Time: 09:40 EST/14:40 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft Corp. today launched MSN™ eShop, a completely new shopping site built with the specific goal of helping consumers easily find, decide on and buy the products that are right for them. The new site, located at, is a full-featured shopping service that combines leading-edge tools such as product finders and guides, a wide variety of top merchants and products, and integration with the entire MSN network of Internet services. This complete offering creates a shopping experience that addresses a key unmet need of consumers: the ability to easily find and buy exactly what they are looking for.

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  • Microsoft Announces Top Online Merchants Featured on MSN eShop
    Time: 09:38 EST/14:38 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft Corp. today announced the first wave of leading retailers to participate in the newly launched MSN™ eShop shopping service on the MSN network of Internet services. Leading retailers, including 1-800-FLOWERS.COM,, 800.COM, Eddie Bauer Online,™,,,,,, and have joined the growing group of MSN eShop-affiliated merchants. MSN eShop, launched today at, is a full-featured shopping service that meets a previously unmet key need of consumers - the ability to easily find and buy exactly what they are looking for. Because consumers have access to an unprecedented shopping service on MSN eShop, merchant sites can expect highly qualified buyers to visit them. In addition, the integration with MSN means that merchants have access to the over 30 million consumers who visit the portal site each month.

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  • Microsoft, anti-virus experts offer free Y2K virus protection
    Time: 08:03 EST/13:03 GMT News Source: ZDNet Posted By: Alex Harris

    Microsoft Corp. and nine anti-virus vendors announced Monday they will offer free anti-virus software to companies and consumers preparing for the year 2000.

    The anti-virus software can be downloaded from Microsoft's Year 2000 Web site at or from the nine anti-virus vendors' Web sites today through Dec. 31. The software is available to users for 90 days after they download it.

    Microsoft worked on the initiative with Central Command Inc., Computer Associates International Inc., Data Fellows Corp., Network Associates Inc., Norman ASA, Panda Software, Sophos Inc., Syumantec Corp. and Trend Micro Inc. over the past two months.

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  • PC makers hit with 'copycat' suits
    Time: 08:00 EST/13:00 GMT News Source: ZDNet Posted By: Alex Harris

    Toshiba Corp.'s massive $2.1billion settlement for using a potentially flawed floppy-disk controller is already causing ripples, which may yet turn into tidal waves.

    On Sunday night, four new suits were filed in U.S. District Court in Beaumont, Texas, against PC makers Hewlett-Packard Co. (NYSE:HWP), Compaq Computer Corp. (NYSE:CPQ), NEC Packard-Bell and e-Machines Inc. Toshiba on Friday settled a class-action suit that alleged it had knowingly sold computers with a floppy-disk controller that could cause data loss.

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  • New Taiwan quake shakes tech stocks
    Time: 07:54 EST/12:54 GMT News Source: ZDNet Posted By: Alex Harris

    Semiconductor and large computer-company stocks fell Monday after an earthquake with a preliminary reading of 6.9 on the open-ended Richter scale struck the island of Taiwan, the second major temblor in that region in less than two months. The Philadelphia Semiconductor Index, a major barometer of chip stocks, tumbled shortly after 1 p.m. EST, when news of the quake first broke. The index then recovered and closed down 0.31, or 0.06 percent, at 555.52.

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  • Microsoft outlines Windows 2000 pricing
    Time: 04:49 EST/09:49 GMT News Source: ZDNet Posted By: Matt Sabean

    Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT) during the past week has been briefing customers and certain reseller partners on the pricing for its Windows 2000 operating system SKUs, due to be available commercially on Feb. 17, 2000.

    "Typically, Microsoft notifies customers of its pricing at launch, but we are notifying customers and partners well in advance so they will be able to budget for Windows 2000," explains Mike Nash, general manager of product management for Business Windows, who adds that he's expecting to see lots of migrations early with the product.

    While it's not as complex as Active Directory, Microsoft's Windows 2000 pricing scheme offers many different price points for the product, depending on volume and the platform from which customers are upgrading.

    Windows 2000 Professional, the client, will cost $219 as an upgrade from previous Windows 95 and 98 clients, or $319 if it's not an upgrade. To migrate from Windows NT 4.0 Workstation to Professional will cost $149, officials in Redmond, Wash., said.

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  • February 2000 launch planned for Windows 2000
    Time: 04:45 EST/09:45 GMT News Source: Microsoft Daily News Posted By: Matt Sabean

    Microsoft Corp. plans to make Windows 2000 Professional, Server and Advanced Server available through retailers, PC manufacturers and other industry partners on Feb. 17, 2000. Microsoft expects to release the operating system to manufacturing late this year.

    The actual launch date depends on continued positive feedback from customers who are adopting Windows 2000 early and on meeting shipment criteria.

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News Date: Monday 1st November 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
Daylight Savings Time Bug - Ask AW
  • Ask AW is here!
    Time: 18:44 EST/23:44 GMT News Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    We have been working hard all weekend on our new Ask AW section! We received an overwhelming response for this section, and we were only able to answer 7 questions as we decided when we first announced the section, and we will try to answer the rest next week!

    If you have any questions for Ask AW email your question

    Thanks for visiting ActiveWindows!

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  • Microsoft to open doors on shopping hub
    Time: 18:33 EST/23:33 GMT News Source: Posted By: Matt Sabean

    Joining a host of companies indulging in pre-Christmas portal makeovers, Microsoft plans to relaunch its MSN online shopping service tomorrow.

    MSN Shopping is the latest in a string of new Web services previewed by the software giant in September to be launched this year.

    During the September briefing, Microsoft executives presented the revamped shopping site, which included a price comparison guide, product reviews, a yellow page directory for local businesses, and links to MSN Auctions. Executives also previewed the ways MSN Shopping will be integrated into MSN Search results.

    The move comes as Web companies are increasingly looking to build revenue streams outside of advertising by becoming transactional "hubs." Yahoo, America Online, and Lycos all offer similar e-commerce services.

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  • Win 2000: Damned If They Do, Damned If They Don't
    Time: 16:15 EST/21:15 GMT News Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron Hinson

    I don't care if only one desktop application has been certified to take advantage of Windows 2000's new features. This is Microsoft's last chance to get it right.

    OK, OK. Maybe Microsoft has as many more chances as its PC desktop monopoly will afford it.

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  • RealNetworks is watching you
    Time: 16:15 EST/21:15 GMT News Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron Hinson

    RealNetworks Inc.'s RealJukebox software monitors user listening habits and other activities and reports the information and the user identity to the company, the New York Times said.

    A security expert intercepted and examined information generated from the program, and company officials acknowledged that RealJukebox gathers information on what users are playing and recording, the Times said.

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  • Play Pack: A Holiday Gift From Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
    Time: 10:35 EST/15:35 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft Corp. today announced the immediate availability of the Play Pack CD-ROM with Microsoft® Windows® 98 Second Edition, the update to the popular Windows 98 operating system that delivers the latest Internet, home networking and hardware technologies for consumers. The Play Pack CD-ROM offers consumers the opportunity to experience the latest in digital media entertainment. Play Pack includes 18 songs in Windows Media™ from top labels such as BMG and artists like Sarah McLachlan and Puff Daddy, action-packed computer game demos, valuable digital photography offers, and MusicMatch Jukebox software that enables consumers to create their own PC music library. These offerings are available with new retail license purchases of Windows 98 Second Edition beginning Nov. 1, 1999, and ending Jan. 31, 2000, or while supplies last.

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  • Microsoft and Leading Anti-Virus Companies Offer Free Software To Protect Against Y2K-Related Viruses
    Time: 10:35 EST/15:35 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft Corp. today announced it is working with leading anti-virus firms Central Command Inc., Computer Associates International Inc., Data Fellows Corp., Network Associates Inc., Norman ASA, Panda Software, Sophos Inc., Symantec Corp. and Trend Micro Inc. to provide free, fully functional anti-virus software to companies, small businesses and consumers preparing for the year 2000 (Y2K). The anti-virus software can be found on Microsoft's Year 2000 Web site at or downloaded from the respective anti-virus firms' sites from Nov. 1 through Dec. 31, 1999 (connect-time charges may apply). Once downloaded, the anti-virus software is available for 90 days.

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  • Barron's Names MSN MoneyCentral "Best Investment Web Site" For Three Years Straight
    Time: 10:35 EST/15:35 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    For the third year running, Microsoft Corp.'s MSN™ MoneyCentral™ ( has been named the best investment Web site by Barron's magazine. In its annual survey of investment Web sites, Barron's again awarded top honors to the MSN MoneyCentral personal finance service, citing its "in-depth data, analysis and tools in a graceful, simple framework."

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  • Offer Lets New Users of Windows CE-Based Palm-Size PCs Get on the Web Easily and Affordably
    Time: 10:33 EST/15:33 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft Corp. today announced the Windows® CE Web on the Go promotion, enabling new users of Windows CE-based color Palm-size PCs to easily and affordably connect to the Web any time and from anywhere. Customers who purchase a Windows CE-based color Palm-size PC between Oct. 15, 1999, and Jan. 31, 2000, can - for just $49 - get the Web on the Go kit, which includes the new Xircom CompactCard Modem 56 for Windows CE-based Palm-size and handheld PCs, more than 10 mobile software programs, and special offers on wireless add-ons, saving them more than $100 for Web access with their Palm-size PC.

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  • Microsoft "Pandora's Box" Puzzle Sweepstakes Offers Chance to Win A Trip to One of Seven Mystical Cities
    Time: 10:33 EST/15:33 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft Corp. today announced that a free* trial version of "Pandora's Box," the epic puzzle game from the creator of Tetris, is available for download from Web users can register to win** a trip to one of the seven cities featured in the game that takes puzzle fans on a visually stunning journey to the ends of the Earth.

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  • "Flight Simulator 2000" Soars Into Retail Outlets
    Time: 10:31 EST/15:31 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Microsoft Corp. today announced that "Flight Simulator 2000," the newest version of its best-selling PC simulation game, is now available in U.S. retail outlets, with worldwide availability planned for later next month. One of the most anticipated computer entertainment titles of the year, Microsoft® "Flight Simulator 2000" provides desktop pilots with the most realistic flight simulation available for the PC. For the first time, PC pilots can jump inside the cockpit of the Concorde, download real-world weather for their destination and take off to one of more than 21,000 worldwide airports.

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  • MS Halloween author said to have left for Linux startup
    Time: 07:13 EST/12:13 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Writing on the first anniversary of the leak of the 'Halloween' documents, open source partisan Eric Raymond claims that the author has recently left Microsoft to join a Linux start-up. If true the move should make for a interesting, not to say awkward, future career for Vinod Valloppillil - his written output a year ago was apparently intended to help Microsoft formulate a strategy against Linux, and it was splashed all over the press.

    As yet we've been unable to confirm that he has left, and if so, where he's gone. His personal Web site still reports him as working for Microsoft, and his favourites list doesn't seem to have acquired any suspiciously off-message material in the past year.

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  • More X-Box news
    Time: 07:09 EST/12:09 GMT News Source: Online CEX Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Rumours are continuing to fly regarding Microsoft's X-Box - and Microsoft themselves are still busy refusing to comment on the as-yet unannounced device. The Wall Street Journal believes that Microsoft are planning to splash out billions of dollars on the design, development and marketing of the console, and various 'well placed sources' are currently arguing over whether the X-Box will be fitted with a Athlon CPU and nVidia GeForce powered graphics.

    IGNpocket report convincing sounding rumours that - as well as a set-top console - Microsoft are also planning a portable companion to the X-Box. The handheld device will integrate with the main X-Box unit, but is also thought to be compatible with DirectX and be able to be used as a fully-fledged PDA.

    Exclusive artists impression of the portable X-Box

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  • Daylight Savings Time Bug
    Time: 07:07 EST/12:07 GMT News Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron Hinson

    Another bug with Windows 98 SE has cropped up for a number of people. Instead of Daylight Savings Time automatically correcting the time, it seems to be setting people back by a whole day, I only noticed this yesterday when posting to some newsgroups and the date was appearing as the 30th.

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