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News Date: Wednesday 20th October 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
Liveware 3
  • DVD Volunteers Needed
    Time: 19:15 EDT/24:15 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Bob

    ActiveWindows is currently looking for volunteers to head up the DVD Section of our website. Job includes adding news(primarily), updating various sections on a timely basis and doing DVD reviews. Microsoft Frontpage 2000 experience is a must! Some fringe benefits included. Qualified individuals should contact Bob Stein if you are interested!


  • MS cuts out channel to sell direct
    Time: 18:06 EDT/23:06 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Matt

    Microsoft is usurping the channel through its re-launched Web site which sells products direct to customers. .

    The software giant is selling its own software and hardware direct through its online store

    The Web site was originally launched in March, when customers could choose to buy through four resellers -– CompUSA, Insight, CDW and –- or through Microsoft. It was relauched in August, minus the resellers. Customers now using the service have to buy direct.

    The Web site may represent a small slice of the company's sales, and only service customers in the US at present, but it shows a marked change in channel policy.


  • U.S. Office 2000 sales lower than expected
    Time: 17:55 EDT/22:55 GMT Source: Posted By: Matt

    One of Microsoft's key product lines seems to have missed out on the company's earnings party, at least in the United States.

    Globally, sales of Office 2000--Microsoft's desktop software suite and one of the most important products for the company's bottom line--increased an impressive 19 percent in Microsoft's first quarter of fiscal 2000, contributing to the company's record revenues announced yesterday. But in the United States, Office 2000 sales were lower than expected.

    Blame it on the number 2000. With the Windows 2000 operating system effectively delayed until next year, U.S. corporate customers are putting off software upgrades. Microsoft plans to officially launch Windows 2000 next month. But customers won't recieve the software until next March, analysts estimate. Further, spending on the Y2K technology glitch remains an issue for corporations.


  • Site News: Downtime
    Time: 16:41 EDT/21:41 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron

    We have had a little bit of a problem with our server this evening, everything should be fixed and back to normal now, here are a few of our upcoming reviews:

    Hardware: Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Racing Wheel, Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer, Regular Visor, Microtek SlimScan6, SoundBlaster Live! Platinum
    Software: Delta Force 2, Nocturne, Fifa 2000, Prince Of Persia 3D, Flight Simulator 2000, Pandora's Box, Links LS 2000 Encarta 2000 Reference Suite DVD Edition (This Week), Firestorm, X: Beyond The Frontier, System Shock 2, Rogue Spear, Driver
    Applications: Corel Suite 9

  • Asheron's Call Beta Ends with METEORS
    Time: 15:15 EDT/20:15 GMT Source: ICQ Posted By: Dennis

    We've received unconfirmed reports that Microsoft is going to be ending the AC beta by ruining the worlds. Shoushi, which is one of the AC cities, is supposed to become a crator. These reports are still unconfirmed, but we are almost sure that MS will be ending the world by October 24th 11:59 P.M.

    The worlds will be up and running by November 11th for the public release of Asheron's Call.

    ActiveWindows will continue to keep you up to date. You can read our AC review at the link below or by clicking the headline for this news release.


  • Asheron's Call Review
    Time: 15:13 EDT/20:13 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Dennis

    Our Asheron's Call review is done! Its everything we promised except the user comments which will be added later. Download the beta now at our review as the beta ends on October 24th at 11:59 P.M. They're going to be going out with a bang (read above).


  • Microsoft decision won't be this Friday
    Time: 14:46 EDT/19:46 GMT Source: Reuters Posted By: Byron

    WASHINGTON--The judge in the Microsoft antitrust case today refined his announcement last night that his "findings of fact" will be issued on a Friday evening, by saying through a spokesman it will not be this Friday. The court said the findings will be released on a Friday at 3:30 p.m. PT. But a court press liaison said today, "The findings of fact will not issue on October 22."


  • Microsoft to Team Up With Hewlett-Packard to Help Nonprofits Nationwide Prepare for Y2K Rollover
    Time: 09:37 EDT/16:37 GMT Source: Press Pass Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft Corp. today announced it will team up with Hewlett-Packard Co. to launch a nationwide "Y2K Week of Service" to help local nonprofit organizations as they prepare their computing environments for the upcoming transition from 1999 to 2000. Microsoft employees will work with Hewlett-Packard employees and others Oct. 21-28, 1999, at locations nationwide in this effort. More than 300 employees from the two companies will be available to offer technical assistance to selected nonprofit agencies during the Y2K Week of Service.

  • E-Stamp Selects Microsoft and ClearCommerce To Manage World's First E-Commerce Postage Site
    Time: 09:36 EDT/16:36 GMT Source: Press Pass Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft Corp. and ClearCommerce Corp. today announced that E-Stamp Corp., the first company to sell postage over the Internet, selected Microsoft® Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition and the ClearCommerce® Merchant Engine™ to manage the nation's first e-commerce postage site. Through E-Stamp (, Internet users can purchase U.S. postage in the form of a digital stamp and print their postage directly onto envelopes or labels for delivery through the U.S. postal system.

  • Microsoft Decision Coming On A Friday
    Time: 09:07 EDT/14:07 GMT Source: Avault Posted By: Byron

    The district judge presiding over the Microsoft anti-trust trial will issue his findings on the case on a Friday at 6:30 p.m. EDT, the court announced Tuesday -- but the court did not say which Friday. When the day does come, the parties will have two hours notice. The Justice Department and 19 states allege Microsoft violated the nation's antitrust laws; the judge held a 76-day trial on the matter. His first major decision in the case will be findings of fact.

  • Microsoft soars past 1Q estimates, expects strong 2Q
    Time: 08:21 EDT/13:21 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    The chief financial officer of Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) aptly summarized the first quarter with a quote from his three-year-old:

    "Whoa. What a quarter."

    Microsoft flew past analysts' estimates in its first quarter Tuesday, earning $2.19 billion, or 38 cents a share, on sales of $5.38 billion. First Call consensus expected the software giant to earn 34 cents a share in the quarter. So-called "whisper" estimates winding through Wall Street Tuesday afternoon pegged it for a profit of 38 cents a share. "The PC market remains very healthy," Microsoft CFO Greg Maffei said during a conference call with analysts.


  • LiveWare! 3 Released
    Time: 02:14 EDT/07:14 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron

    Environmental AudioCreative have finally posted LiveWare! 3 for download for their SoundBlaster Live! range of cards. It may be later than expected but you can download it right here.

News Date: Tuesday 19th October 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS99-043) - AOL Talks
  • AOL Releases IM Beta with Voice
    Time: 20:09 EDT/01:09 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Garrett

    AOL just released a new build of their Instant Messenger software with a new feature they call "Connect to Talk." Well, maybe they just call it "talk," but either way--you get the point. This new feature [supposedly] allows two people with AOL Im to talk to each other (ala NetMeeting) over the internet. The reason I threw in 'supposedly' is because I tried it, and it didn't work. Who knows, maybe you'll have better luck.

    You can download this new beta by clicking the picture, or visit the AOL Im betas page by clicking here.

    *Please remember this is BETA software, and therefore may contain errors, bugs, etc. Neither ActiveWindows nor AOL offer any warranties or support.

  • Microsoft and InfoImage form alliance to deliver enterprise digital dashboard solutions
    Time: 17:26 EDT/22:26 GMT Source: Microsoft Daily News Posted By: Alex H

    Workers who quickly access key information can be more effective.

    That's why Microsoft Corp. and InfoImage Inc., a leading corporate portal provider, have formed an alliance to deliver solutions to help workers find, share and analyze information. The two companies will work together to offer digital dashboard solutions for enterprise customers. Based on the Microsoft® knowledge management platform and InfoImage's freedom corporate portal, these digital dashboard solutions will consolidate important information—from personal e-mail to databases to the Internet—into a unified desktop view.

    "Microsoft and InfoImage will answer the growing need among large organizations for a way to connect knowledge workers to critical information and to each other," said Jeff Raikes, group vice president of worldwide sales and support at Microsoft. "InfoImage's corporate portal software exemplifies Microsoft's vision of a digital dashboard based on Office 2000, Exchange Server and other core Microsoft products."

    Phoenix-based InfoImage develops and implements corporate portal solutions designed to help people make better, faster business decisions.

  • Microsoft Announces Asheron's Call Pre-Order Programs
    Time: 14:54 EDT/19:54 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    In anticipation of the launch of Asheron's Call in early November, Microsoft today announced exclusive pre-order programs with Electronic Boutique and Babbages/Software Etc.

    By pre-ordering Asheron's Call at store locations, or online at EB World ( ) or Gamestop (, gamers will receive an additional month of free Asheron's Call play ($9.95 value), plus either a Player's Guide (for pre-orders from Electronic Boutique) or an Adventure's Log (for pre-orders from Babbages/Software Etc.). Combine this offer with the one month of free play already available when initially subscribing to Asheron's Call, and gamers receive two free months of adventuring in the isle of Dereth when placing a pre-order.

    Additionally, Electronic Boutique is offering a $10 mail-in rebate for all pre-orders completed at their store locations. This Electronic Boutique exclusive is an excellent value for in-store purchases, providing gamers with a combined savings of nearly twenty dollars.

    Microsoft encourages gamers to place their pre-orders early, as all offers are based on limited quantities.

  • Melissa Mutates Again; Fix Found
    Time: 14:51 EDT/19:51 GMT Source: PC World Posted By: Alex H

    Melissa may be the virus that refuses to die. Another new variant, Melissa.U(Gen1), has been found--but so has a fix.

    This version is actually a variant of a variant, a corrupted version of the Melissa.U variant that was reported last week, say officials at Symantec, maker of Norton AntiVirus, which has posted a fix for Melissa.U(Gen1). "A couple" of major corporations have been hit by this virus, including one that experienced 30,000 infections, Symantec representatives note.

    Also discovered last week was the Melissa.V variant. Fixes to both the U and V versions of Melissa are posted on the sites of major antivirus vendors, including both Symantec and, part of Network Associates.

    But Melissa.U(Gen1) is a new strain, and you shouldn't mistake this one for the original--or for the original variant, warns Darren Kessner, a senior virus researcher at Symantec.

    "People need to get the latest update, even if they already have the fix for the U and V variants," Kessner emphasizes. The fixes for those variants will not protect against the new modified variant, he says.

  • Updated Clio Handheld Gets Speed, Smarts
    Time: 14:50 EDT/19:50 GMT Source: PC World Posted By: Alex H 

    If you could improve your handheld PC companion, you'd probably make it faster, smarter, and easier to manipulate.

    Vadem went two for three Monday with the release of its $999 Clio PC companion, the Clio C-1050. It's faster: It comes with a 56-kilobits-per-second hardware-modem, a step up from the 33.6-kbps software modem built into the earlier model, the C-1000. And it's stocked with 32MB of memory, twice that of the previous model, so it's smarter.

    But from all appearances, the C-1050 looks just like the C-1000--in other words, it has the same curvy keyboard that users either love or hate, according to Vadem representatives.

    "People have lots of emotions about the keyboard," says Bret Kennedy, a Vadem product manager. "It's pretty tough unless you're shipping a standard-size keyboard."

  • Linux beats NT, but Unix is top for enterprise claims report
    Time: 14:43 EDT/19:43 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Alex H 

    British outfit Bloor Research has -- "by coincidence," it says -- intervened in the Linux versus NT wrangle with some tests of its own. The results of these, Bloor says, show that Linux is superior to NT in six of nine categories devised to test the two "from the standpoint of how they operated in practice to support real applications."

    Bloor's coincidence is a happy one, as the Linux world is currently aflame over the strange tale of the Gartner-MS report.

    But although Linux seems to do well, Bloor concludes that neither Linux nor NT is "suitable for use as an enterprise level server." This isn't particularly welcome news for Microsoft, which is keen to get NT accepted at enterprise level, but will be of little consequence in the Linux world, where penetration at the highest levels of the enterprise isn't yet an issue.

  • MS spin doctors 'explain' Win2k slippage to 2000
    Time: 14:42 EDT/19:42 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Alex H 

    Microsoft's marketing elves seem to be spinning busily, following the latest fix on Windows 2000's final ship date. From these it looks like Microsoft will make it to finally beta (Release Candidate 3) immediately before Comdex, but RTM (Release to Manufacture) clearly won't be achieved for a big launch at Las Vegas.

    So for actual, in-your-hands, running on new PCs code, the date is going to be at least February, as we've been saying here for some time, and could even according to some sources be April. How could this be, if the latest RC3 and RTM dates (November 11 and December 9, respectively) seem achievable?

  • MS piracy losses claims don't stack up
    Time: 14:40 EDT/19:40 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Alex H 

    In trying to scare consumers, businesses, governments and institutions into having licensed software, Microsoft is making unsupportable claims about the jobs that it says have been displaced as a consequence of the piracy, and the ensuing loss of taxes to the state or country. Microsoft's new anti-piracy campaign is being so badly executed that its seriousness must be questioned.

    Steve Ballmer, in a curious signed comment on software piracy on Microsoft's Web site, overstates the case: "You might think that software theft hurts only those of us who create software. But the truth is, the damage goes much further, impacting jobs, wages, taxes, and retail sales right in your community." Microsoft's Web site currently claims that "American software companies lost $11 billion in revenue in 1998 due to global software piracy." This assumes that every pirate would otherwise have bought the software. Many computer users cannot afford to buy software at Microsoft's prices, so any dollar value for supposedly lost sales is meaningless.

  • Gates and Ballmer mount buddies act in Fortune
    Time: 14:40 EDT/19:40 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Alex H 

    There's a love-in conversation between Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer in the 25 October issue of Fortune magazine. It's billed as the $100 billion friendship, the pre-eminent buddy act in American business. They have known each other for 25 years, since their days at Harvard.

    Gates boldly claims "That summer [1975] I wrote BASIC for the MITS Altair..." which will be news to the co-developer (some say principal) Paul Allen, and Monte Davidoff. Gates also notes that shortly afterwards, somebody on Long Island "offered to buy Microsoft for seven or eight million dollars -I mean, nothing." Ballmer was "exactly the kind of help" that Gates decided he needed to run Microsoft, at a time when there were 30 employees. He confessed he had overloaded himself, and that the company "was a bit of a mess". Ballmer was offered more than any other employee, but they couldn't seem to agree how much that had been, with Ballmer believing it to be $40,000 and Gates claiming $56,000. The text of the offer letter was left on the Wang word processor, so before long copies were circulating round the office and it became known that Ballmer was a shareholder, along with Gates and Allen.

    Microsoft's obsession for keeping a great deal of cash on hand can be traced back to an obsession of Gates about being able to meet the payroll.

  • MS pushes system builders back to distribution by withholding CDs
    Time: 14:38 EDT/19:38 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Alex H

    Microsoft plans to stop providing operating system CDs to direct OEMs. From January 2000, OEMs buying software direct from Microsoft will either have to put a back up of the system on the customer's hard drive, or provide an OEM branded recovery CD that is BIOS locked to run only on individual customer systems.

    This will apply to Windows 95 and 98, NTW4 and Windows 2000, sources told The Register. Originally planned for November, the software vendor's move has been pushed back to 1 January. This seems largely due to the fact that most system builders were unaware of the changes until a few weeks ago, and are unhappy with them.

    In a leaked email, Microsoft said it was making this move to prevent software counterfeiting via CD copying and sharing. Yet it will not stop the main aspect of the problem – professional software piracy.

  • Encyclopedia Britannica goes free
    Time: 14:32 EDT/19:32 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Alex H

    Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc. is expected to announce Tuesday that it plans to split off its digital properties into a separate company and overhaul its Web site, making the encyclopedia's database free to users for the first time.

    The site will be free, but it will have corporate sponsors and commercial links. So when Johnny starts doing that report on the moon landing or the Trojan Horse he won't need to subscribe -- but he will need to sift through some sales pitches for toys, books and other items.

    The new company, called, will house all of Encyclopaedia Britannica's digital assets, which include both its free and fee-based Web sites, as well as its CD-ROM and DVD businesses. Encyclopaedia Britannica Chief Executive Don Yannias, 41 years old, will leave that post and become CEO of

    Asked whether was considering an initial public offering of its new digital company, one official said, "We're not ruling out any options at this point."

  • Lycos makes Latin America push
    Time: 14:28 EDT/19:28 GMT Source: Posted By: Alex H

    Lycos will launch 12 Latin American Web sites and two sites aimed at U.S. Spanish speakers, the company said today.

    Lycos and Tripod country-specific sites will be launched in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Venezuela and will reach more than 80 percent of the people in Latin America. News, finance, and sports content along with search and directory services from Lycos and HotBot will be included, Lycos said.

    "Latin America is poised to become the next great growth center for Internet services," Bob Davis, Lycos chief executive, said in a statement.

    Internet users in Latin America are expected to increase to 19.1 million in 2003 from 4.8 million in 1998. The e-commerce market in Latin America is expected to grow to $8 billion by 2003 from $240 million in 1998, according to data from market research firm International Data Corporation, Lycos said.


  • Microsoft Launches Academic Professional Development Centers To Create Training Opportunities for Academic Staff and Faculty
    Time: 10:22 EDT/15:22 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft Corp. today announced a new education program that will empower academic institutions nationwide to launch on-site community technology training programs needed to prepare faculty to teach technology courses as well as help information technology (IT) staff stay up to date on the latest Microsoft® technologies. During the 1999-2000 school year, Microsoft plans to help more than 100 academic institutions begin participating in the Academic Professional Development Center program, a convenient and affordable solution that brings technology training courses directly to local communities. The Academic Professional Development Center program will enable faculty and staff to gain the skills and certification necessary to begin teaching Microsoft Authorized Academic Training Provider (AATP) program courses to students in their communities, as well as provide training and certification for IT staff at colleges and universities.

  • MS lobbies senate to lean on Europe, WTO
    Time: 06:03 EDT/11:03 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Matt

    It's becoming clearer what Microsoft and other major software developers want to achieve at the World Trade Organisation ministerial meeting in Seattle next month (related story). We now have the text of the presentation by Eric Koenig, Microsoft's senior federal government affairs manager, to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations' subcommittee on European Affairs.

    Koenig spoke on behalf of Microsoft, and the BSA. He wanted the Senate subcommittee to persuade the EU to take a joint stance on the negotiations, especially with respect to e-commerce. Koenig is also co-chair of the WTO Seattle host committee. Strangely, he claimed that "More than 50 per cent of the revenues of ... Microsoft are generated by overseas sales". Yet in its 1999 Annual Report, Microsoft stated that US revenue is $13.7 billion (including OEM sales) and that non-US revenue is just $6 billion, with European sales amounting to a quarter of Microsoft's world revenue. Horses for courses, it would seem.

  • Microsoft assailed in online chess match
    Time: 05:33 EDT/10:33 GMT Source: Posted By: Matt

    A number of chess players battling against world champion Garry Kasparov on a Microsoft Web site today accused the company of mishandling a move that denied them at least a draw.

    Microsoft representatives said in response that the accusations were unfair, that the four-month-long "Kasparov vs. the World" game had been conducted within the rules, and that they were "totally agnostic" about the outcome.

    "Fiasco farce chess game" and "you have destroyed a work of art" were among the messages posted today on an electronic bulletin board on Microsoft's Gaming Zone Web site. The match started June 21 and appeared to be nearing its conclusion with a likely win for the Russian grandmaster.


  • Microsoft joins with Telmex in portal venture
    Time: 05:03 EDT/10:03 GMT Source: Posted By: Matt

    Microsoft announced a joint portal venture with telecommunications giant Telefonos de Mexico, marking yet another effort to reinvigorate the company's struggling MSN brand and establish a credible international Web presence.

    The deal comes more than a year after the software company announced a sweeping effort to establish Web portals in 24 countries, including Mexico and several South American nations. A spokesman said MSN is now up and running in 29 countries, including the United States, but would not disclose details concerning customers or usage.

    "In some countries we have a portal, in some other countries we have a partnership with a local provider who can help us get reach and help us get content," said Microsoft's Steve Guggenheimer, adding the plan hasn't changed much since last October.

  • Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS99-043) - Workaround Available for "Javascript Redirect" Vulnerability
    Time: 04:27 EDT/09:27 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Matt

    Microsoft has learned of a vulnerability in Microsoft(r) Internet Explorer that could allow a malicious web site operator to read files on the computer of a user who visited the site, under certain circumstances. Microsoft is developing a patch that will eliminate the vulnerability; in the meantime, a temporary workaround is discussed below.

    Frequently asked questions regarding this vulnerability can be found at

    Client-local data that is displayed in the browser window can be made available to the server by using a redirect to a Javascript applet running in the same window. This in effect bypasses cross-domain security and makes the data available to the applet, which could then send the data to a hostile server. This could allow a malicious web site operator to read the contents of files on visiting users' computers, if he or she knew the name of the file and the folder in which it resided. The vulnerability would not allow the malicious user to list the contents of folders, create, modify or delete files, or to usurp any administrative control over the machine.

    Affected Software Versions
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 and 5.

    Work Around
    As an interim step while the patch is under development, Microsoft recommends that customers add sites that they trust to the Trusted Zone, and disable Active Scripting in the Internet Zone. This will provide full functionality for all trusted sites, while preventing untrusted sites from being able to exploit this vulnerability. The FAQ provides details on how to do this, and how to manage Security Zones in general.

    More Information
    Please see the following references for more information related to this issue.

    Microsoft Security Bulletin MS99-043: Frequently Asked Questions,

    Microsoft Security Advisor web site,

News Date: Monday 18th October 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
Gates Interview
  • Microsoft fights handful of IE holes
    Time: 17:38 EDT/22:38 GMT Source: Posted By: Matt

    Microsoft today moved to patch one security hole in its Web browser just as another came to light.

    Both problems spring from the browser's implementation of JavaScript, a scripting language created by Netscape Communications. Web sites use scripting technology to take actions on a visitor's computer without his or her input. Typical uses for scripting include launching pop-up windows or scrolling text across a screen.

    Scripting has been a boon not just for Web designers but for bug hunters. They have found numerous ways to circumvent security measures to show how malicious Web site operators can use the technology to take inappropriate actions on a visitor's computer.

    One bug hunter, Bulgarian security enthusiast Georgi Guninski, has been reporting JavaScript security problems regularly for more than a year. Although Netscape, now a unit of America Online, has had its share of Guninski's scrutiny, Microsoft has been his primary target in recent months.

    Last week, Microsoft acknowledged that Internet Explorer 5.0 was vulnerable to a Guninski exploit that let malicious Web site operators view visitors' files. The exploit bypassed Microsoft's security measures by running the script from within a frame--a smaller window in a Web site--where the security checks did not apply.

    Microsoft said the exploit only let an attacker view files, not alter or delete them.

    Microsoft advised that users of IE 4.01 apply the IE 4.01 service pack 2. IE 5 users can download different patches depending on whether they are on the Intel Platform or the Alpha Platform.

  • Microsoft Joins Storage Networking Industry Association
    Time: 17:41 EDT/22:41 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft Corp. and the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) today announced that Microsoft has joined the SNIA as an associate member. The move signals Microsoft's commitment to working with the industry to develop innovative, standards-based storage area networks (SANs) and other reliable and scalable storage solutions for data centers, high-end advanced servers and enterprise environments.

  • Microsoft Announces Availability of New Developer Tool For Knowledge Management Solutions
    Time: 15:12 EDT/20:12 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft Corp. today announced the availability of a new tool for developers to build tracking and workflow solutions. The Access Workflow Designer for SQL Server™, previously code-named "Grizzly," enables developers to easily design and build Web-based workflow and tracking solutions that can also be used offline. From customer call tracking to expense reporting, almost any team business process that needs to be tracked is improved by using Access Workflow Designer. This tool is available now, free of charge (connect-time charges may apply), to all licensed users of Microsoft® Office 2000 Developer by ordering online at

  • Microsoft Allegiance Announced
    Time: 15:04 EDT/20:04 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Byron

    Allegiance, the upcoming multiplayer space-combat game from the minds of Microsoft Research, combines the challenges of tactical squadron-based combat, intense one-on-one space dogfights, and amazing graphical and sound effects into a space-action experience like nothing you've seen before.

    All taking place on the MSN Gaming Zone, you can elect to get into the action immediately in death-match style arenas, or pledge Allegiance to one of the diverse Civilization Alliances and join a squadron. And when you play on the Allegiance Zone, you'll be able to engage hundreds of players in death-match style arenas, compete in tournaments, and access exclusive additional civilizations!

    Allegiance is scheduled for a Spring 2000 release.

  • Antitrust experts bash MS lobbying
    Time: 11:06 EDT/16:06 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft Corp. is playing political hardball with the budget of the agency that's been a thorn in its side since the early 1990s.

    The company, and some non-profit groups associated with it, have been asking lawmakers to approve the lowest possible year 2000 budget for the U.S. Department of Justice, which brought a sweeping antitrust suit against the software maker last year. The two settled an earlier suit.

  • MS pushes system builders back to distribution by withholding CDs
    Time: 09:07 EDT/14:07 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft plans to stop providing operating system CDs to direct OEMs. From January 2000, OEMs buying software direct from Microsoft will either have to put a back up of the system on the customer's hard drive, or provide an OEM branded recovery CD that is BIOS locked to run only on individual customer systems. This will apply to Windows 95 and 98, NTW4 and Windows 2000, sources told The Register.

  • The Value of 1s and 0s
    Time: 09:04 EDT/14:04 GMT Source: Presspass Posted By: Byron

    It is no coincidence that the United States -- the world’s leading advocate for intellectual property rights -- is also home to the world’s largest software industry. Strong intellectual property protections in the United States have also helped create thriving movie, publishing, recorded-music and pharmaceutical industries which, combined with software, help drive the nation’s economy.

    Without these protections, creativity and innovation would be stifled, leading to fewer choices for consumers. Software development -- like that of movies, music, books and pharmaceuticals -- involves significant investment in research and development. To the extent that companies in any of these fields cannot be assured of a reasonable return on their investment, they are reluctant to develop new products.


  • Gates knocks stuffing out of Paxman
    Time: 04:55 EDT/09:55 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Byron

    "You can punch him; you can explode his head; you can decapitate him; you can even put a pie in his eye." This video-clip narration, accompanied by some rather childish animated screen shots of what some people think of Bill Gates, set the tone for Jeremy Paxman's interview on BBC2 television last night.

    The only critical remark in the video was that Gates was "A difficult little sod whose parents ended up sending him to a child psychologist because they thought he was underachieving."

News Date: Sunday 17th October 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
Freespace 2 Review
  • MSFT to shift to service
    Time: 15:53 EDT/20:53 GMT Source: CNNFN Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft Corp. will change over the next decade from a traditional software firm selling products to a fee-based software services company, President Steve Ballmer said.

    "Literally, if you go out seven to 10 years from now, not only our business but every software business will have to remake itself into what I call a software service company," Ballmer said at an industry conference sponsored by GartnerGroup Inc.

  • Site Of The Year Award
    Time: 15:52 EDT/20:52 GMT Source: ICQ Posted By: Byron

    Window Planet are running a Site Of The Year award, Voting ends next weekend on the 23rd. So be sure to vote right here!


  • Freespace 2 - Review
    Time: 08:31 EDT/13:31 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron

    Freespace 2 - ReviewI have posted my review of Interplay's new Space Sim, Freespace 2. Here is a snippet from my review:

    Mission designs are pretty good, there are the basic escort missions seen in such games as X-Wing Alliance, Wing Commander, but also some massive battles against Shivan and NTF Capital Ships. These Capital ships are massive, probably the biggest ships I have seen in any space shoot-em up simulation. The AI of the enemy is pretty good, not perfect as many of the ships still like to fly into you but there is very little in the way of bad points I can make about the enemy AI. It is also nice to see some intelligence from my Wingmen during the game too, shooting asteroids so that other ships wouldn't crash into them etc, but they do seem to like to get killed by capital ships far too easily.


  • Site News
    Time: 08:25 EDT/13:25 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron

    We are planning to open a couple of new sections next weekend, these are the MS Games & Hardware and Windows 2000 areas. Both are pretty much complete. If there is anyone out there who runs a Microsoft Games Fansite, then drop me a note with the URL and name of the site.

News Date: Saturday 16th October 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
Melissa - DOJ
  • Site News: Editorial Writers Wanted
    Time: 19:00 EDT/00:00 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron

    We are currently on the lookout for a number of Editorial writers to produce weekly editorials for a new section. If you are interested then please get in contact with us for more information. Writing experience is needed.

  • Asheron's Call Public Beta to End...
    Time: 17:16 EDT/22:16 GMT Source: E-Mail/Olthoi's Lair Posted By: Dennis

    We have received reports that MSN Internet Gaming Zone will be closing the AC beta on October 24th, to prepare for the November 10th release. This is of course unconfirmed but most likely Microsoft will post a press release or announcement in regards to this sometime next week.

    AC will be at an estimated $ 54.95 and the purchaser will get 1 free month of play, and after that there will be a $ 9.95 per month fee to continue playing the game.

    Asheron's Call is a multiplayer role-playing game that is in public beta on the MSN Gaming Zone.

    Our review of Asheron's Call will be available sometime this weekend, most likely tomorrow. It will include several screenshots, a complete overview of the game, player comments, and much more.

    You can download the game now at no charge at GameSpot. This download is appx. 51 MB and is only recommended for experienced users, as this is a beta product and no guarantees are promised by Microsoft.

    You can preorder Asheron's Call at EBWorld.Com for $ 44.99 and you will receive along with your AC order some AC gifts, including a 2nd month free on the Zone and a free miniguide! So what are you waiting for, preorder today!

  • Microsoft Seen Posting Higher Net
    Time: 08:52 EDT/13:52 GMT Source: AVault Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft is expected to report strong earnings growth for its latest quarter, but blowout results are not anticipated in part because of a year 2000-related slowdown, industry analysts said Thursday. Microsoft, which is scheduled to report Tuesday, is expected to post earnings of 34 cents per share, up from 28 cents a year earlier, according to First Call.

    Analysts contacted by Reuters said they expect the company to report revenues of about $5.2 billion for the quarter, up from last year's $4.2 billion. While analysts said Microsoft should beat the consensus estimate by a few pennies per share, as it generally does, they did not expect a major upside surprise in light of repeated conservative guidance from Chief Financial Officer Greg Maffei.

  • Site News & Community Updates
    Time: 08:28 EDT/13:28 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron

    Just a note that our review of the Microsoft SideWinder Precision Racing Wheel is delayed for about 2 weeks because after opening the press pack from Microsoft today I noticed that there is no CD to install it and no lead to connect it up to the pedals<g>. Here is a list of our upcoming software and hardware reviews.

    Hardware: Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Racing Wheel, Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer, Regular Visor, Microtek SlimScan6, SoundBlaster Live! Platinum
    Software: Nocturne, Fifa 2000, Prince Of Persia 3D, Flight Simulator 2000, Pandora's Box, Links LS 2000 Encarta 2000 Reference Suite DVD Edition (This Week), Firestorm, X: Beyond The Frontier, System Shock 2, Rogue Spear (This Weekend), Driver, Freespace 2 (This Weekend)
    Applications: Corel Suite 9

    Just another reminder about signing up for our ActiveWindows Community on MSN. It allows you to chat with us in our chat room or via our message board, it also lets you post your own screensavers and backgrounds for other ActiveWindows readers to download. We are currently the largest Windows site on the MSN community list.

  • Melissa-like viruses haunt firms
    Time: 08:23 EDT/13:23 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    Spiritual descendents of the Melissa computer virus have appeared over the last month, haunting 10 companies in the past week, according to one anti-virus firm.

    Recently, two variants of the Melissa virus -- Melissa.U and Melissa.V -- and VBS.Freelink, a Visual Basic script virus with a Melissa-like MO, have been infecting the unprepared

  • Microsoft climbing e-biz mountain
    Time: 08:23 EDT/13:23 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    Web sites are churning out mountains of clickstream data as "dotcom" companies expand their e-business operations. Soon, Microsoft Corp. will be providing new mountain-climbing gear. The Redmond, Wash., company is developing customizable software and services that it says will provide a way to harvest and analyze massive amounts of data culled by e-commerce sites


  • Microsoft lobbying Capitol over DOJ budget
    Time: 08:22 EDT/13:22 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft Corp. is playing political hardball with the budget of the agency that's been a thorn in its side since the early 1990s. The company and some non-profit groups associated with it have been asking lawmakers to approve the lowest possible year 2000 budget for the U.S. Department of Justice, the agency that brought a sweeping antitrust suit against the software maker last year.


  • Sun makes new claims against MS in Java case
    Time: 08:21 EDT/13:21 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    Sun Microsystems Inc. (Nasdaq:SUNW) attorneys say Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq:MSFT) found new ways to circumvent a preliminary injunction requiring Microsoft products to comply with Sun's Java, even before the injunction was vacated by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in August. At a hearing today in San Jose, Calif., Sun asked U.S. District Judge to reinstate the injunction on the grounds that Microsoft has monopoly power over the PC desktop. Microsoft claims it complied with the injunction.

News Date: Friday 15th October 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
Silicon Valley - Corel
  • Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS99-042) - Patch Available for "IFRAME ExecCommand" Vulnerability
    Time: 18:55 EDT/23:55 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Matt

    On October 11, 1999, Microsoft released the original version of this bulletin, in order to advise customers of a workaround for a vulnerability in Microsoft(r) Internet Explorer. The vulnerability could allow a malicious web site operator to read files on the computer of a user who visited the site, under certain circumstances. Microsoft has completed a patch that completely eliminates the vulnerability, and has re-released this bulletin in order to advise customers of its availability.

    Frequently asked questions regarding this vulnerability can be found at

    The Internet Explorer security model normally restricts the Document.ExecCommand() method to prevent it from taking inappropriate action on a user's computer. However, at least one of these restrictions is not present if the method is invoked on an IFRAME. This could allow a malicious web site operator to read the contents of files on visiting users' computers, if he or she knew the name of the file and the folder in which it resided. The vulnerability would not allow the malicious user to list the contents of folders, create, modify or delete files, or to usurp any administrative control over the machine. A patch that corrects this vulnerability is available at the location discussed below.

    This patch also includes the previously-released fix for the "Download Behavior" vulnerability.

    Affected Software Versions
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01, versions prior to Service Pack 2
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 5

    Patch Availability
    Internet Explorer 4.01 users should apply IE 4.01 Service Pack 2 at:

    Internet Explorer 5 should apply that patch for this vulnerability at: - Intel Platform:

    Alpha Platform:

    NOTE: The IE5 patch also includes the previously-released fix for the "Download Behavior" vulnerability, discussed in

    More Information
    Please see the following references for more information related to this issue.

    Microsoft Security Bulletin MS99-042: Frequently Asked Questions,

    Microsoft Security Advisor web site,


  • Microsoft Announces Open Trial For Asheron's Call Beginning Today
    Time: 17:08 EDT/22:08 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft announced today that a free, downloadable version of Asheron's Call is now available for play in the U.S. and abroad on the MSN Gaming Zone at Playable for a ten day period, the open trial gives gamers full access to the epic virtual world of Asheron's Call. Participants will be able to interact with thousands of other players and explore the 500 square mile isle of Dereth before the game is commercially released in November. Asheron's Call is an epic, massively multiplayer, role-playing game developed by Turbine Entertainment.

    For those who would prefer to forego the download, the Asheron's Call beta is currently available on the demo disc in the November issue of Computer Games magazine (look for the issue with Asheron's Call on the cover). The magazine is available at major bookstores including Barnes & Noble and Borders, large supermarkets, Wal-Mart, CompUSA, Fry's and other stores where magazines are sold.

    Developed by Turbine Entertainment, Asheron's Call is a massively multiplayer role-playing game that draws together thousands of players within a dynamic, 3-D online world. Players can create truly unique characters by choosing between extensive combinations of visual appearance, attributes and skill sets. Asheron's Call immerses players in an intense role-playing fantasy environment where they must compete or cooperate with thousands of other online players. An extensive system of allegiance and influence greatly enhances social interaction. The online nature of the game facilitates an evolving and dynamic adventure inside a consistent universe. The game will never be solved because there will always be more areas to explore and quests to complete.

    For more information about Asheron's Call, please visit the game's official Web site, at:

  • Microsoft Makes Knowledge Management Progress
    Time: 17:02 EDT/22:02 GMT Source: TechWeb Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft, which recently shipped Beta 3 of Exchange 2000, is making some headway on its knowledge management platform.

    The company plans to ship its intranet portal, documentmanagement, search, and Web publishing server, code-named Tahoe, into beta testing after the first of the new year, and likely will ship product in the second half of 2000, said Gytis Barzdukas, lead product manager of Exchange 2000 Server.

  • Ballmer Downplays Win 2000 Scalability
    Time: 17:00 EDT/22:00 GMT Source: TechWeb Posted By: Byron

    Faced with a barrage of questions about Windows 2000, Microsoft president Steve Ballmer on Wednesday at the GartnerGroup's Symposium/ITxpo 99 conference backed away from the company's previous claims about the platform's ability to scale for enterprise applications.

    "I think it's fair to say we got ahead of ourselves," Ballmer said about Windows 2000's ability to scale. "And I think it's actually probably fair to say market perception lags reality. Part of the scalability argument wasn't about scalability; it was about reliability and availability."

  • SOAP could slip up Microsoft rivals
    Time: 16:52 EDT/21:52 GMT Source: Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft has developed a new technology for exchanging information over the Web that could give the software giant an advantage over Sun Microsystems, IBM, and other competitors if adopted by a standards body.

    The new technology, called the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), based on the increasingly popular Web standard for data exchange called the Extensible Markup Language (XML), will let business software programs communicate over the Internet, regardless of the programming model on which they're based.

  • The world isn't revolving around Redmond anymore
    Time: 16:50 EDT/21:50 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    It wasn't so long ago that a lot of the high-tech world revolved around Redmond ... and with good reason. Any company that can convince customers they need to upgrade to an operating system -- when those same customers don't even know what an operating system is (rememberWindows 95?) -- deserves to be on its competitors’ and partners' radar screens.

  • MS drops In-Memory database from Win 2000
    Time: 16:49 EDT/21:49 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    Forget the In-Memory Database built into Windows 2000. Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) has quietly removed the feature from the upcoming operating system and put it back on the drawing board.

  • MS lobbies to slash DoJ antitrust budget
    Time: 16:44 EDT/21:44 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft is attempting to shut off the DoJ's air supply. Not Netscape's this time, and actually, not even the whole DoJ air supply - Redmond's beef is with the DoJ Antritrust Division - the section of the operation it's been having most trouble with.

    According to a report in today's Washington Post, Microsoft allies and lobbyists are pushing for Congress to cut $9 million from the Division's funding next year. Jack Krumholtz, Microsoft's director of government affairs, says the move stems from "some serious concerns about some of the DoJ's conduct" during the litigation, which you might translate as "we don't like it that the DoJ is winning".

  • Momentum grows for Windows Media: New chips, portable devices to support format
    Time: 09:32 EDT/14:32 GMT Source: Microsoft Daily News Posted By: Byron

    Link to Windows MediaMore songs and better sound—that's music to the ears of anyone shopping for a portable audio device.

     And that's what music fans can get as a result of recent announcements from Microsoft and hardware vendors. Microsoft and Cirrus Logic have announced they are collaborating to deliver a new line of audio chips that will support Microsoft® Windows Media™ Technologies. This agreement will bring consumers the next generation of portable music devices by the end of the year. In addition, Creative Labs and Microsoft have announced that Creative Labs' new NOMAD II portable audio devices will support Windows Media.

  • Spatial Delivery: Employees Arrive at New Silicon Valley Campus
    Time: 09:28 EDT/14:28 GMT Source: Press Pass Posted By: Byron

    Paul McCabe's first office at WebTV Networks was, appropriately, a garage.

    "This was in our early days in Palo Alto," recalls McCabe, now the director of advanced partnerships for consumer products. "We were in an old BMW dealership, in the repair facility with oil drains on the floors."

  • Corel's CEO charged with insider trading
    Time: 03:23 EDT/08:23 GMT Source: Posted By: Alex H

    The high-profile chief executive of Canadian software maker Corel, Michael Cowpland, was charged today with three counts of violating securities law.

    The Ontario Securities Commission said it has also charged Cowpland's personal holding company, MCJC Holdings, with one count of violating the Ontario Securities Act.

    The charges will be heard at the Ontario Court of Justice in Toronto on November 22. If found guilty, Cowpland could face up to two years in jail, a fine of up to $1 million in Canadian currency, and/or payment of three times any profits made.

    The commission also issued a temporary cease trade order against Cowpland and his holding company, which prohibits them from trading in Corel stock for 15 days. A hearing to extend the order is scheduled for October 28 at the OSC.

  • Rambus beats the Street
    Time: 03:21 EDT/08:21 GMT Source: Posted By: Alex H

    Memory maker Rambus beat analysts' fourth-quarter expectations by 2 cents today, on earnings of 10 cents per share.

    For the fourth fiscal quarter, Rambus reported net earnings of $2.7 million, or 10 cents per share diluted, on revenues of $12.3 million. A poll of analysts on First Call anticipated earnings of 8 cents a share. For the same time last year, Rambus pulled in net income of $2 million, or 7 cents a share, on $9.7 million in revenue.

    Overall, the company reported fiscal year earnings of $8.7 million, or 35 cents a share, on revenues of $43.4 million.

    Rambus specializes in designing fast memory for computers. Many believe that this memory, called "Rambus RDRAM," will replace standard PC memory, or SDRAM, and become the most widely used memory inside PCs in the near future. Rambus gets its revenue by licensing its designs to memory manufacturers such as Samsung and Micron.


  • Big Blue touts 73GB hard drive
    Time: 03:19 EDT/08:19 GMT Source: Posted By: Alex H

    The largest hard disk ever, containing a whopping 73 gigabytes of data storage space, will be announced by IBM tomorrow.

    The disk, the UltraStar 72ZX, is aimed at high-end computing markets where space is at a premium. It's the latest arrival in an industry bent on outdoing itself by a factor of two every year.

    But, although IBM will announce the 73GB drive tomorrow, the disk will actually arrive in 2000, which is at least three months late, according to Disk Trends analyst Jim Porter.

    "It's an excellent drive for the next century, when it will ship," he said. The schedule was to have the disk ready now, so arriving in 2000 is "a little bit of a slippage," he said.

    The disk will steal away the capacity crown from rival Seagate, which has been selling a 50GB drive since last fall, Porter said. IBM and Seagate are tied for first place in the high-end disk drive market, which currently is growing at the healthy pace of about 17.4 percent per year, he said.

    The 72GB drive set a record for the fastest response time to search out new data, Porter said. The heads--the part of the drive that actually read the data within the drive--can move to a new position in 4.9 milliseconds. "I don't think anybody's better than that," he said.

    Arriving this year, though, will be new 36GB drives. The drives are based on the same innards as the 73GB model, but will be only 1 inch thick. Current 36GB drives aren't as thin.

News Date: Thursday 14th October 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
Windows 2000 Delayed
  • Site News
    Time: 20:54 EDT/01:54 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Garrett

    I've updated all the download sections with correct links and version numbers, etc. For those of you that use Windows 95, you'll notice that the Windows 95 Upgrades and Patches section is now very vast and will provide you with everything you need. As far as all the other sections go, the information is current and updated, providing you with a good list of software, patches, etc. Next I'll be working on the Drivers section--stay tuned.

  • Internet Explorer vulnerable to Java security problem
    Time: 18:25 EDT/23:25 GMT Source: Posted By: Matt

    A new weakness has been discovered in Microsoft's version of the Java technology, one that allows a malicious Java program launched over the Internet to delete a computer's files or take any of a host of equally dangerous actions.

    Karsten Sohr, a graduate student at the University of Marburg in Germany, discovered the security hole, which takes advantage of a problem that allows an untrusted Java program to masquerade as a trusted one. Researchers at Princeton University's Secure Internet Programming team created a demonstration "attack applet" that exploits the hole, slipping in under the radar of the Internet Explorer Web browser and deleting files.

    Java is a technology created by Sun Microsystems. It allows programs to be sent across a network and run on any Java-enabled computer. Microsoft licensed Java from Sun in 1995 and subsequently added Windows-specific extensions to Java technology included in its Web browser and other software. Sun filed suit in October 1997 accusing Microsoft of "sabotaging" Java by adding those extensions in violation of Microsoft's license. The trail is ongoing.

    An applet is a program that is downloaded over the Internet by software such as a Java-enabled Web browser. By confining applets' operations to a secure zone in the computer called a "sandbox," Java generally prevents applets from taking unauthorized actions.

    Microsoft acknowledged the problem but said it would require a very sophisticated programmer to be able to take advantage of it. A spokesperson said Microsoft will post a fix as soon as possible.

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 Spotted On Shop Shelves
    Time: 16:26 EDT/21:26 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft announced today that Flight Simulator 2000, the most comprehensive update in the 17-year history of the product, is starting to appear on store shelves in the U.S. There have been many reports of its availability, and full domestic distribution is expected later this month. Flight Simulator 2000 will be available in Europe in mid-November.

    For the first time, Microsoft is offering two versions of Flight Simulator 2000, the best selling PC flight simulation ever produced. Flight Simulator 2000 Professional Edition is designed to meet the needs of flight simulation enthusiasts and pilots, and Flight Simulator 2000 is the logical choice for new or more casual users.

    Flight Simulator 2000 continues Microsoft's tradition of working directly with aircraft manufacturers, pilot organizations, flight training organizations, respected flight instructors, aeronautical engineers, and other leaders in aviation to add authenticity and experience to the product. Key partners include Cessna, Jeppesen Sanderson, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), Flight Safety International, Bell Helicopter Textron Inc., Mooney Aircraft Corp., Systems Management Inc.; and pilots John and Martha King, Rod Machado and Patty Wagstaff.

    Flight Simulator 2000 is optimized for the Intel Pentium III processor to deliver a great visual experience and better-than-ever simulation performance. For more information on Flight Simulator 2000, visit the official Web site at:

  • MS stops customers from revealing MS software performance
    Time: 15:47 EDT/20:47 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft president Steve Ballmer was caught on the back foot yesterday when Gartner Group analyst Tom Austin asked him about the "conspiracy of silence" -- a Microsoft contract clause which stops Microsoft's customers from giving out performance information about the Microsoft software they're running.

    "It sounds like a goofy issue to me," said Steve, and there can't be many people who'd challenge him on that. The effect -- far be it from us to say the point -- of the clause is to leave potential buyers forced to make their decisions based on Microsoft's claims. A Microsoft corporate customer would be unable, for example, to say how many clients could reasonably be run by SQL or Exchange systems.

  • MS to switch to rental model with Win2k?
    Time: 15:42 EDT/20:42 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft's long-standing plan to switch over to an annual rental model for software sales could roll early next year, with Windows 2000 as the engine that drives it. As internal documentation that has made it into the public domain thanks to the trial has shown, the company has been trying to make the move for years, but from what Steve Ballmer was saying yesterday, this time it could really happen.

    Microsoft's president was speaking at a Gartner Group conference in Florida, and the main point he was making was that Microsoft intended to turn itself into "what I call a software service company". But it's the sub-text that's interesting -- what did he mean by that? Well in one sense, it's services, Jim, but not as we know it: "The software is going to have to transform itself from a CD to a service that continually takes care of itself and updates itself." Once you've written this software (if you can) it's not a bad life at all.

  • Promise broken: Windows 2000 delayed
    Time: 11:24 EDT/16:24 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    Windows 2000 Delayed: Now There's a SurpriseMicrosoft Corp. marketing will take one on the chin and wait until February of next year to launch Windows 2000, the company's flagship product. The Redmond, Wash., company is telling partners it will take a deliberate approach to launch rather than try to rush the launch into the end of this year just to save face, according to several sources.

  • Sun to triumph over MS in Web wars -- StarOffice chief
    Time: 09:20 EDT/14:20 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Byron

    The traditional $300 software package is doomed, and in the race to replace it with a service model Sun will triumph over Microsoft, says Star Division founder Marco Boerries. Speaking in London in his new capacity as a Sun VP* earlier today, Boerries opened up on the company's strategy for application service provision and the forthcoming StarPortal software


  • Microsoft bCentral Helps Level the Playing Field for Small Businesses
    Time: 09:17 EDT/14:17 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft Corp. today announced the launch of Microsoft® bCentral, a new Web-based business portal created specifically to meet the needs of small and growing companies. The site helps them in three key areas: getting a business started online by connecting to the Web and building a Web site; promoting and marketing online to reach new customers; and managing a business more effectively. The new site, available in beta version since Sept. 30, is available in the United States at

  • Expands Online Distribution of eBooks By Adding Support for Microsoft Reader
    Time: 09:16 EDT/14:16 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Today at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Éditions SA ("zero hour dot com") and Microsoft Corp. announced that will expand its Web site by introducing Microsoft® Reader-compatible versions of its complete list of titles, while supporting the efforts of Microsoft to enhance the capabilities of Microsoft Reader. also will make Microsoft Reader with ClearType™ display technology available for download from its Web site. As a result, users will have access to the thousands of titles available on the Web site when the French language version of Microsoft Reader ships early next year. The site also will offer other European language titles as they become available.

  • Microsoft Windows DNA Interoperability Center Now Available To Developers Using Visual Studio
    Time: 09:14 EDT/14:14 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft Corp. today announced the immediate availability of the Microsoft® Windows® DNA Interoperability Center, a resource site designed to make it easier for developers to create applications based on Windows DNA that tightly integrate with existing enterprise applications running on a variety of operating systems.

  • Microsoft and InfoImage Form Strategic Alliance to Deliver Digital Dashboard Solutions
    Time: 09:13 EDT/14:13 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft Corp. and InfoImage Inc., a leading digital dashboard solutions provider, today announced a strategic alliance to meet the growing demand among enterprise customers for "digital dashboard" solutions that make it easy for knowledge workers to find, access, share and analyze the information they need to be effective in their jobs.

  • files suit against Microsoft
    Time: 02:47 EDT/07:47 GMT Source: Posted By: Alex H

    Priceline sued Microsoft today over a new "name your price" service the software giant introduced recently on its Expedia travel site.

    Filed in U.S. District Court in Connecticut, the suit alleges that Expedia's new "Hotel Price Matcher" service violates Priceline's patents on its business model. Priceline said in a statement that it was seeking a restraining order against Microsoft, along with actual and punitive damages.

    " invested years of time and money to develop a successful business model and build a patent portfolio around it," said Priceline chairman and chief executive Richard S. Braddock in a statement. "Millions of consumers have benefited from's innovation and investment."

  • Traditional firms showing Linux the money
    Time: 02:45 EDT/07:45 GMT Source: Posted By: Alex H

    Traditional high-tech companies are putting new money in Linux.

    Santa Cruz Operation, which has been selling the Unix operating system for years, has made its most serious Linux move to date with an investment in Linux software site LinuxMall, which will be announced tomorrow.

    And Motorola soon will announce an investment in Lineo, a company making a version of Linux for TV set-top boxes, medical imaging equipment, and other non-PC devices.

    The sizes of the investments weren't disclosed. Motorola didn't comment on the investment by deadline.


  • Customers already deploying Windows 2000, call platform reliable and manageable
    Time: 02:40 EDT/07:40 GMT Source: Microsoft Daily News Posted By: Alex H

    Companies are already putting Microsoft® Windows® 2000 to work.

    More than 100 business customers have deployed Windows 2000 Server, Professional and Advanced Server on their production systems. Early adopters such as Data Return Corp., Banyan Worldwide and CenterBeam Inc. say the operating system is reliable, robust and easy to use. These companies are among the first to roll out Windows 2000, the final version of which will be released later this year.

    "These companies are betting their business on Windows 2000—that's a commitment we take very seriously. So we won't ship the product until our early adopters tell us it's ready," said Brian Valentine, vice president of Microsoft's business and enterprise division. "It has to be reliable enough that these companies can run their business on it day in and day out."

News Date: Wednesday 13th October 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
Two New Melissa Viruses - Coppermine
  • Final Win2000 beta due in November
    Time: 21:33 EDT/02:33 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Matt

    Head of 'biggest software development project in the history of mankind' says final beta is due next month.

    The person most likely to know the answer is still saying Microsoft's tracking to deliver Windows 2000 by year-end. But Brian Valentine, vice president of Microsoft's Business and Enterprise Division -- who, under senior vice president Jim Allchin, heads up Windows 2000 development at Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT) -- also acknowledged Wednesday that Release Candidate 3 (RC3), the final beta release of the product, won't be out until November.

    Valentine spoke to a group of customers and partners as part of Microsoft's TechNet TeleForum Windows 2000 briefing on Wednesday. Valentine provided concerned parties with an update on Microsoft's timetable for Windows 2000.

    Valentine, who characterized his job as "getting Windows 2000 out the door," said that the Windows 2000 development project has been the single largest development and deployment undertaking at Microsoft. While he said he has no data to back up his claim, Valentine also called Windows 2000 the "largest operating system development and deployment project in the history of mankind."

  • Two New Melissa Viruses Identified
    Time: 19:34 EDT/00:34 GMT Source: Posted By: Matt

    An alert was issued Tuesday for two variants of the infamous Melissa virus, which took down more than 100,000 computers earlier this year.

    AVERT, the Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team, a division of NAI Labs at Network Associates Inc. (NETA), has ranked the new strains as medium risk viruses.

    Like their predecessor, the two new Melissas -- Melissa.U and Melissa V. -- arrive via an infected Word document e-mail attachment. The viruses have a subject line of "pictures" or "My Pictures", as well as the sender's username. The documents are marked with "Please Check Outlook Inbox Mail".

    The virus infects Word's global template, NORMAL.DOT, and all future Word documents. Like the original Melissa, the address book is opened and the e-mail is re-sent to the first four e-mail addresses in the list, while the virus also attempts to erase several system files.

  • Microsoft developing patch for IE 5.0 hole
    Time: 16:51 EDT/21:51 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft Corp. this week said a security hole in its Internet Explorer 5.0 browser could enable Web site operators to read files on visiting users' PCs.

    According to a security alert issued by Microsoft, Web site operators can read files only if they already know the name of the file and the folder in which it resides. The security hole does not allow malicious operators to list the contents of folders; create, modify or delete files; or have any administrative control over others' PCs.

  • Site News - Microsoft NFL Fever 2000 Review
    Time: 13:41 EDT/18:41 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Bob

    Microsoft NFL Fever 2000 is intense, in-your-face NFL football action. Hard hitting, fast, and easy-to-play, NFL Fever puts you in total control. You call the plays in the huddle, take snaps at the line, throw passes under pressure, and make crucial fingertip grabs. Hit the dirt and you can even dance in the end zone!!! Here is a snippet of the review:

    The control setup for this game is fairly straightforward, with the expected options for keyboard or a game pad or joystick. What I found surprising, however, is that there is no mouse option, ala the Madden series.

    Speaking of Madden, after seeing screenshots of Madden 2000, and playing NFL Fever, all I can say is, EA better do some heavy redesigning of their graphics engine, because, next to NFL Fever, Madden looks old. Fever's graphics are sharp, crisp, and, dare I say it.....nearly perfect. The atmosphere of every stadium is perfectly reflected here, including gradual deterioration of field conditions when playing in rainy or snowy conditions.

    Back to the controls issue for a moment. The camera views in this game are not nearly as developed as Madden 2000, and this, IMO, hurts the game from a replay standpoint. For example, you're limited to a behind the offense view (default), 3/4 offense (over the QB's shoulder), 3/4 defense (over the DL), overhead, and a ball cam, which is so close to the players, it's nearly unusable.


  • Internet Explorer 5's Dirty Dozen
    Time: 11:27 EDT/16:27 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    A security expert said he has identified yet another gaping hole in Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.0 Web browser, the 12th Internet Explorer vulnerability he has discovered so far.

    Bulgarian bug-finder Georgi Guninski reported this latest security hole on Monday, according to Wired magazine. The bug lets hackers read the contents of documents on a user's hard drive.

  • Microsoft Announces $100,000 Frankfurt eBook Awards
    Time: 07:21 EDT/12:21 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Today at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Microsoft Corp. announced its founding sponsorship of the Frankfurt eBook Awards, the first awards designed to honor literary achievements in the emerging eBook industry.

    Bill Gates, chairman and CEO of Microsoft, said, "We are delighted to be able to recognize and celebrate achievement in writing. The widespread availability of great electronic titles will not only help the young eBook industry, it will also help encourage literacy and the love of reading, learning and knowledge."


  • Gates to tangle with BBC's top attack interviewer
    Time: 07:17 EDT/12:17 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Byron

    If you'd like to suggest a question to be put to Bill Gates by Jeremy Paxman in an interview on Sunday (BBC2 television, 20:00 BST) then just send an email to It's unlikely that Gates will walk out in the middle of the interview as he did five years ago on the US Eye to Eye show, but we can but hope.

    Gary Clow, then CEO of Stac, which had won in court some $120 million from Microsoft when some unlicensed Stac compression code turned up in MS-DOS, said that dealing with Gates and Microsoft was not like playing hardball: it was "more like a knife fight". After Gates stormed off the set, it was more than an hour before he would leave the room where he had closeted himself.

  • Site News & Community Updates
    Time: 07:15 EDT/12:15 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron

    Here is a list of our upcoming software and hardware reviews.

    Hardware: Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Racing Wheel, Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer, Regular Visor, Microtek SlimScan6, SoundBlaster Live! Platinum
    Software: Flight Simulator 2000, Pandora's Box, Links LS 2000 Encarta 2000 Reference Suite DVD Edition, Firestorm, X: Beyond The Frontier, System Shock 2, Rogue Spear, Driver, Freespace 2
    Applications: Corel Suite 9

    Just another reminder about signing up for our ActiveWindows Community on MSN. It allows you to chat with us in our chat room or via our message board, it also lets you post your own screensavers and backgrounds for other ActiveWindows readers to download. We are currently the largest Windows site on the MSN community list.


  • Self-destructing email - what Bill wants for Xmas
    Time: 07:13 EDT/12:13 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Byron

    The self-destructing email is almost upon us, according to a piece in the morning's New York Times. The breakthrough (if breakthrough it is) comes a little late for Microsoft, but Fort Redmond should look on the bright side - all of those awful trial exhibits add up to an amazing sales pitch to companies who don't want the same thing to happen to them.

    But that of course is one of the problems as well. What do you think would be the reaction if Microsoft today started wiping its emails from its systems? Or if Microsoft developed a product that made it easier for itself and its major corporate customers to do so? The Feds wouldn't be happy, and the general conclusion would likely be that industry was giving itself carte blanche to do whatever it wanted, because there'd never be any evidence.


  • Seagate's hard decisions paying off
    Time: 04:18 EDT/09:18 GMT Source: Posted By: Alex H

    Seagate Technology, the world's largest disk drive maker, walloped analysts expectations today by 14 cents a share.

    Seagate reported earnings of diluted net income of $2 million, or 1 cent a share, on $1.68 billion in revenue for its fiscal 2000 first quarter, ended October 1.

    This compares to revenue of $1.55 billion a year earlier with a net loss of $30 million, or 12 cents a share.

    Excluding restructuring charges and net gains related to the purchase of Veritas Software, Seagate earned 7 cents a share compared to a projected loss of 7 cents a share according to a consensus by First Call.

  • Intel earnings fall short of expectations
    Time: 04:16 EDT/09:16 GMT Source: Posted By: Alex H

    Pricing and expense pressures caused Intel to miss profit expectations for the third quarter as the chip giant reported earnings of $1.9 billion, or 55 cents a share, excluding acquisition costs.

    Like other PC-centric companies, Intel is shipping more products than ever before. Volume, however, is not completely compensating for lower prices, resulting in deflated earnings. Intel also missed profit expectations last quarter because of pricing pressure.

    For the third quarter, Intel reported revenues of $7.33 billion, slightly more than the $7.3 billion expected. Earnings, however, came to $1.9 billion, or 55 cents a share, before accounting for acquisitions. While this represents an increase of 22 percent over earnings of 45 cents a share for the third quarter of 1998, it is less than was expected for the period. Analysts polled by First Call expected earnings of 57 cents a share, or nearly $1.97 billion. A number of analysts expected earnings to reach 59 cents per share.

    The results were released after the stock markets had closed for the day. In after-hours trading Intel shares were down about 5 to 71.


  • Coppermine key for Intel's holiday
    Time: 04:14 EDT/09:14 GMT Source: Posted By: Alex H

    The fourth quarter for chip giant Intel is going to largely depend on a chip code-named Coppermine.

    The "Coppermine" processor, a deluxe version of the Pentium III debuting October 25, will likely become one of the major issues for the semiconductor industry over the next three months.

    What makes the chip special? At a speedy 733 MHz and faster, it should excite consumer demand. At the same time, it will cost less to manufacture than current Pentium IIIs, making it an accountant's dream.

    If sales take off, the chip will help reinvigorate the performance segment of the market and help Intel shrink the performance gap between its products and AMD's high-end Athlon chip.

News Date: Tuesday 12th October 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
Sun - MS Showdown - Microsoft Security Bulletin
  • MS to hike enterprise pricing 50 per cent -- Gartner
    Time: 17:49 EDT/22:49 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Alex H

    A Gartner report just released warns that the cost of Microsoft software to enterprises will go up 50 per cent by 2002. The increase will be not from increased prices, but from changes in the terms and conditions that will adversely impact major users.

    The report claims that Microsoft will start charging 20 per cent more for non-perpetual licenses. This is of course the holy grail for Microsoft -- to get as many guaranteed revenue streams as possible. It failed to achieve this with MSN, and with financial transaction fees, but there is no holding back stock-option-incentivised Microsoft operatives.

  • MS-Lucent vs IBM-Nokia - rival 'Web anywhere' camps form
    Time: 17:47 EDT/22:47 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Alex H

    Rival camps vying for the 'Internet Anywhere' market are beginning to form, with near simultaneous announcements of alliances between Nokia and IBM, and Microsoft and Lucent. The Nokia-IBM deal is intended to further IBM's Pervasive Computing ambitions and accelerate take-off of WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), while Lucent has become a licensed reseller of Microsoft Exchange, and intends to pitch it at the "pervasive" market.

    Lucent intends to use Exchange to sell unified voice, email and fax messaging to telecom service providers. The company envisages users being able to access their mail from a range of devices, including mobile phones, and sees the system being sold to ISPs and ASPs, so effectively this is another stage in Microsoft's plan to establish itself in the mobile and application rental fields.

  • Gates' WinCE mobile phone demo - vapourware again?
    Time: 17:45 EDT/22:45 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Alex H

    From the reports of his performance this week at Telecom 99 it would seem that Bill Gates has been embroidering the truth again. Which is maybe just a little bit risky, because the telecoms people tend to be rather more hard-bitten and cynical than his usual audiences.

    During a speech Gates mounted a demo of a Windows CE-based GSM phone browsing the Web. Allegedly this was a prototype Microsoft developed itself, and which will be available for trials in both GSM and CDMA flavours next year, but we at The Register have severe doubts about the first part, and feel that Microsoft is being unnecessarily vague about the second.

  • Intel, AMA to certify Web docs
    Time: 17:33 EDT/22:33 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Alex H

    The online health industry may receive a boost Tuesday from a day-long conference in New York organized by Intel, the world's top maker of computer chips, which is working with the American Medical Association to promote awareness of Internet health business.

    "Last year there were few people who had heard of e-health," said Steve McGeady, vice president for Intel's (Nasdaq:INTC) ongoing effort to support the online health industry. "But this year the focus will be on the online physician opportunity."


  • Start-up joins music download game
    Time: 17:26 EDT/22:26 GMT Source: Posted By: Alex H

    Another Internet music start-up, dubbed, is due to launch tomorrow, joining a highly competitive industry but claiming to make it easier to download, maintain, and play music files.

    In typical Silicon Valley fashion, company executives prefer to say little until their "coming-out party" tomorrow at a San Francisco, California, nightclub. But the company's Web site already offers enough clues. For starters, it says that MyPlay founder Doug Camplejohn, a former Apple executive, "came up with the idea for MyPlay out of frustration."

    "There were multiple pieces of software I had to load, and when I was trying to get this thing to work, the user interfaces were completely non-intuitive," he says on the site. As a result, Camplejohn "decided to fix the problem" himself, and "MyPlay was born."


  • Handspring faces delays, new competitor
    Time: 17:23 EDT/22:23 GMT Source: Posted By: Alex H

    A new manufacturer of Palm handheld computers has emerged, while Handspring, its highest-profile software licensee, struggles to keep up with demand for its product.

    TRG Products, a privately owned company best known for its memory add-on cards for Palm Computing's devices, will unveil its first Palm-based device at the PalmSource developer's conference next week in Santa Clara, California, according to sources.

    TRG's device, which will be marketed to large companies and organizations rather than individual consumers, is expected to resemble a Palm V but offer more memory than existing Palm handhelds, sources say. The new product is also expected to feature an expansion slot for additional memory cards or PC cards which offer additional functionality, similar to the Springboard slot on Handspring's Visor device.


  • Microsoft Expands on Broadband Vision at Telecom 99
    Time: 09:23 EDT/14:23 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    This week at Telecom 99, Microsoft Corp. executives -- including chairman and CEO Bill Gates -- are sharing and expanding on Microsoft’s strategy for making high-speed broadband services available to millions of homes and businesses worldwide. Through partnerships with companies throughout the industry -- including cable operators, telecommunications operators and wireless providers -- Microsoft is working to accelerate the deployment and usage of broadband services worldwide; the company's ultimate goal is to provide software that works with PCs, televisions, telephones and other devices to make the most out of high-speed Internet connections.

  • Bill Gates Outlines Microsoft's Vision for Communications and Computing At Telecom 99 + Interactive 99
    Time: 09:22 EDT/14:22 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    In his keynote address today at Telecom 99 + Interactive 99, Bill Gates, chairman and CEO of Microsoft Corp., highlighted the role Microsoft plays in converged communications and outlined the challenges and opportunities ahead for the communications and computing industries. Gates discussed Microsoft's key role as both a technology provider and a business partner for service providers in the effort to speed the development of broadband networks and lay the groundwork for next-generation services that will provide businesses and consumers with the services and information they want any time, anywhere and on any device.

  • Dirty Dozen picked for W2K
    Time: 05:27 EDT/10:27 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft has picked its dirty dozen for the UK launch of Windows 2000. The 12 companies in its Partner Rapid Deployment Programme (PRDP) group will push Windows 2000 out to corporate users keen to be among the first to use it. Some of the bigger names included in the list were Compaq, Computacenter, Hewlett-Packard and ICL.

  • Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS99-042) - Workaround Available for “IFRAME ExecCommand” Vulnerability
    Time: 02:56 EDT/07:56 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Alex H

    Microsoft has learned of a vulnerability in Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5 that could allow a malicious web site operator to read files on the computer of a user who visited the site, under certain circumstances. Microsoft is developing a patch that will eliminate the vulnerability; in the meantime, a temporary workaround is discussed below.

    Frequently asked questions regarding this vulnerability can be found at

    The IE 5 security model normally restricts the Document.ExecCommand() method to prevent it from taking inappropriate action on a user’s computer. However, at least one of these restrictions is not present if the method is invoked on an IFRAME. This could allow a malicious web site operator to read the contents of files on visiting users’ computers, if he or she knew the name of the file and the folder in which it resided. The vulnerability would not allow the malicious user to list the contents of folders, create, modify or delete files, or to usurp any administrative control over the machine.

    Affected Software Versions
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 5

    As an interim step while the patch is under development, Microsoft recommends that customers add sites that they trust to the Trusted Zone, and disable Active Scripting in the Internet Zone. This will provide full functionality for all trusted sites, while preventing untrusted sites from being able to exploit this vulnerability. The FAQ provides details on how to do this, and how to manage Security Zones in general.

    More Information
    Please see the following references for more information related to this issue.

    Microsoft Security Bulletin MS99-042: Frequently Asked Questions,
    Microsoft Security Advisor web site,


  • Small Business Server gets high grades for improving communication, efficiency
    Time: 02:52 EDT/07:52 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Alex H

    Like a child in school, a small business that learns to use new tools can grow and improve.

    Quality Assist Inc., an early childhood educational consulting firm in Atlanta, Georgia, has embraced the use of Microsoft technologies to serve its growing client base. The company switched from a rudimentary peer-to-peer computer network to one based on Microsoft® BackOffice® Small Business Server. The new system's messaging and Internet access capabilities and robust file sharing have dramatically improved employee communication and collaboration.

  • Can you see a monitor shortage?
    Time: 02:50 EDT/07:50 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Alex H

    A flood of low-cost and "free" PCs, which are being sold separately or bundled with multiyear Internet-access contracts, is creating a shortage of 14- and 15-inch monitors, which are a staple of small and mid-size businesses.

    As a result, those businesses, along with consumers, are being forced to push upstream. And while there are sufficient quantities of 17-inch monitors now, even those are likely to become increasingly scarce by next year because there isn't enough global manufacturing capacity.

    The problem is truly one of worldly proportions. These so-called free PCs, which generally require a $400 Internet contract, are so popular that they're driving up demand for attached monitors in the United States and Latin America, in both the business and the consumer markets. Monitor makers expect the same trend to sweep through Europe and Asia next year. And when that happens, there likely will be supply problems.

  • Sun-MS showdown hits center court
    Time: 02:48 EDT/07:48 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Alex H

    Sun Microsystems Inc. and Microsoft Corp. meet again this week in U.S. District Court in San Jose, Calif.

    One key issue is whether Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT) has the right to create independent works -- that is, technology that functions like Java but contains no Sun intellectual property.

    Both companies have phalanxes of lawyers and have spent thousands of dollars in legal fees in the two-year-old lawsuit, which still has not come to trial. Microsoft wants to maintain the right to develop independent works because, despite its legal troubles, the company retains an excellent reputation for supporting developers.


  • Three firms to boost traditional Linux version
    Time: 02:46 EDT/07:46 GMT Source: Posted By: Alex H

    Debian, the version of the Linux operating system considered to be truest to the open-source effort's roots, will get a boost tomorrow with backing from VA Linux Systems, O'Reilly and Associates, and computer maker SGI.

    The three companies will begin offering a $20 book and CD-ROM package designed to keep the Debian version of Linux apace with the versions from the big commercial sellers of Linux, Red Hat, SuSE, TurboLinux, and Caldera Systems, the companies will announce tomorrow.

    Linux, a clone of the Unix operating system, was created by Finnish programmer Linus Torvalds. It's an open-source program, meaning that many can add to its development.

News Date: Monday 11th October 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
Exchange Server
  • Puzzle Master's Big Challenge: Keeping Pandora's Box Simple
    Time: 17:05 EDT/22:05 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Alexey Pajitnov knows what it takes to challenge the most hard-core puzzle players in the world. A Russian mathematician-turned-Microsoft game designer, Pajitnov created the puzzle game Tetris, regarded as the most successful computer game ever.

    Not satisfied with that claim to fame, Pajitnov is seeking to draw an even wider audience to puzzle games with Pandora's Box, a collection of 10 visually oriented puzzles that are easy to learn yet progressively challenging. The game retails for $34.95 and arrived in stores this month.

  • MS, Intel and friends want to keep your data safe
    Time: 15:10 EDT/20:10 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Alex H

    Microsoft and Intel have both managed to screw up over unique ID numbers, but here comes the second wave assault; with the aid of Compaq, Hewlett-Packard and IBM they've formed the "open" Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA) "focussed on building confidence and trust of computing platforms in e-business transactions by creating an industry standard for security technologies in personal computing environments."

    And do you know, today's release doesn't mention unique IDs once. The TCPA is inviting other companies to join in to develop a "new hardware and software specification" that will result in "a more trusted and secure personal computing platform based on common standard." If we skip the ecstatic applause from the two rentaquotes in the TCPA release (no quotes from the principals, funny that) we start to get to what meat there is.

    "Companies [managing networks of PCs] need a common standard to simplify the way they deploy, use and manage security elements on personal computers." One might observe that, although that may well be, it has a lot more to do with a corporation's central control of its users than, er, trust in e-commerce.

  • Gates meets with new EC chief
    Time: 14:47 EDT/19:47 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq:MSFT) CEO Bill Gates met with European Commission President Romano Prodi today in Brussels. The meeting was an informal one, to exchange ideas "and discuss what role business plays in advancing IT in Europe," a Microsoft spokeswoman said.

  • Microsoft Announces Version 3.5 of Internet Cellular Smart Access
    Time: 14:45 EDT/19:45 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Today at Telecom 99, Microsoft Corp. announced that Internet Cellular Smart Access (ICSA) 3.5, the platform for delivering mobile Internet services, is scheduled to be available in the first quarter of 2000. This version of ICSA will enable cellular operators worldwide to offer their customers easy-to-use mobile Internet services with Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) microbrowser access to e-mail. It will also provide capability for the consolidation of multiple Internet e-mail accounts with ICSA's advanced mobile notification and access functionality from multiple types of mobile device applied to any POP3 Internet e-mail account.

  • Microsoft Unveils Next-Generation Network Solutions At Telecom 99 in Geneva
    Time: 14:44 EDT/19:44 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Today at Telecom 99, Microsoft Corp. unveiled a range of solutions that enable service providers to deliver new next-generation network services for their consumer and business customers. With these solutions, service providers can take advantage of the performance, price, functionality and time-to-market benefits of PC-based technologies to deploy network services. At the same time, the solutions can provide consumers and businesses - the service providers' customers - with the ability to access their information any time, anywhere and from any device.

  • Microsoft Passport Offers Streamlined Purchasing Across Leading Web Sites
    Time: 09:16 EDT/14:16 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft Corp. today announced the addition of electronic "wallet" functionality to its Passport e-commerce service. Available as a single sign-in service since July, Microsoft® Passport now allows online shoppers to purchase items with even greater ease by eliminating the need to repeatedly type the same shipping and billing information when ordering products or services at different Web sites. Originally introduced on several areas of the MSN.COM™ network of Internet services, Passport is now available to third parties; more than 50 leading Web merchants, including, BUY.COM Inc. and Dell Computer Corp., have already committed to support the Passport wallet service. In addition, consumers who create Passport wallets by Nov. 15, 1999, will be eligible to win* a $25,000 online shopping spree.

  • Ask Jeeves , Microsoft in wider deal
    Time: 09:10 EDT/14:10 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft Corp.'s <MSFT.O> personal online support site will expand its use of the corporate question-answering service of the Internet information service Ask Jeeves Inc., Ask Jeeves said on Monday.

    It said in a statement that Microsoft had used the service in a phased program to let customers get product information about the Microsoft Windows 98 operating system.

  • Microsoft unveils e-wallet service
    Time: 07:34 EDT/12:34 GMT Source: Posted By: Alex

    Microsoft has launched an online wallet service for MSN Passport, its Web registration service, and a list of retail heavyweights including Barnes & Noble, Costco, and are expected to adopt the technology.

    The e-wallet is the latest addition to Passport, a universal log-in technology introduced by Microsoft in July. Passport allows users to sign in once to gain access to Web sites using the technology.

    The release comes at a time when online retailers are gearing up for the holiday shopping season. Research firm Jupiter Communications projects online holiday sales will reach up to $6 billion this year.

    Other retailers that will use Passport include, Expedia,, and

    Online wallets try to make Internet shopping easier by letting consumers register once to shop at multiple retail outlets. Typically, online shoppers are required to enter their names, shipping address, and credit card number before a site lets them make a purchase. The process can be cumbersome if consumers intend to shop at many different sites; but e-wallets aim to streamline the process.


  • Independent study finds Exchange Server is top messaging platform among Fortune 1000
    Time: 04:30 EDT/09:30 GMT Source: E-Mail Posted By: Alex

    A new study shows major corporations have made Microsoft® Exchange Server 5.5 their top choice for messaging.

    Exchange Server 5.5 is the leading messaging server among the Fortune 1000, according to a survey by independent market research firm The Radicati Group. Forty-four percent of Fortune 1000 companies that responded to the survey have standardized on Exchange. In comparison, fewer than 30 percent of respondents have standardized on Lotus Notes or Novell GroupWise.

    "The study clearly shows that Microsoft Exchange is currently leading the market in terms of penetration within Fortune 1000 corporations," said Sara Radicati, CEO of The Radicati Group. "There is still a great deal of untapped sales potential among the Fortune 1000, as many companies are still using legacy e-mail systems or have not yet made a decision about standardizing on an e-mail platform."

    Microsoft announced the study results at the fourth-annual Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) in Atlanta. More than 5,000 people and 100 exhibitors attended the conference. The first international MEC events will be held later this fall in Germany, Singapore and Japan.

    "Exchange is an excellent infrastructure on which to build and run high-end, value-added business applications such as workflow and knowledge management," said Ross Johnson, director of strategic alliances at EDS, a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider. "Exchange's support for the extensive array of Microsoft development tools and third-party extensions make it a 'lock' for consideration in all systems integration development opportunities."

    And now it's easier to migrate to Exchange.

    Microsoft will offer a new tool for migrating Lotus Notes applications to Exchange Server 5.5. The Exchange Application Converter for Lotus Notes replaces two products—the Exchange Application Connector for Lotus Notes Version 5.5 and the Exchange Application Conversion Assistant for Lotus Notes Version 5.5. It includes such features as a new user interface design, full integration with Exchange administrative tools and automatic conversion of Notes views and column formulas.

    The free tool reduces migration time and cost. It will soon be available for download from the Microsoft Web site.

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