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News Date: Thursday 30th December 1999
Today's Top Hardware Headlines:
AMD - DVD lawsuits
  • Athlon Software L2 Tweak Utility?
    Time:16:00 EST/21:00 GMT News Source: AMD Zone Posted By: anthonyS

    According to Daiki there will soon be an utility that will allow you to tweak the Athlon's L2 cache divider. If this is true then finally there will be no need to break out the soldering gun to fully tweak the Athlon!

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  • DVD biz steps up action against DeCSS
    Time:16:00 EST/21:00 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: anthonyS

    The movie industry this week stepped up its efforts to stem the spread of DeCSS, a utility that allows files stored on DVDs to be copied to PC hard drives, with a barrage of legal threats against Web sites offering the software.

    The move, which targets 72 US-based DeCSS-hosting sites follows actions launched in Europe earlier this month against other Web sites from which the utility could be downloaded.

    The US suit was filed on Monday by the DVD Copy Control Association (DCCA), a body that appears to have been formed specifically to act against the distribution of DeCSS. Previous anti-DeCSS actions have been made on behalf of the Motion Picture Association of America.

    The latest suit demands the removal of DeCSS from the named sites, but the DCCA is also seeking a broader restraint to prevent sites from linking to servers on which the utility is stored.

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  • AMD revs up Athlon chipset
    Time:16:00 EST/21:00 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: anthonyS

    While people have been stuffing themselves with Christmas pud and wassailing away at innocent apple trees across the rural idyll which is today's England, AMD has been applying its virtual screwdrivers to its 750 chipset. So says Tom's Hardware Guide in this piece.

    It could be argued that one reason AMD has done so well this year is that it took note of the large overclocking community -- a set of people one chip distributor described to us as the Mad Power Nutcases.

    Intel, on the other hand, did not seem to want to encourage people to mess around with their machines, despite the fact that if people blow up their processors, they'll just have to buy another one. Now, Overclockin has posted a look at the infamous gold fingers on the AMD Athlon and this piece says overclocking is just a piece of cake....

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News Date: Monday 27th December 1999
Today's Top Hardware Headlines:
new ge-Force drivers - Hubble - AMD .18u
  • Creative launches new drivers for their Annhilator cards!
    Time:12:30 EST/17:30 GMT News Source: Creative Labs Posted By: anthonyS

    Creative Labs has released new drivers for their Annhilator and Annhilator Pro ge-Force cards. THis brings the driver revision to v. 2.04

    Rumor has it, from William Ball over at the Creative Labs NG, that these drivers are based on the 3.62 Nvidia reference drivers (Athlon compatible)

    For those of you experiencing problems, make sure you read the readme that comes with these drivers:

    Ensure that you have the following suggested settings in your system BIOS setup:

    1. Enable "Assign IRQ to VGA" if possible.

    2. Disable "VGA Palette Snoop".

    3. Disable "Video BIOS Cache" and "Video BIOS Shadow".

    4. Disable "C800-CBFFF Shadow" or similar options.

    5. Set AGP Aperture Size to about half the size of system RAM size.

    a.) If you have an older LX series motherboard and are experiencing problems, check with your system vendor to udate your system BIOS.

    b.) If you are overclocking your CPU, you might want to revert back to the original clock settings.

    c.) The following motherboards were found to have problems working with the Creative CT6941 and CT6971 cards. Please contact the motherboard manufacturer for an update. Asus P2L97-DS v1.03 (might need motherboard hardware patch), Gigabyte GA-6BXC rev 1.7, FIC CL31-A, Elite P6LX- A and Elite P6LX-A+.

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  • Athlon 850/900 will work at 1.7V
    Time:12:30 EST/17:30 GMT News Source: Ace's Hardware Posted By: anthonyS

    To increase the yields of the K75 (Athlon .18 core), AMD management has decided to increase the voltage of the higher clocked Athlons from 1.6V to 1.7V.

    That way, almost any .18 Athlon should reach 800 MHz and it is possible that the 850 and 900 MHz Athlon will be introduced much sooner. It is clear that AMD is feeling the pressure of Intel too and wants to stay ahead in the race.

    If you already got a Slot A motherboard, you shouldn't worry: the Athlon core regulate voltages internally. AMD representatives reassured us that it is "plug and play" : ).

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  • Hubble telescope gets Intel 486 upgrade
    Time:12:30 EST/17:30 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: anthonyS

    The Space Shuttle machine that will end later on today has achieved one of its prime objectives and upgraded the microprocessor that is the "brains" of the high tech device.

    Astronauts Steve Smith and John Grunsfeld successfully upgraded the 386 chip that was driving the telescope to a 486 processor over the last few days.

    That means that Hubble now has the power of Intel Inside. The introduction of the 486 coincided with the introduction of the contentious Intel Inside campaign.

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News Date: Thursday 16th December 1999
Today's Top Hardware Headlines:
Intel closes in on 1,000MHz chip
  • Intel closes in on 1,000MHz chip
    Time: 05:40P PST/08:40P EST News Source: ZDNet Posted By: Corey Gouker

    1GHz: It's the next major milestone for microprocessor speed. Intel plans to update the industry on its efforts to develop a 1,000MHz chip at a conference in February, with possible shipment by the end of 2000.

    Coming closer to breaking the next major chip barrier, Intel Corp. plans to disclose plans for a 1,000MHz Pentium III chip in February.

    The Santa Clara, Calif., chip maker will present a paper on the 1,000MHz, or 1GHz, Pentium III, which is based on its current Pentium III design, code-named Coppermine, at the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) on Feb. 7.

    Intel first showed off a Pentium III running at about 1GHz early this year at its developer forum in Palm Springs, Calif. The demonstration, however, used a cooling technology to allow the chip to reach 1GHz. The Pentium III design to be talked about at the conference would run at 1GHz at normal room temperature.

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  • Gateway stealth-launches Athlon PCs...
    Time: 05:40P PST/08:40P EST News Source: The Register Posted By: Corey Gouker

    Even though neither Gateway nor AMD have yet confirmed they're in a little huddle about Athlon microprocessors, information on the former's Web site seems to confirm that the deal is on.

    Two weeks ago we were told by a highly placed source at Gateway that it was sending out samples of PCs using the microprocessor.

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  • Serial laptop mugger faces slammer
    Time: 05:40P PST/08:40P EST News Source: The Register Posted By: Corey Gouker

    A vicious mugger who hunted down businessmen carrying laptops was this week warned he faced years in prison. Neville Smicle, 23, left two of his five victims with fractured skills, while almost severing the ear of another.

    Isleworth Crown Court heard on Tuesday how the man struck on three separate evenings in Ealing, Hammersmith and Richmond. His victims were all carrying laptops, Metro newspaper reported.

    Tim Perkins, a graphic designer, described how he was attacked whilst walking home in April. "A lad appeared beside me and very quickly asked me the time. I looked at my watch and I was hit in the face by something incredibly hard." Perkins said he was then hit twice more on the back of the head.

    Second victim Andrew Swinton suffered a similar attack just two hours later, where he was also hit on the head with a bottle. Another of the men, Vivek Soman, was attacked on his own doorstep, and suffered a fractured cheekbone.

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  • First mobile RIMMs not expected until Q2
    Time: 05:40P PST/08:40P EST News Source: The Register Posted By: Corey Gouker

    While Intel is still robustly in denial over the collapse of its Rambus strategy for notebook PCs, reliable sources have said that mobile RIMMs will not arrive in quantity until the second half of next year.

    According to a close Intel partner, companies will still manufacture SO-RIMMs for notebook machines, but technical and marketing issues are preventing the ramp from happening until later next year.

    As already reported here, Intel's notebook strategy is in considerable disarray, with volumes of many of the mobile Coppermine processors not expected to reach the channel until the end of Q1 at the earliest.

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News Date: Wednesday 15th December 1999
Today's Top Hardware Headlines:
Intel to push 800MHz - Palm IPO - Remote Control for the Web
  • Intel to Push 800MHz
    Time: 02:45P PST/05:45P EST News Source: PCWorld Posted By: Corey Gouker

    With Pentium III-750 systems in the wings, Intel prepares to leap past AMD again.

    Intel escalates its speed war with Advanced Microprocessor Devices next week, when the chip giant is expected to announce not only a 750-MHz Pentium III CPU that matches AMD's latest Athlon, but also an 800-MHz PIII.

    The debut occurs about three weeks in advance of Intel's original target date for announcing the 750-MHz PIII, and months ahead of the expected release of the 800-MHz PIII, sources say. Intel declined comment on the expected announcement.

    AMD managed a similar feat when it announced its 750-MHz Athlon processor on November 29--nearly two weeks earlier than expected. That processor is currently the fastest in the market, having snatched the top spot from Intel's PIII-733 announced on October 25.

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  • A Remote Control for the Web
    Time: 02:45P PST/05:45P EST News Source: PCWorld Posted By: Corey Gouker

    eGoPad offers one-click (or one-swipe) access to your favorite sites.

    Imagine a remote control with 40-odd buttons and a card reader that can take you to your favorite Web sites with one click or swipe. No more searching through a long list of bookmarks or having to type in a URL from memory.

    PlanetPortal's eGoPad was designed on the premise that users are sick of having to remember and type in URLs or find them in disorganized lists of bookmarks.

    The device offers two new ways to access Web sites. Users can push buttons on the remote for default or programmed sites. Or users can slide cards with embedded URLs into a reader on the side of the device.

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  • Palm IPO Plan Boosts Platform's Support
    Time: 02:45P PST/05:45P EST News Source: PCWorld Posted By: Corey Gouker

    Partners from IBM and Motorola to Nokia and Handspring plan Palm extensions.

    3Com's move this week to spin out part of its Palm Computing subsidiary was met with enthusiasm from some large and new partners, suggesting that Palm's software platform may appear in a bevy of devices in the coming months.

    3Com announced yesterday it has filed a registration statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering.

    "The spin-off has been expected all year. It's a natural move for 3Com and Palm, and it continues their momentum," says Diana Hwang, handheld PC analyst for International Data Corporation.

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  • Taiwanese OEMs lose out in Dell rejig
    Time: 02:45P PST/05:45P EST News Source: The Register Posted By: Corey Gouker

    Dell is to make more of its own notebook PCs and cut back on the amount of outsourcing going to its Taiwanese partners.

    Moving away from the general trend in the industry, Dell said notebook contract orders would see just 20 per cent growth in 2000, down on the 50 per cent average over the past two years.

    Its two main Taiwan contractors -- Quanta Computer and Compal Electronics -- are expected to be hit hardest. Dell previously accounted for 40 per cent of the two companies' shipments. The direct PC vendor bought an estimated $2 billion of goods from Taiwan this year.

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News Date: Monday 13th December 1999
Today's Top Hardware Headlines:
Intel Confirms Coppermine Pricedrop - Coppermine Notebooks
  • Enter the Third Dimension
    Time: 03:00 EST/08:00 GMT News Source: ZDNet Posted By: Corey Gouker

    Tucked inside a nondescript building in Manhattan's Silicon Alley, a group of engineers is thinking outside the box. Literally. Dimensional Media Associates is working on a 3-D display. No big deal, except that viewers don't have to wear geeky glasses or goggles.

    The technology may enable employees to teleconference in 3-D, consumers to "touch" goods for sale on the Web, and medical researchers to visualize protein-folding models. A visit to the company's research lab isn't for the faint of heart. Walk inside and you hear an amplified heartbeat. The heart--actually a high-resolution 3-D image of it--is suspended a few inches in front of one of the prototype display stations. A set of surgeon's calipers attached to a force-feedback contraption is nearby. A tug on one of the vessels pulls it slightly, and you feel the twitch of the muscle in response. (A "stiffness" parameter is built into the software.) Enough cardiac surgery for today.

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  • HardwareCentral - Reviews - Intel's New Coppermine
    Time: 03:00 EST/08:00 GMT News Source: HardwareCentral Posted By: Corey Gouker

    The new .18 micron Intel Pentium III processor, codename Coppermine, is the latest member of the Intel P6 family. A family that started off with the Intel Pentium Pro a few years ago, and which has been the foundation of a whole new family of Intel CPU's. Originally targeted at the server market, the Pentium Pro came in a wide variety of clockspeeds and L2 cache configurations. It's well known successor, the Intel Pentium II, was the logical follow up as it added MMX technology to the P6 core as well as an external L2 cache running at half the clockspeed of the CPU. To be able to keep the CPU and the external cache as close together as possible, Intel moved away from the traditional socket approach for interfacing the CPU with the motherboard and chose a cartridge design, Slot 1, that mounted the CPU and the external cache onto a PCB which interfaced with the motherboard using the Slot 1 connector.

    The original Intel Pentium III, manufactured in a .25 micron process wasn't that much different from the Intel Pentium II either. It added a few enhancements to the CPU core, such as SSE, Streaming SIMD Extensions for enhanced floating point and 3D application performance. Which basically meant that some geometrical or integer intensive calculations could be handled more efficiently and thus be processed faster by using these instructions. As well as the Intel Processor Serial Number, a feature that remains a topic of much controversy as it allows the user to be identified by the serial number of its CPU.

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  • Intel confirms Coppermine price change details
    Time: 03:00 EST/08:00 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Corey Gouker

    We now have details of the changes in prices of Intel's .18 Coppermine processors, which the company notified to its PC vendors and channel partners late yesterday, and which we predicted many weeks ago.

    As we thought, the price adjustments are not massive, and that's because Intel is holding its horses for a mammoth cut in January next year.

    The list does not include packages using the flip chip Socket 370 configuration, but our Intel representative is attempting to clarify the position on these parts, and we will update the story when we receive further information.

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  • Coppermine notebooks: trickle starts
    Time: 03:00 EST/08:00 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Corey Gouker

    Intel announced that it would introduce a whole family of mobile Coppermine processors on October 25th last, and lulled a lot of manufacturers into a false sense of security.

    Compaq announced it would introduce machines using the mobile Coppermine technology that day but most of the big names did not follow suit.

    Now, Dell has announced it has a couple of the portables up for sale, only a week or so after Toshiba did the same thing.

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  • Aureal defeats Creative patent infringement case
    Time: 03:00 EST/08:00 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Corey Gouker

    Aureal has won its legal battle with arch-rival Creative technology when a US jury threw out Creative's claim that Aureal Vortex sound processor chip violated Creative intellectual property.

    The suit in question -- just one of many the two companies have been throwing at each other over the last few years -- was launched back in February 1998. Creative said the Vortex infringed on one of its patents, 5342990 to be precise, assigned to its subsidiary Emu Systems.

    The highly technical patent covers a "digital sampling instrument employing cache memory" and centres on the waveform audio signals can be interpolated into multiple channels. It was filed in 1992 and granted in 1994. It will expire in 2009: "the term of this patent subsequent to 12 May 2009 has been disclaimed", it says.

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News Date: Thursday 9th December 1999
Today's Top Hardware Headlines:
Internet News
  • Intel Leaks 800MHz Pentium III
    Time: 03:47 EDT/08:47 GMT News Source: Maximum PC Posted By: Corey Gouker

    At this week's International Electron Devices Meeting, a top Intel engineer let loose that a fab process breakthrough has allowed the company to create 800MHz versions of their Pentium III chip and some have already shipped.

    The breakthrough-known as the Notched-Poly process--is a refinement of previous CMOS technology. Intel's 1.8-micron process previously produced 0.13-micron gates, but the new technique reduces gate length to 0.1-micron for reduced capacitance, requiring lower voltage with less current leakage.

    The announcement of the chips breaks tradition, which normally dictates that technology announced in papers at IEDM aren't implemented until much later, often years later, at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference.

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  • Waitt to step down as CEO of Gateway
    Time: 03:47 EDT/08:47 GMT News Source: ZDNet Posted By: Corey Gouker

    Co-founder Ted Waitt will turn over the reins to Jeff Weitzen as computer giant faces new future.

    The PC industry just lost one of its most creative lights, at a time when his vision might have helped drive it forward.

    Ted Waitt, who stepped aside as CEO of Gateway Inc. (NYSE: GTW) Wednesday, was a billionaire businessman with a ponytail, a risk-taker who frequently broke with convention.

    And in the process, he changed the way PCs were marketed, helped legitimize direct sales of high-tech products and built a multibillion-dollar PC maker far from Silicon anywhere.

    Waitt will remain chairman of the company he founded in South Dakota in 1985. But effective Jan. 1, Gateway President Jeff Weitzen will add the CEO role to his responsibilities.

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  • Gateway Unveils First Server Appliance
    Time: 03:47 EDT/08:47 GMT News Source: PCWorld Posted By: Corey Gouker

    Micro Server installs in as little as 30 minutes and starts at $1299.

    Gateway jumped into the PC server appliance market on Tuesday, announcing a pair of Linux-based devices that can handle Internet access, e-mail, and file sharing for small businesses and franchises or branch offices of larger companies.

    The Gateway Micro Server models run off of an embedded 64-bit RISC processor made by MIPS Computer Systems and can be installed in as little as 30 minutes, Gateway said. The Linux operating system is hidden from end users, who only see the built-in Internet and e-mail applications. The devices start at $1299 and are intended to support up to 100 users, although Gateway said more could be handled for simple e-mail uses.

    Al Gillen, an analyst at International Data Corporation, said Gateway appears to be one of the first vendors to come out with server appliances built around Linux.

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  • Voquette Puts Web Tunes on Tape
    Time: 03:47 EDT/08:47 GMT News Source: PCWorld Posted By: Corey Gouker

    High-tech digital Internet audio meets low-cost analog portability with Voquette's release Tuesday of its NetRecorder package.

    The $99 bundle combines a Philips cassette tape recorder with Voquette's NetLink Adapter and Media Manager software. It lets you move Web audio such as MP3 and RealAudio from your PC to regular, inexpensive cassette tapes that you can use in any standard player.

    NetRecorder will appeal to anyone who enjoys Web audio, but who doesn't want to buy a pricey MP3 player that uses expensive flash memory, says Rotem Skurnik, Voquette's marketing director. Also, many people have cassette players in their cars, so they can listen to their favorite Web audio during the daily commute.

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News Date: Tuesday 7th December 1999
Today's Top Hardware Headlines:
 Athlon 750 Review - Quietest
Hard drive?

  • Quantum the quietest Hard drive?
    18:25 EST/23:25 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    Quantum has hauled in a "renowned independent acoustical consulting firm" to confirm that it has the world's quietest desktop hard drive in the form of the Fireball lct.
    The vendor bases its claims on sound benchmarking tests conducted by Charles M Salter Associates (CSA) of San Francisco on 5400rpm drives from Quantum, Fujitsu, IBM, Maxtor, Samsung, Seagate, and Western Digital.
    When the Fireball lct is idle, the average decibel reading is 28 (presumably the power's switched on), the same level as someone whispering and around the same as the noise level of a "typical quiet living room" (which comes in at 30 decibels).
    In read and write mode the Fireball lct's average decibel level is 32 decibels. According to Quantum, it's nearest rival measured 32 decibels when idle and 35 decibels when active. The average PC hard drive produces 36-48 decibels when in use.

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  • AMD Athlon 750 Review
    18:25 EST/23:25 GMT News Source: Sharky Extreme Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    Sharky Extreme has posted their AMD Athlon 750 review... I don't think anyone would mind getting that for christmas...  Here's a snippet:

    Over the past four months over 20 brand new CPUs have been released on the market from Intel and AMD.This is a blistering pace as processor introductions go, and it certainly won't be maintained in the year 2000 as clock speeds creep upward to the 1GHz level and beyond. While somewhat reminiscent of the 60's automotive scene in the USA, where car manufacturers continually tried to out-horsepower each other with new models introduced at a faster rate than normal, the CPU horsepower game has risen dramatically upward the past few months and is now getting close to knocking on 1GHz's front door.


  • Mutating Virus Spreads via IRC
    Time: 08:00 EDT/13:00 GMT News Source: ABC News Posted By: anthonyS

    This virus primarily affects home computers and spreads through Microsoft software used for chat rooms. The virus, W95.Babylonia, comes disguised as a Y2K fix, making it the sixth known virus preying on the Year 2000 glitch.

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  • Intel Goes Blue
    Time: 08:00 EDT/13:00 GMT News Source: Maximum PC Posted By: anthonyS

    Intel today showed two notebook computer systems using wireless technology to synch data using Intel's new Bluetooth radio module.

    Bluetooth is the codename for a technology specification developed for small form factor, low-cost, short-range radio links between mobile PCs, mobile phones and other portable devices.

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  • It's Intel's Itanium
    Time: 08:00 EDT/13:00 GMT News Source: Maximum PC Posted By: anthonyS

    Intel is shipping its first 64-bit processor, Itanium, to hardware and software makers for debugging. Formerly known as Merced, it will be able to deal with much larger databases and much larger amounts of memory than today's 32-bit Intel chips.

    The 64-bit chip family, called IA-64, will also be based around a completely new architecture. Over the last few months, companies such as IBM, HP and Sun had success in porting their operating systems to Itanium processors.

    Windows and Linux were the first two OSes that successfully ran on the chip.

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News Date: Monday 6th December 1999
Today's Top Hardware Headlines:
 Athlon/Pentium 3 Price Comparison

  • Athlon/Pentium 3 Price Comparison
    19:34 EST/00:34 GMT News Source: CPU Review Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    Our friends at CPU Review have posted their Athlon/Pentium 3 Price Comparison. Its pretty interesting, apparently Athlon is way cheaper than P3. Take a look!


  • Athlon Need for Speed
    Time: 15:00
    EST/20:00 GMT News Source: Trinity Micro Posted By: anthonyS

    Trinity Micro call's it "GoldenFinger." It's an overclocking device designed for the Athlon processor based on Dr. Thomas Pabst's recent Athlon do it your-self overclocking article.

    For those of you who are afraid to solder your Athlon, this is the ticket. Mine is already on order :-)

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  • The Board ABIT Doesn't Want Intel to Know About!
    Time: 15:00 EST/20:00 GMT News Source: GameWire Posted By: anthonyS

    It looks like ABIT has a new board based on Via's Apollo Pro 133 chipset which is the same chipset that Intel has been trying to stop the production of.

    Its called the ABIT VA6 and according to pricing at a site of an OEM over here, it going for 50-60% lower than ABIT's new i440BX boards and Intel's CC820, or in simple terms, well under $100!

    Hmm, it looks like ABIT acting like ASUS did with the K7M by not acknowledging that it exists, they don't even have a support page on their site. However, if they did, Intel may sue them just as they sued FIC for distributing boards based on Via's chipset.

    Anyway, here's the specs: Apollo Pro 133 chipset, Slot 1, 3 DIMM sockets, 5 PCI, 2 ISA, and 1 AGP slot, suppport for 233-733MHz PII/PIII processors, ATX form-factor, onboard Audio, AGP 4x, and ATA66.

    Not bad, considering your going to save a lot by going this root over Camino, and of course its from ABIT, and who knows, it may even be a good of an overclocker board as ABIT's i440BX boards.

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  • Brought to you by Microsoft
    Time: 15:00 EST/20:00 GMT News Source: Microsoft Posted By: anthonyS

    Take Control is a high performance touchscreen system controller designed to integrate, simplify, and organize control of your home electronics.

    The intuitive Setup Wizard and extensive database of IR codes make Take Control easy to setup. The activity-based interface enables you to control multiple A/V devices from a single screen.

    Operate your TV, cable box and stereo amplifier from a single activity screen, labeled "Watch TV." The Take Control PC software allows you to create custom activities and macros to further simplify use of your home entertainment equipment.

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News Date: Friday 3rd December 1999
Today's Top Hardware Headlines:
 AMD to beat Intel - ZD Guide - Apple G4 & Rage 128 Pro

  • Apple G4 & Rage 128 Pro
    Time: 23:19 EDT/04:19 GMT News Source: AGN Hardware Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    Apple announced today that they have enhanced their entire line of MAC G4 computers to include the newly released Rage Pro graphics card. This move increases 3D performance by 40 percent over the past machines, plus provide other new features as well.


  • ZDs Guide to buying PCs
    23:12 EDT/04:12 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    Earlier this week we reported that Gateway is shipping samples of PCs using the Athlon processor, and now confirmation has come from an unlikely source. ZD Net has posted a guide to buying PCs on its Web site, and a Gateway machine, called the Select, is listed as shipping with a 600MHz AMD Athlon processor and costing $2,499. Although it is not certain from the piece whether the products are already for sale, this information, coupled with other reliable information, suggests that Gateway, along now with IBM and Compaq, is serious about second sourcing processors for its machines.

    The page on ZD Net can be found here


  • AMD to beat Intel at 1 GHz race
    23:10 EDT/04:10 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    It now seems highly unlikely that Intel will be able to produce a 1GHz chip based on its IA-32 architecture before AMD, and possibly even before Compaq rolls out a 1GHz Alpha processor next summer. According to information from a source close to AMD's plans, it can, as we have said before, produce an air-cooled Athlon K7 running at the magic 1GHz spot early next year, if it wants to. The fabrication of the processor has gone more smoothly than anyone could have anticipated, and the only reason for holding back on producing a 1GHz Athlon early next year is that AMD can maximise its profits by gradually rolling scaled processors out of its fabs. Compaq, meanwhile, is unlikely to produce a 1GHz Alpha before the middle of next year, according to analyst Terry Shannon.

News Date: Thursday 2nd December 1999
Today's Top Hardware Headlines:
 Win2k Drivers - Wheel of Time - Hardware Roundup - ZDoomGL - 1 GHz Race

  • 1 GHz race is ON!
    Time: 1
    9:42 EDT/00:42 GMT News Source: ZDNet Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    Just as the 1960s space race paid unexpected dividends in the coining of new household conveniences, experts say the spillover from the AMD-Intel competition to debut a 1GHz chip is going to drive down computing costs in the new year and beyond.
    Both AMD Inc. (NYSE: AMD) and Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC) have already gone on record saying they expect to reach the gigahertz mark by the end of next year, a claim observers of the chip scene fully expect will be realized.


  • New ZDoomGL
    Time: 1
    9:36 EDT/00:36 GMT News Source: AGN Hardware Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    A new version 0.2 of ZDoomGL has been released with support for MD2 HUD weapons, new sky code and a set of MD2 skys for Doom2 as well. Thanks to Blue's News for the news on the matter.


  • Hardware Round-Up: AMD Talks Athlon Turkey
    Time: 19:29 EDT/00:29 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    The Register has posted almost like a history of the AMD chip. All the way back to October 27th! If you missed a lot in the month of December, this is your chance to get caught up! 


  • Wheel of Time Update
    Time: 19:25 EDT/00:25 GMT News Source: E-mail Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    An update has been posted for the game Wheel of Time here's a bit of it:

    The game has been out for a few weeks.  I don't have any sales numbers, but I do know that traffic to this site has tripled.  Traffic on the local bulletin board has also exploded.  Of course, topics and reactions have varied considerably.  Based on all of this, I think a majority of the people in this community tend to like the game, which is very important to me.  These are the people who have supported us from the beginning, and I'm glad to give them a little back.   Most importantly to me, people seem to appreciate the story and how it works into Jordan's universe.  Drawing on one of the high-water marks of fantasy fiction, the game could not help but create high expectations in the minds of fans.  I'm glad to see that they appreciate what I've done. 


  • Matrox Windows 2000 Drivers
    Time: 1
    9:21 EDT/00:21 GMT News Source: AGN Hardware Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    Matrox has released their 5.00.007 drivers for their G400. Interesting, usually hardware developers do not release drivers for a betaos until its released. Reminder... These drivers are Beta. 

News Date: Wednesday 1st December 1999
Today's Top Hardware Headlines:
 Coppermine Bug -  Gateway Athlons Next Week - DRAM Price Slide - Nokia 21" Monitor

  • Nokia 21" Monitor Review
    Time: 1
    8:26 EDT/23:26 GMT News Source: AGN Hardware Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    As they like to call us, our homeys at AGN have posted their review of a Nokia 21" monitor.. What a perfect gift for the holidays.... Here's a starting paragraph to get ya started on the review to read the whole review click the headline:

    Recently I decided I had to have a bigger monitor. The monitor I have been using is an Iiyama Vision Master pro 17" model and I really have enjoyed this unit. It has provided me with a few years of perfect service and still works great. I really would have liked another flat screen. Of course, when I purchased the monitor it cost me $800 and it was a good deal, then. So at first I thought I would get myself the best Iiyama I could find but after checking the price tag of a 22" model at  $1100, I decided that was too big of a hit on the pocket book, so I started looking around for something else. A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of where there were several 21" models for auction One of them being a Nokia 445Xpro. I then proceeded to check the specifications of the monitor at Nokia's web site. I was already familiar with the brand as they make some very nice display products. After a bit of hesitation I placed my bid ($617) and became the proud owner of a brand new Nokia 445xpro monitor. Now that you have the story, lets take a look at the monitor. 


  • DRAM Spot Price Slide Continues
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    8:21 EDT/23:21 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    The 30-day average spot price for 64Mb DRAM has fallen for the fourth week in a row. So too has the price for PC100 64MB DIMMs, taking the price of such parts to the point they'd reach just before September's Taiwan earthquake, according to market researcher ICIS-LOR, cited by Japan's Nikkei newswire. Between 14 October and 12 November, 64Mb 8x8 PC100 DRAM prices for large customers hit $10.47 in North America, $11.09 in Europe and $10.14 in Asia. For 64MB DIMMs, the prices reached $83.59 in North America (down 7.19 per cent), $86.52 in Europe (down 9.53 per cent) and $85.61 in Asia (down 8.99 per cent). 


  • Gateway to start Shipping Athlon PCs Next Week
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    8:19 EDT/23:19 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    We have now received information from highly placed sources within Gateway confirming that it will sell PCs using AMD's Athlon processors. According to our source, the first sample machines using the Athlon processor will start shipping during the course of this week.  That represents a major victory for AMD in its current battle with Intel over market share. At the beginning of this week, AMD announced that it was shipping a 750MHz processor. Intel had persuaded Gateway earlier this year to be an all-Intel company by offering it a rather handsome incentive in the shape of a $50 rebate on all of the processors it bought. But, recently, Intel pulled the rug on that deal, meaning there was no reason for Gateway not to use AMD processors any more. 


  • Intel, now Dell acknowledge Coppermine bug
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    8:17 EDT/23:17 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    Chip giant Intel has confirmed that it found a bug (erratum) in its .18 micron Coppermine processor which has caused it to tighten up its quality control procedures. And now Dell US has confirmed that it has put a temporary stop on shipping its GX110 PC range because of the problem. Some Coppermine processors intermittently seize up between power-up and power-down cycles. The problem applies only to some Coppermine processors. The rumours, which we have now confirmed, were posted on JC's pages, yesterday. An Intel representative confirmed there is a problem with Coppermine processors and said the bug will be fixed in the next stepping (Intel calls chip bugs errata.) In the meantime, it is tightening up its quality control checks.

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