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News Date: Tuesday 30th November 1999
Today's Top Hardware Headlines:
140 GB CD-ROM - Athlon 750 Ads - G400 Drivers - Live! Drivers

  • Live! Drivers Released
    17:48 EDT/22:48 GMT News Source: Voodoo Extreme Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    Props to Dylan for sending word of the new Live! drivers that Creative has released today. A few big fixes in here so you'll probably want to upgrade. I think these are the same drivers that the LiveUpdate made available today (since I just finished downloading it). Anyhow, if you're not using liveware 3.0 or you want a hard copy (thats a loose term), grab them right here. Also, since I'm feeling frisky, here's whats fixed:
    1. Improves the Obstruction and Occlusion effects in the game, Rogue Spear.
    2. Improves the effects mix in some EAX games, including the following games: Shogo, Blood 2 and Slave Zero.
    3. Improves SB Live! compatibility with some versions of Intel's PIII 600MHz and above processors.
    4. Improves the EAX performance in the game, Nocturne.
    5. Enables SoundFont bank settings to be saved after reboot.
    6. Improves compatibility with the game, Revenant.


  • G400 Drivers Released
    17:41 EDT/22:41 GMT News Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    From the frontpage:

    Matrox has released now Windows 9* drivers for their G400 graphics cards. This brings the version up to 5.41.


  • Athlon 750 Ads too Early by Compaq?
    17:36 EDT/22:36 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    Compaq was today caught advertising Athlon 750MHz PCs ahead of AMD's launch date. The US vendor was advertising two desktops in its Presario range on its US site with the 750MHz chip, which it is understood will be officially launched by the chipmaker on Monday. The Presario 5900Z-750, based on the 750MHz chip, is priced at $2,549. It comes with 128MB DRAM, 27GB hard drive and 17 inch monitor, according to Compaq's US site. The second machine based on the processor is the Presario 5900Z-750, priced at $2,770. It comes with 128MB DRAM, 34GB hard drive and 17 inch monitor.

    Reminder: This story is a few days old, but is funny that it happened, Athlon 750 was released on Monday as expected...


  • 140 GB CD-ROM?!?
    19:30 EDT/00:30 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    US data storage specialist C3D will today show off a technique for creating a CD-sized disc capable of holding up to 140GB of information.

    Current CD-ROMs can store 0.65GB of data. Double-sided DVD-ROMs can hold 6GB.

    C3D's system, dubbed FMD ROM, uses a multi-layer disc containing fluorescent materials as the active optical storage medium. Regular CD units operate by reflecting laser light off the surface of the disc to read. FMD (Fluorescent Multi-layer Disc) uses the laser simply to stimulate the fluorescent material to emit light.

News Date: Monday 29th November 1999
Today's Top Hardware Headlines:
 AMD Athlon 750 - OpenGL Gone.. - Voodoo for Mac Users - V3 3k Benchmarks

  • Realistic Voodoo 3 3000 PCI Benchmarks
    17:21 EDT/22:21 GMT News Source: Wicked PC Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    To reflect the true conditions under which your average Voodoo3 3000 PCI will run, 3d Wars posted these benchmarks utilizing less-than-top-notch systems. A very practical move.


  • 3dfx does its Voodoo on Mac Users
    17:07 EDT/22:07 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    3dfx continued its pursuit of non-Windows gamers by touting its latest Voodoo 3-based card, a PCI version of the Voodoo 3 3000, directly at Mac users.

    Well, sort of. 3dfx's Voodoo 3 2000 PCI has proved one of the company's more popular products, irrespective of platform, despite it's a lower clock speed than 3dfx's AGP boards. Spec. wise. the Voodoo 3 2000 operates at 143MHz, the 3000 at 166MHz, ensuring it can pump out seven million triangles per second at at resolutions of up to 2046 x 1536. The 2000 can generate six million triangles per second. Both cards ship with 16MB video RAM.

    3dfx acknowledges that PCI products sell rather better than AGP units, so adding PCI support to the 3000 line is a clear reaction to market demand -- and given 3dfx's financial state, reacting to demand is something it has to do in spades right now.

    3dfx would have a PCI Voodoo 3 3000 out now even if it had no interest in the Mac market whatsoever.


  • Microsoft dumps OpenGL from Windows 2000
    Time: 1
    6:55 EDT/21:55 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    Fahrenheit, the joint Microsoft-SGI project "to define the future of graphics" has crashed in ruins, with Microsoft to all intents and purposes pulling its support for OpenGL and throwing its weight behind Direct3D. The Register has obtained correspondence from the Win2k beta tests which makes this abundantly clear, and last week SGI itself drew a final line under its involvement with Fahrenheit.

    In a terse note posted on the company site, SGI said: "We have decided to reduce our involvement in all aspects of the Fahrenheit project, in line with our decision to no longer make the IRIX version of Fahrenheit available." Fahrenheit had originally been intended to create a suite of APIs for DirectX on Windows and IRIX and to incorporate OpenGL. As the two companies said at the time (December 1997): "Fahrenheit low-level API will become the primary graphics API for both consumer and professional applications on Windows. The Fahrenheit low-level API will evolve from Direct3D, DirectDraw and OpenGL, while providing full backward compatibility with applications and hardware device drivers written for Microsoft Direct3D and functional compatibility with Silicon Graphics' OpenGL technologies."


  • AMD Athlon 750 MHz Out
    16:54 EDT/21:54 GMT News Source: AGN Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    Guess The Register was correct once again, as AMD did announce today their new Athlon 750Mhz processor, as well as their new 533Mhz K6-2 processor. Thanks to James Soetanto for sending me the link to the press release:

    Escalating the pace in the PC processor market, AMD (NYSE:AMD - news) today cranked up the frequency on its AMD Athlon(tm) processor, announcing the immediate availability of a 750MHz AMD Athlon processor.

    The 750MHz AMD Athlon processor is the industry's fastest and most powerful x86 processor, offering unparalleled performance for high-end and mainstream computer users. Many computer manufacturers plan to offer systems featuring the 750MHz AMD Athlon processor for the holiday buying season, including Compaq and others.

    The 750MHz AMD Athlon processor is the first processor that is built using AMD's aluminum 0.18-micron manufacturing process, and new AMD Athlon processors are now being built using that advanced technology. The 0.18-micron manufacturing process shrinks the size of the AMD Athlon processor die, enabling faster processor speeds and lowering power consumption.

    AW reminder... This puts AMD back on top again...

News Date: Friday 26th November 1999
Today's Top Hardware Headlines:
AMD - Intel

  • Intel to intro Cumine 750MHz Pentium III Jan 10th
    Time: 13:00 EDT/18:00 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: anthonyS

    Internal Intel documents we have seen give the release date of the 800MHz Pentium III Coppermine processor as being towards the end of quarter one. And Intel will attempt to fight AMD by introducing a 750MHz Coppermine Pentium III in early January.


  • AMD set to release 750-MHz Athlon CPU
    Time: 13:00 EDT/18:00 GMT News Source: EE Times Posted By: anthonyS

    AMD has confirmed that it will launch the 750-MHz Athlon on Monday.

    Just last week at Fall Comdex, the company was saying that the 750-MHz version was not due out until Dec. 13. In fact, AMD has been so successful at manufacturing the Athlon that it can announce faster versions of the chip almost at whim.


  • Comparison of the hottest coolers for the Athlon and compatibility with the Asus K7M
    Time: 13:00 EDT/18:00 GMT News Source: Plycon Computers Posted By: anthonyS

    With the release of the Asus K7M, and it's availability in the States (typically revision 1.04) - the more pressing question has become "What heatsink will fit on this motherboard?

    This is a problem, because with this revision, Asus moved the ATX power connector and placed it 46mm away from the motherboard's CPU slot. Most of the heatsinks designed for the overclocking/performance community easily extend past the connector and cover it up.

News Date: Monday 22nd November 1999
Today's Top Hardware Headlines:
Coppermine Preview - 1GHz - Aptiva 860

  • 2 Athlons go to Battle....
    Time: 17:35 EDT/22:35 GMT News Source: C|Net Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    The race of the processor clock speeds goes on, with neck and neck competition between Intel's new version of the Pentium III (code-named Coppermine) and AMD's Athlon. Recently, speeds reached a plateau of 600 MHz--for about five seconds. The race rapidly resumed, and this time both sides are battling to see who can hit the 1-GHz mark first. On the way, we'll see lots of interim speeds, such as the current 700-MHz AMD Athlon.

    Of course, a lot more goes into overall system performance than a high-speed processor: the main system bus (a.k.a. the chipset), amount and type of RAM, graphics card, and even hard drive speed also play crucial parts. But what we all look at first and brag about the most is clock speed. So we rounded up a pair of systems that sport one of the fastest CPUs available--the 700-MHz Athlon--to find out whether this chip is really worth bragging about.


  • IBM Aptiva 860
    Time: 17:26 EDT/22:26 GMT News Source: C|Net Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    C|Net has posted a review of IBM's newest computer the Aptiva 860 with the 600 MHz Athlon chip, here's a paragraph:

    Built around AMD's speedy new Athlon chip, the sleek, black Aptiva 860 is the multimedia equivalent of a caged panther. If your family is 3D game crazy, this home PC will render your brood ecstatic. But using the Aptiva for simple tasks such as word processing is akin to driving a Range Rover to the Kwik-E-Mart. Those without the immediate need for speed might want to go with a cheaper system that includes a monitor.


  • 1000 MHz Preview
    Time: 17:22 EDT/22:22 GMT News Source: Tom's Hardware Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    Tom's Hardware has posted a 1 GHZ or 1000 MHz Chip Preview! I can't wait for this:

    The PC-industry has finally reached a historical moment. The first 1 GHz PC is a reality and it's not based on an Intel-processor. Kryotech's new SuperG may not seem much more than a logical consequence after the introduction of the Cool Athlon 800 and then the Cool Athlon 900 systems, but it marks the crescendo of a long and sometimes difficult cooperation between 'processor-underdog' AMD and the visionaries from the hard working American South in West Columbia, South Carolina. While the 'cool guys from the hot South' throw in the world's most advanced CPU-cooling system, AMD provides the fastest PC-processor of today's market. The 'marriage' of those two top-players turned out to be a perfect symbiosis and there couldn't be a worthier winner of this millennium race for reaching the gigahertz-limit than those two companies.


  • Dual Coppermine 733 Preview
    Time: 17:20 EDT/22:20 GMT News Source: AGN/Firing Squad Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    Firing Squad posted a preview of the new Intel chip Coppermine, here's a few paragraphs:

    In a recent FiringSquad poll, we asked readers to chose between the Athlon and the Pentium 3. Only 26% of those who answered picked the P3 while 70% of the votes went to the Athlon. The remaining 4% went to the mysterious "other." Celeron? K6-3? Cyrix? Winchip? Hamster power?
    We were surprised by the lead the Athlon had over the Pentium 3. There's no question that the Athlon, clock for clock, is a faster processor than the Pentium 3, but most people are still wary of choosing the Athlon over the Pentium 3. A few of the vendors and manufacturers we've spoken to have indicated that Athlon sales are less than spectacular. While our PC enthusiast audience is ready to accept the Athlon with open arms, mainstream buyers still aren't ready to trust a non-Intel system.

News Date: Friday 19th November 1999
Today's Top Hardware Headlines:
GLSetup - AMD Comdex - 3dfx Comdex

  • 3dfx Comdex Report
    Time: 18:01 EDT/23:01 GMT News Source: Beyond3D Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    This is a 3dfx comdex report from Beyond3D, they discuss some new 3dfx chips and much more! A must see!


  • AMD Comdex Coverage
    Time: 18:00 EDT/23:00 GMT News Source: AnandTech Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    On Tuesday, our visit to AMD proved to be mostly a review of information we already knew, but as usual, it was nice to meet up with the guys and gals behind the Athlon. For those of you that haven’t been following the roadmaps, AMD has quite a future planned out for the Athlon as well as the Super7 platform. Let’s first start out with the future of Super7.

    Read for more information.


  • GLSetup Public Beta v1.0.0.110
    Time: 16:52 EDT/18:52 GMT News Source: Allied Command Posted By: Dennis Gregory

    For those of you using OpenGL-based 3D cards, the newest GLSetup utility is available here.

News Date: Tuesday 16th November 1999
Today's Top Hardware Headlines:
Voodoo 5 - COMDEX '99

  • Your Athlon OC Source
    Time: 08:00 EDT/13:00 GMT News Source: USENET Posted By: anthonyS

    OCPower was formed out of the need to supply the power hungry overclocker in all of us a means to release the true power of our Athlon processors.

    Above all our commitment is Quality first, we will accept nothing less. OCPower utilizes the latest techniques and methods in the overclocking community to bring to you best performance at a fair price for your Athlon processor.

    If you are interested in sending your Athlon processor in to be modified, check out the site!


  • The Voodoo5 6000 AGP
    Time: 08:00 EDT/13:00 GMT News Source: Hard OCP Posted By: anthonyS

    The Voodoo5 6000 AGP from 3dfx represents the pinnacle of Voodoo5 technology. Taking advantage of the revolutionary scalable architecture of the 3dfx VSA-100™ chip, the Voodoo 5 6000 AGP features four processors working together to be the world's first 3D accelerator to break the Gigapixel barrier.

    Clocking in at over 1.33 Gigapixels a second, the Voodoo5 6000 AGP can create breathtaking 3D worlds in vivid 32-bit color.

    Boasting state-of-the-art Real-Time Full-Scene HW Anti-Aliasing, the exclusive T-Buffer™ Digital Cinematic Effects engine, 2D resolutions as high as 2048x1536 and a whopping 128MB of graphics memory, the Voodoo5 6000 is the ultimate 2D/3D accelerator for the hard-core PC enthusiast.

    Kyle has scored some specs on this new voodoo card, head on over to Hard OCP and check them out. It sounds like one mean card.


  • FEATURE: COMDEX Fall '99
    Time: 08:00 EDT/13:00 GMT News Source: Windows 98 Central Posted By: anthonyS

    The Net is being untethered -- thanks to a new generation of small wireless devices. And they'll be in plentiful evidence on this year's show floor. Tune in here, every day, for in-depth reportage of the "Big Show's" biggest news.

News Date: Monday 15th November 1999
Today's Top Hardware Headlines:
Voodoo 4/5 - i810 mobos - Unreal Tourney

  • New Q3A test released!
    Time: 16:00 EDT/21:00 GMT News Source: Voodoo Extreme Posted By: anthonyS

    A new version of Quake 3 Arena Test has been released. This version is "almost" the demo and has the "bots" included.

    Go to Voodoo Extreme to get the server links. Here is a quick screenshot on my Athlon 600/ Hercules Dynamite TNT2 Ultra @ 1024x768:


  • A Preview of The Fastest Pc Processors In The Year 2000
    Time: 14:00 EDT/19:00 GMT News Source: Ace's Hardware Posted By: anthonyS

    Will the Athlon remain the fastest PC processor throughout 2000 or will Intel's Willamette be the first choice for computation-intensive tasks?

    Today we hope to enlighten you with some hot new info about the cutting-edge CPU's of next year.

    We will take a look at how AMD will improve the Athlon in the first two quarters of next year: the Spitfire (alias the Athlon select), the Thunderbird (Athlon Ultra)... we will discuss them one by one to see what they have to offer us next year.

    In the next part, we will discuss what we can expect from Intel's Willamette and the AMD Athlon Mustang.


  • American Megatrends Releases Megathon
    Time: 14:00 EDT/19:00 GMT News Source: AMI press release Posted By: anthonyS

    American Megatrends Inc. (AMI), an industry leader in supplying multiprocessor server motherboards and basic server solutions, today announced the release of the Megathon, a next generation 500-700 MHz AMD Athlon™ motherboard.


  • Unreal Tournament Goes Gold
    Time: 14:00 EDT/19:00 GMT News Source: GA-Source Posted By: anthonyS

    Not really hardware news, but here it is anyway: Mark Rein has informed us(GA-Source), over the phone, that Epic's upcoming first-person multiplayer action/adventure has gone gold and should be in stores by the weekend with an official announcement hitting the wires tomorrow.


  • Intel reveals details of i820 mobos
    Time: 14:00 EDT/19:00 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: anthonyS

    As promised, Intel has now released details of its Vancouver (VC820) and Cape Cod (CC820) boards which use the twice-delayed i820 chipset.

    Details of the specifications can be found on the Intel site here.

    The same page outlines details of how Intel is rationalising the names of its desktop motherboards.

    They show that the Rambus model, the VC820, indeed only has two RDRAM module connectors, following Intel's failure to make three RIMM sockets work together. The CC820, again as expected, uses PC 100 memory in two SDRAM 168 pin configurations, also supporting 512Mb of memory.

    Attention will now focus on the performance differences between these motherboards, now they are in full production.


  • VSA-100 (formerly Napalm)
    Time: 14:00 EDT/19:00 GMT News Source: 3dfx Gamers Posted By: anthonyS

    At the heart of both the Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 family of products is 3dfx’s newest chip, the VSA-100 Engine. 3dfx will be able to offer an extremely wide range of products based on this hardware.

    You’ll see anywhere from single chip (Voodoo4 4000 and 4500) to dual chip (Voodoo5 5000 and 5500) to quad chip products (Voodoo5 6000). Quantum3D will even be offering a 32 chip solution, but with a price tag of up to $40,000, it may not be the type of product you run out and buy for your home computer.

    The VSA-100 is everything you need for your games. The chip is AGP4x compliant, but 3dfx will also be producing PCI versions for those of you without AGP slots (PCI cards are also keen for our Mac gamers out there, as well as folks who want to run multi-monitor systems).

    Each chip can take advantage of up to 64MB of memory, which is how we’re managing to crank out incredible gaming boards like the 64MB Voodoo5 5500 and the "so powerful it's kind of ridiculous" 128MB Voodoo5 6000.


  • Abit announces new i820 mobos
    Time: 14:00 EDT/19:00 GMT News Source: Hard OCP Posted By: anthonyS

    Abit has come out and announced their i820 chipset boards, the ABIT CX6 and CH6 are Pentium® III AGP based ATX mainboards supporting Ultra DMA 66/Direct RDRAM With ABIT's patented CPU Soft MenuTMII technology.

    "These are considered ABIT's premier boards based on the Intel 820 chipset. “These have been a long time in coming, but I think it will be worth the wait, the Intel 820 chipset is just fantastic”, assured ABIT's PR Manager Jeremy Smith.

    For the upcoming Intel 820 chipset, ABIT will introduce the CH6, and CX6. “We realize there will be different needs for 820 based products because of the RAM issue, so we are offering 2 solutions, one with 2 RIMMs the CX6, and one with 3 DIMMs the CH6”, explains ABIT's Smith."

News Date: Wednesday 10th November 1999
Today's Top Hardware Headlines:
Asus - AMD
  • VIA to release the KX 133 at Comdex?
    Time: 09:00 EDT/14:00 GMT News Source: Via Posted By: anthonyS

    The Apollo Pro133A is the culmination of the PC133 campaign, and following this success, VIA is moving forward with double data rate PC266 memory support.

    Show attendees will get a first glimpse of VIA's running demo of its new DDR/PC266 chipset for the next generation of memory solutions.

    And continuing its close relationship with AMD and its dedication to supporting the high end market, VIA will also have running demos of the Apollo KX133, the ultimate AMD Athlon™ solution.

    VIA presently has the only alternate chipset for the prize-winning AMD Athlon™ and will show motherboards from top tier motherboard companies.

  • AMD pumps up Athlon speed to 1GHz for Comdex
    Time: 09:00 EDT/14:00 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: anthonyS

    Chip contender Advanced Micro Devices is now expected to demonstrate a 1GHz Athlon using a .18 micron process technology at next week's Comdex/Fall exhibition in Las Vegas.

    At the same time, it will announce availability of the 750MHz Athlon, and is likely to show a .18 micron 800MHz part, either on the stand or behind closed doors. It will also introduce an ad campaign in the US this Saturday, focusing on the performance of the Athlon versus the Pentium III.

  • Asus votes solidly for Athlon mobo
    Time: 09:00 EDT/14:00 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: anthonyS

    Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer Asus told our Taipei correspondent that his company was still continuing to support the K7M.

    Senior executives at the firm denied that it was withdrawing support for the mobo, or that Intel had put pressure on it.

    And so, if you turn to this Athlon mobo page here, you will see a ringing endorsement of the platform. And no, the link's not broken -- Asus has expunged the page, leaving a 404 message as the only trace that it ever existed.

    Just how more eloquently could Asus put it?

News Date: Sunday 7th November 1999
Today's Top Hardware Headlines:
Asus - AMD
  • AMD Athlons undercut equivalent Pentium IIIs
    Time: 11:00 EDT/16:00 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: anthonyS

    The battle between AMD and Intel in the high end desktop sector seems to be getting more, rather than less intense.

    Bill Henning at CPU Review has just updated his regular comparison between Athlons and Intel's clocked at 500MHz, 550MHz and 600MHz, and has released figures showing the AMD parts are cheaper at both the low and the high end.

    According to his figures, a 650MHz Athlon now costs $118 less than a PIII/650MHz, but we can expect to see the battlelines change between now and the end of the year.

  • Asus to back out of K7 mobos?
    Time: 11:00 EDT/16:00 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: anthonyS

    Overclocking site Hard OCP said yesterday evening that Taiwanese firm Asus is to back out of selling its Athlon K7M motherboard very shortly. The site claimed that was as a direct result of pressure from chip giant Intel.

  • Sound Blaster Live! Platinum Review   
    Time: 11:00 EDT/16:00 GMT News Source: Sharky Extreme Posted By: anthonyS


    Check out Alex "Sharky" Ross' review of Creative's flagship soundcard. I just scored one of these puppies yesterday, and I must say, I'm impressed. Here's a snippet:

    Creative Labs' popular Sound Blaster Live! series of PCI audio cards has sold extremely well since their debut in late 1998.

    By combining a powerful music synthesis engine with highly customizable drivers and an aggressive software bundle, many PC owners rightly turned to the Sound Blaster Live! to satisfy their audio needs.

    A year has come and gone now since the introduction of that original Sound Blaster Live! product and Creative Labs has wisely updated and improved what is now a series of Sound Blaster Live! cards while they continue to work on a next-generation audio solution for the year 2000.

News Date: Monday 1st November 1999
Today's Top Hardware Headlines:
  • Questions Linger After Coppermine Release
    Time: 19:39 EDT/00:39 GMT News Source: PC World Posted By: Matt Sabean

    Will vendors wait for Intel to fix the 820 chip set, or seek alternatives?

    Intel's launch of the Coppermine family of Pentium III and Pentium III Xeon processors last week provided many answers, but it has also created new questions for the chipmaker.

    Fifteen Pentium IIIs were introduced for use in mobile, desktop, server, and workstation scenarios. The mobile processors mark a first for the Pentium III family, with a top speed of 500 MHz, while the stationary Pentium IIIs are capable of attaining performance of 733 MHz.

    The industry's biggest manufacturers -- IBM, Dell, and Compaq Computer, among others -- joined Intel by announcing products that utilize the Coppermine processors.

    But the drive to get the latest Pentium IIIs operational has left customers considering whether to move forward with the Coppermine family, wait for Intel to resolve certain issues, or look elsewhere for alternatives.

  • Nvidia drives into pro 3D market with Quadro
    Time: 19:23 EDT/00:23 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Matt Sabean

    Nvidia today unveiled its entry into the graphics workstation market, the Quadro, based on the company's 256-bit GeForce graphics chip.

    The part's name comes from the GeForce's QuadEngine set-up, transform, lighting and rendering technology, which, thanks to its support for OpenGL, is as applicable to professional graphics as it is to games.

    Not that serious 3D content creation has generally been a design goal for companies like Nvidia. The potential benefit to graphics professionals of boards from the major 3D companies has been clear for some time, but few vendors have moved to support the in-window rendering used by 3D applications as opposed to the full-screen rendering scheme preferred by games.

  • i820 still waiting to bottom out
    Time: 19:15 EDT/00:15 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Matt Sabean

    A senior Intel PR executive today confirmed that the company is still working on a solution for the problem with Rambus memory that caused it to withdraw its motherboards a month back.

    Howard High, in charge of Intel public relations at its HQ in Santa Clara, said that his firm was still ironing out one or two problems but was still on target to deliver a solution by the end of the quarter.

    Intel has told its PC OEMs, including Dell, that they will be able to go with the i820 chipset in the second or third week of November, as already reported here.

    But the i820 motherboards and chipsets Intel will deliver are unlikely to support more than two RIMMs on board, according to our information.

Read more of the past months news in our News Archive for October and Previous November News.

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