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News Headlines For Monday 3rd April 2000

Mechwarrior 4

EuroGamer takes a first look at WarTorn, an interesting looking 3D RTS that has now been in development for almost as long as Daikatana...  Has it still got what it takes?  Check EuroGamer's preview to find out!

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Bad boy blue at Bluesnews has posted a new 21MB Mpg movie, which shows of some in-game lovin' from Lionhead's forthcoming God-game, Black & White.

The movie features a somewhat random series of neat, if a bit dark, in-game sequences. With audio that includes in-game sounds, the movie features the player interacting with the big titans through the hand 'cursor,' shows off some special effects like characters attacking each other with lightning spells, and also shows some interaction with the surroundings. One of the action sequences features a fist-fight between a monkey and a tiger (now there's something you don't see everyday).

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AGN3D has posted some new screenshots from Sierra's upcoming 3D RTS, Ground Control. This brings it up to a total of 32 shots from Ground Control. Here's a bit of what the game is about.

The year: 2419. After a devastating third World War, humanity has crawled from the ashes and is once again reaching for the stars. Two competing political factions have emerged as the leading forces in the move to colonize alien worlds, the Crayven Corporation and the Order of the New Dawn. While military conflicts on Earth have been banned by treaties and enforced by nuclear fail-safes, the colony worlds are rife with battles for control of territory and exotic resources.

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News Headlines For Wednesday 29th March 2000

Mechwarrior 4

Bethesda Softworks has sent some screenshots on to GA Source. The shots are from there work in progress RPG called The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. While I am not much of an RPG fan, I might just give this one a go because the graphics are so damn cool.

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The ever hardworking gang at Gamespot has done up a preview of Microsoft's upcoming addition to their Mechwarrior series, Mechwarrior 4. Judging by the screenshots, Mechwarrior will feature some very cool 3D graphics. Gamespot also had a talk with TJ (no not Hooker) Wagner, who is the lead designer on Mechwarrior 4. The game is set for release in December.

GameSpot: Even in the game's pre-alpha stage, the graphics look impressive. Does MechWarrior 4 use an enhanced version of the MechWarrior 3 engine or an all-new one built from the ground up?

TJ Wagner: MechWarrior 4 uses a unique engine based on libraries from when we programmed the BattleTech Tesla 4.0 system pods (we call it MUNGA). We've created a new particle-generator effects tool, a natural-terrain generation system, a custom animation-blending system, a custom renderer, and tons more to bring you BattleMechs in all their 80-ton glory. Explosion and weapon effects will be brilliantly detailed. You'll see rolling realistic terrains with fluid Mech animations to match.

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News Headlines For Thursday 30th March 2000

Black & White

Up today on EuroGamer is our big preview of Arcatera, an impressive looking 3D role-playing / adventure game hybrid from German developers Westka Entertainment.

"What really makes the game stand out from the crowd is that the storyline is refreshingly non-linear, with ten seperate endings possible, only a handful of which are happy. Add to this the possibility of different starting conditions each time you play the game, and a variety of ways to solve many of
the puzzles, and it should make for plenty of replay potential."

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PC IGN spoke to Peter Molyneux at GDC 2000. Peter Molyneux is one of the guys who are working on the upcoming game Black & White, where you get the chance to play god.

IGNPC: There is a lot more animation than we've seen in the past...

PM: Yes, there's an awful lot more animation. Because he is much bigger, he is gets more hurt by things. His face is much more expressive than before, and this applies to all the creatures that you have.

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News Headlines For Monday 27th March 2000

Gaming Globe Awards

The movie industry has the Oscars, the music industry has the GRAMMYs, and now the gaming industry has the Gaming Globes! EuroGamer's inaugural Gaming Globe awards were launched today, and cover fifteen different categories, from sound and visual effects to
storyline and overall game design.  Each category has five nominees, and now you can vote on which ones get the gongs!

   Nominees include Quake 3 Arena, Unreal Tournament, Planescape Torment, Final Fantasy VIII, Outcast, Homeworld, Freespace 2, and Age of Empires II.

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News Headlines For Sunday 26th March 2000


Massive Entertainment is curently working on a new 3D RTS called Ground Control. The game is set for release in Q2 2000 and will be published by Sierra Studios. Gamespot has written up a nice preview of Ground Control.

Ever since the phenomenal success of Command & Conquer and Warcraft, we've seen a virtually unchecked stream of real-time strategy games, each aiming to provide that little extra quality that would help elevate it above its competition. All too often, though, RTS developers have simply created more of the same rather than trying to bring true innovations to the table. More races, more weapons, more units, more technology types, and more buildings might add up to great fun for some gamers, but for commanders whose greatest interest is diving into combat, overseeing the tasks of production, research, and resource management frequently winds up being a tedious chore. Even more frustrating for would-be generals is the fact that success in many RTS games isn't dependent on tactical expertise but instead on how quickly units can be pumped out of production facilities.

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GA Strategy has a First Look at Rouge Wars from developer ReAllis. Rogue Wars is a RenderWare-powered first-person arena combat shooter that combines elements of turn-based strategy, as you fight for control of the Solar System.

The Terran-Brim War is over. Billions are dead. The home worlds of both species lie in utter ruins. Your people have one last hope to avoid total extinction: The planet-altering power of the Transcendental Terraformer. You command a Terran ship armed with robotic ROGUES (Remotely Operated Gladiators for Ultimate Expansion).

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EuroGamer has done a review of Theocracy, an excellent strategy game set in medieval Mexico which gives you the chance to rewrite history by uniting the Aztecs, and creating an empire which is capable of driving the Spanish invaders back into the Atlantic Ocean.

"The main part of the game is The Prophecy, which gives you the whole of Mexico as your playing field, and an open-ended campaign that can last for well over a century!"

   "The map of Mexico is split into over forty seperate territories, a little like the classic board game Risk. You start the game with just a single province, a small army, and a few dozen untrained workers to serve you, but from here on in you can essentially do whatever you want..."

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Read more of the past months news in our News Archive for February and Previous March News.

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