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The Windows 10 Era Is Now

At some point inside the next 24 hours, Window 10 will “launch” in New Zealand, before spreading out across the globe. To a certain extent. Of course, for the more than 5 million folks currently testing the software, its “launch” is almost a non-event.

For the following cycles of individuals and businesses that will get the code over the coming weeks and months, the start of the launch cycle matters as it dictates the undertaking of the rollout cycle that will get Windows 10 into their hands. But the Midnight Moment, such as it is, doesn’t matter too much. If you wanted Windows 10 a week ago, you could have had it. Still, there is something notable about the end of a liminal state.

Ready to download Windows 10?

If you are ready to download Windows 10 manually, we have the link to the Microsoft page that has the links you need.

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Will you upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10

People around the world have started to upgrade their computers to the official version of Windows 10. We want to hear from you. Will you update to Windows 10? Yes, no, maybe? Post a comment below and let us know!

Windows 10 review – final version of Windows might be Microsoft's best ever

Microsoft’s last version of Windows is finally here: Windows 10 is arguably the best version of the ubiquitous operating system. But the question is, should you upgrade for free immediately? Or will it be another Windows 8 moment?

Windows 10 is a big step towards the Microsoft classic becoming an always-connected operating system for every device, not just PCs, which is continuously updated for free. It’ll run traditional desktop Windows apps, like Windows 7. But it will also run new “universal” apps downloaded from the Windows Store, which Microsoft hopes will become a trusted source of traditional Windows desktop programs as well.

Windows 10 or OS X? A Mac User Falls For the PC Again

With a simpler interface and new features, Microsoft’s Windows is more like Apple’s OS X than ever before

You can blame Vista and the constant pounding of Ctrl+Alt+Del that came with it. Or you can blame those clever Mac vs. PC ads. But about eight years ago, after growing up with Windows computers and countless games of “Solitaire,” I bought my first Mac. And I never looked back.

Until now.

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