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Product: Xbox RGB Scart
Estimated Street Price: 4.99
Online Manual:
Review By: Byron Hinson

The Features

For those of us who are based in Europe, Scart is a well known TV connection that most Televisions over here have around the back of them. The difference with RGB scart is that you will get a proper 60hz refresh and a much clearer picture than even S-Video can provide, so this is a must have lead for the Xbox, but does this particular one pass the tests?

  • RGB Scart lead
  • High quality third party lead
  • For European and Australian customers


Installation is an easy affair, you simple plug in the RGB Scart into the back of your Xbox and then directly into the back of your TV and you are ready to go. The only change you may need to/or want to make is to change the settings from your TV from 4:3 to Widescreen or letterbox, although the chances are you have already done that. About the only thing you will notice differently here to other Xbox cables is the fact that your TV will tend to look quite a bit neater thanks to fact that the Scart lead goes into the back of the TV instead of the front like most S-Video cables and composite.

Clear Picture?

Review Quotes
"yet again I have been surprised by just how good the quality is. The first thing you notice is how clear ALL text is now, unlike the S-Video cable"

I didn't expect that the RGB Scart would off much more over the S-Video cable I had previously been using, but yet again I have been surprised by just how good the quality is. The first thing you notice is how clear ALL text is now, unlike the S-Video cable which still allowed some shimmering on text, the Scart lead gets rid of it completely. This is a major point as many game titles these days have lots of on screen text or a HUD - and thanks to better quality cables we are seeing much clearer text on TV's through our consoles these days.

I am reviewing the Scart lead on a widescreen TV and this is where the most difference is seen, while the S-Video cables did their job well, on my Widescreen TV there still seemed to be a lack of color, but now I have to say I don't think I can get a better picture out of the Xbox here (we don't have HDTV's here in the UK).

So just how good is the color? Well it doesn't get any better than this. Halo is one of the main titles on the Xbox that really shows off some fantastic lighting and I have to say that there is no doubt that the Scart lead shows off the range of colors used far better than the S-Video cable. I then tested Amped - and as I run the game in 16:9 I noticed the difference straight away in terms to icons on the screen being much clearer (such as the camera icons).

RGB On DVD Movies?

I can also state that this cable also allows RGB Output on DVD Movies which is another reason why you should make sure you purchase this cable. I guess some you are wondering if this makes much different with DVD Movies, well it does - you get a much better picture yet again, menus also look superb thanks to the improved output. You also have the plus point where if you import an America Xbox to Europe but don't have a NTSC compatible TV, but one that supports RGB Scart - you can use the scart to get a full color picture instead of black and white.

Final Comments

How It Grades
Ease Of Use: 95%
Design: 92%
Manual: N/A
Installation: 96%
Price: 93%
Overall: 92%

I can't recommend this lead much more than I have already - at the price is it over 14 cheaper than a lot of other Scart leads that are around at the moment for the Xbox and there is defiantly no doubting the quality of the picture. An excellent purchase, and remember there is no better output than RGB Scart in Europe - so please make sure you do your Xbox justice and buy one.

Specs & Package
Overall Score 92%
Version Reviewed Xbox RGB Scart
Release Date Out Now
In The Box? 1 Xbox RGB Scart Cable
The Good Points The clearest cable you can buy in Europe
Picture perfect text
Great sound
The Bad Points hmmm..too cheap?

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