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Welcome to our Desktop Themes area - over the coming months you will be able to learn all about the new Desktop Themes that come with Plus 98 - and download new ones that various users have created.


If you have a new Active Theme that you would like to see on this site, please just e-mail and we'll get it up here ASAP.


Title Author Date Size D/L
Dr. Pepper Andreas Johansson 24-01-99 12 KB
Internet Explorer 4.0 Andreas Johansson 24-01-99 8 KB
Heart of Darkness Spooky 24-01-99 180 KB
Quake 3 - Arena James 'Jaymz' Cullen 7-10-98 65 KB
StarCraft: Zerg Hydralisk ajai@moto 24-01-99 165 KB
Windows 98 Active Wallpaper Background Cliff Palmer 1-07-98 522 KB
Windows 98 (Dr. OS) Andreas Johansson 24-01-99 106 KB


Title Author Date Size D/L
Sliders Sean Murray 27-06-98 50 KB
Star Trek Sean Kovacs 23-07-98 242 KB
X-Files Badawg 24-01-99 260 KB


Title Author Date Size D/L
The X-Files: Fight The Future Byron Hinson 25-06-98 33 KB
Friday the 13th Andreas Johansson 24-01-99 149 KB
Godzilla Ryan Corcoran 24-05-98 155 KB
James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies Yap Li Ren 02-03-98 96 KB
Mortal Kombat NightsJoker 10-03-98 47 KB
Snake Eyes Andreas Johansson 24-01-99 82 KB
The Replacement Killers Yap Li Ren 09-02-98 32 KB

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