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Title Author Date Size D/L
Pierre August Renoir Michael Lewis 21-09-97 2.5 MB
Prince n/a 23-01-97 795 KB
Princess Diana Tribute (1 of 2) n/a 24-09-97 2.5 MB
Princess Diana Tribute (2 of 2) n/a 24-09-97 2.8 MB
R. Darrian n/a 14-09-97 574 KB
R. Kelly n/a 24-01-97 1.4 MB
R. Kelly n/a 24-01-97 1.5 MB
Rebecca St. James n/a 06-02-97 740 KB
Reggie White: The Minester of Defense Richard Johnson 26-04-98 454 KB
Rhona Mitra V 1.1 Mark Richards 20-08-98 197 KB
Riana Rouge n/a 23-01-97 920 KB
Rosie O'Donnell S. Swain 29-05-98 600 KB
Rush Limbaugh n/a 01-01-97 1.8 MB
Rusty Wallace Chuck Fidler 13-03-98 500 KB
Sade n/a 24-01-97 725 KB
Salieri Kevin E. Bullock 01-12-97 706 KB
Sally (Kirsten Johnston) John Maddog Shepperd 17-03-98 2.4 MB
Salma Hayek n/a 23-07-97 248 KB
Salma Hayek Eric Piercey "The Troll" 25-05-98 1.7 MB
Sandra Bullock n/a 24-01-97 600 KB
Sandra Bullock n/a 01-08-97 324 KB
Sandra Bullock n/a 30-06-97 387 KB
Sandra Bullock v1.0 Lucas Jatoba 01-12-97 587 KB
Sandra Bullock v2.0 Lucas Jatoba 01-12-97 597 KB
Sarah McLachlan n/a 12-10-97 916 KB
Sarah Michelle Gellar Eddie Clarke 25-03-98 491 KB
Scottie Pippen n/a 21-06-97 1.3 MB
Selena n/a 23-07-97 343 KB
Sergei Fedorov (NHL's player) n/a 30-04-97 724 KB
Shakespeare n/a 01-08-97 856 KB
Shania Twain n/a 18-12-96 3.1 MB
Shawn Michels Tomer Hason 09-02-98 395 KB
Shemar Moore n/a 24-01-97 410 KB
Sibylle Rett n/a 17-01-97 395 KB
Stephen King n/a 23-01-97 910 KB
 Stephanie Seymour Daniel Sandler 13-09-98 376 KB
Steve Austin n/a 03-04-97 1.0 MB
Steve Balogh (Monash FTP Guy) n/a 21-06-97 947 KB
Steve Vai Tom Lodewyckx 27-02-98 3.4 MB
Stevie Nicks Chuck Fidler 04-02-98 500 KB
Stevie Ray Vaughan n/a 22-04-97 1.0 MB
 Stevie Ray Vaughan Ouija 13-09-98 1.1 MB
Stone Cold Steve Austin n/a 02-02-98 810 KB



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