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If you have a new Desktop Theme that you would like to see on this site, please just e-mail and we'll get it up here asap.

We apologize to Kent Pribbernow for not giving him proper credit. He is the author of the Windows 98 theme and the Windows 2000 one as well.

Title Author Date Size D/L
3D Space David E. Adams 24-01-99 1.7 MB
AMD K6 David E. Adams 24-01-99 606 KB
AMD K6 3D Sy Fryer 24-01-99 1.1 MB
Amiga 95 Steve McKinniss 24-01-99 1.5  MB
Apple IIC Chris Morrison 24-01-99 941 KB
Beta98 Speed Racer 2000 24-01-99 333 KB
Blue Skies Alex Bowers 24-01-99 519 KB
Commodore 64 Phil Rodkoff 24-01-99 141 KB
CyberWar HotMind Software 24-01-99 727 KB
Electric Dr. No 24-01-99 864 KB
iMac PeZKinG 24-01-99 1.2 MB
Internet HotMind Software 24-01-99 1.1 MB
Internet Explorer 4 David E. Adams 24-01-99 354 KB
Internet Explorer 5 David E. Adams 24-01-99 571 KB
LCars Interface Dave's Technologies 24-01-99 794 KB
Mac-Shrine Dash 24-01-99 349 KB
My Windows 98 David E. Adams 24-01-99 1.8 MB
Netscape David E. Adams 24-01-99 1.1 MB
OS 99 David E. Adams 24-01-99 453 KB
Sink98 Terresa Rogers 24-01-99 129 KB
Steel 99 David E. Adams 24-01-99 390 KB
Theme 99 Doug Hoxworth 24-01-99 1.6 MB
Windows 98 Desktop (Original) Kenji-D 24-01-99 1.9 MB
Windows 98 (also includes Win2k theme) Kent Pribbernow 24-01-99 1.2 MB
Windows 98 Drawing Dusty...and Hippy too! 24-01-99 2.5 MB
Windows 99 II David E. Adams 24-01-99 2.3 MB
WindowsNT 5.0 (Windows 2000) Kent Pribbernow 24-01-99 1.2 MB
WindowsNT Workstation Allan Peever 24-01-99 107 KB
Windows NT Server (Win2000 server) Allan Peever 24-01-99 480 KB
Wooden Windows David E. Adams 24-01-99 1.2 MB
Ultimate Windows 98 Fraser B Corry 24-01-99 1.7 MB



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