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Title Author Date Size D/L
Faith Hill n/a 02-02-98 1.6 MB
Faith No More n/a 01-04-98 1.3 MB
Fates Warning: APSOG Jason Skewes 07-06-97 1.0 MB
Fear Factory Sub-Zer0 28-05-97 4.3 MB
Fireside 2 Mattias Johansson 11-10-97 900 KB
Fleetwood Mac n/a 01-04-98 1.4 MB
Flying In A Blue Dream Arnold San Juan 18-05-98 2.7 MB
Frank Zappa Ouija 06-05-98 2.6 MB
Front 242 Don Welsch 24-07-97 1.2 MB
Front Line Assembly Ingo Trapphagen 02-05-97 1.0 MB
Garbage Scott W.Davis 23-09-98 1.5 MB
Garbage: Version 2.0 Scott W.Davis 23-09-98 1.4 MB
Garbage n/a 30-04-97 864 KB
Garbage n/a 24-09-97 1.2 MB
Garbage Lionel Guelaff 31-10-97 690 KB
Garbage Lionel Guelaff 31-10-97 638 KB
Genesis n/a 08-08-97 1.6 MB
Genesis: 1970's Juha Iivarinen 31-10-97 2.9 MB
Genesis: Calling all stations Christian F. Leal Reyes 16-02-98 1.3 MB
Genesis: Live with Peter Gabriel n/a 30-04-97 2.2 MB
Genesis: The Lamb Bob Carmody 10-10-97 4.3 MB
Goldie: SaturnzReturn n/a 01-04-98 853 KB
Grand Funk Railroad n/a 02-02-98 2.1 MB
Grateful Dead n/a 11-04-96 3.7 MB
Grateful Dead n/a 23-01-97 318 KB
Gravity Kills: Manipulated n/a 21-06-97 1.6 MB
Green Raver 1.01 Devious / The Realm 12-05-97 308 KB
Guns 'N Roses n/a 02-02-98 1.7 MB
Hanson Melissa & Kerry 05-04-98 1.0 MB
Hawkwind: Long May They Fly! n/a 08-07-97 2.3 MB
Helloween Daniel Sandler 16-04-98 2.5 MB
Heroes del Silencio n/a 30-04-97 575 KB
I'm Too Sexy n/a 20-06-96 455 KB
I Mother Earth n/a 26-12-96 921 KB
I Mother Earth Adam Ottley 23-07-97 452 KB
I Mother Earth n/a 01-04-98 462 KB
Icecube n/a 02-02-98 670 KB
Information Society n/a 07-01-97 1.5 MB
Insane Clown Posse n/a 02-02-98 650 KB
INXS n/a 02-02-98 3.1 MB
Iron Maiden n/a 20-06-96 2.0 MB
Iron Maiden n/a 02-08-96 1.1 MB
Iron Maiden: Somewhere in Time n/a 12-10-97 1.3 MB
Iron Maiden: The Number Of The Beast n/a 19-11-97 1.9 MB
Japan Assemblage Paul Rymer 08-04-98 250 KB
Jars of Clay n/a 06-02-97 1.0 MB
Jazz-It-Up n/a 25-05-96 2.6 MB
Jellyfish n/a 30-04-97 360 KB
Jewel n/a 21-06-97 950 KB
Judas Priest n/a 01-11-97 800 KB
Kansas n/a 20-02-98 1.6 MB
Kevin Bloody Wilson Trevor J Lewis 02-04-98 887 KB
King Crimson Takao Yasuda 25-08-97 1.8 MB
King's X Gretchen Goes to Nebraska n/a 19-05-97 2.2 MB
Kiss n/a 23-01-97 2.5 MB



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