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Keyboard Shortcuts For Lefties

There is nothing wrong with being a left-handed. After all, lefties are supposed to be more creative and clever. However, you will find it a pain when you want to use the Cut, Copy, Paste keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V are only accessible in the left hand. Since you are using the mouse on the left hand, won't it be better if there is a shortcut for it in the right-hand side of the keyboard?

But there is! Remember all the old keyboard shortcut in DOS? It still works with most application under Windows ( not under Windows itself though ).

For Right-Handers
Cut : Ctrl +X
Copy : Ctrl+C
Paste : Ctrl+V
Undo : Ctrl+Z

For Left-Handers
Cut : Shift-Delete
Copy : Ctrl-Insert
Paste : Shift-Insert
Undo : Alt-Backspace

Sadly, not all applications work with these shortcuts. Experiment yourself whether your applications works with it or not.

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