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Using The Magnifier

Windows 98 comes with a low-end screen magnifier. Now you can work with small things like never before. It takes up about 1/5 of your screen as the magnifier "lens". That means you have a smaller desktop. It follows the mouse but you can also configure it to for text editing. Really a great tool. But better still, you can use it even if you are not having any trouble seeing things around.

Try use it on charts and you will see why this small utility is so useful. You can read the exact figure now without mistake. Try it on Paint as the zoom function. Because it sits on tip of the the screen, now magnify only part of the image without blowing up the whole picture. You can even work with your image editing program while focusing on the magnifier. Also great in inspecting images and icons on Internet Explorer. The best thing of all is, you can copy the magnified image to your Clipboard.

Accessibility Tips 7
Accessibility Tips 7

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