Cleaning And Tuning Tips

Checking Drives With My Computer

Need a simple report or check on your drive? Go to My Computer, right-click on any hard drive and select Properties. There will be a pie chart report on your drive's free space and used space. For your information, checking drive space on Windows might not be accurate if you have Norton Protection installed because Windows will just refer those files are "free space". Go to DOS Prompt and the simple DIR command will be enough to report accurate free disk space. For further understanding, 1 megabyte is not 1000 kb but 1024 kb because computers only count with the power of two.

Move on to the Tools tab. There will be a small report on when your drive was last diagnosed will the system tools. Useful if you have forgotten when was your last time you scanned or defragment your drive.

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Cleaning and Tuning Tips 10

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Cleaning and Tuning Tips 12


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