Cleaning And Tuning Tips

Emptying The Recycle Bin

Sure, the Recycle Bin is a great utility. However, when you run out of space, the Recycle Bin might be the culprit. First, you might have forgotten to empty it for a long time. Useless shortcuts can pile up and waste space. Try to check through your Recycle Bin every 2 weeks and empty unnecessary files.

Size Of The Recycle Bin

By default, Windows will set away 10% percent of your disk space for your Recycle Bin. Now picture this, 10% of a 2.1GB hard drive is about 200MB! Wow, that amount of valuable space just to keep the files you don't want. We will rather use that space to keep the files we want. Set it to 5% or if you have a 3GB and above hard drive, 3%.

Cleaning and Tuning Tips 7
Cleaning and Tuning Tips 7

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Cleaning and Tuning Tips 9


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