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Subscribing To A Channel

Windows 98 comes with a "desktop" component called the Channel Bar. There will always be few channels pre-installed in your Channle Bar depending on the location of your country and the company which you got your Windows 98 from. All your subscriptions to the Active Channels are stored here.

A channel is actually a website pushed to deliver information right on your desktop. To view a channel select it in the Channel Bar, or select a category, then select a channel inside. In the resulting window, click the Add Active Channel link, and you'll see a dialog box asking if you'd like to subscribe to the channel.

If you'd like Internet Explorer to notify you of channel updates & download channel content on a regular basis for viewing offline, select the third option: Yes, Notify Me Of Updates And Download the Channel for Offline Viewing. Click the Customize button, complete the options in the resulting dialog boxes--how much of the channel you'd like to download, whether you want to be notified of updates via e-mail, and the subscription update schedule--clicking Next after each; then click Finish. Click OK, and your subscription is a done.

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