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Rearranging Your Channels

Done with the trimming part? Now, it is time to start rearranging the channels. For example, you might like to move some of the visible channels away inside one of the channel categories listed at the top of the bar. Or you might want to arrange the list according to the frequency of use.

Like all Windows/Internet Explorer stuff, channels can also be dragged and dropped. A gray vertical line will appears between the channels when your mouse hovers a place which is suitable. Drop the the channel and let them slide up or down themselves.

To move a channel into a channel category, select that category to open its window, then move your mouse pointer to the left edge of your screen to make the Channel Bar appear. Click and drag a channel from the Channel Bar into the blank space in the open window, let go, and that channel joins the ranks of the others in that category. Just the opposite, you can move a channel from an open category to the "main" Channel Bar.

And if you want to unclutter the Channel Bar but are still afraid that you might want to use some of them some other time, the solution is simple. Drag the channel from the Channel Bar to the desktop. It will stay on the desktop and be removed from the Channel Bar. To restore channel, simply drag it back to the Channel Bar again. It is better that you create a folder just to store unneeded channels for future use.

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