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Hiding The My Computer Icon

If you find the My Computer icon a pest and you want to remove it, there is actually no way to remove it. There is a registry hack which we don't recommend at all. OK, lets make it a deal. If we can't remove it, why not try our best to hide it? At least it is a better than none.

First of all, we need to create a an "invisible" icon. Go to our icon creating guide. Just make the whole image blank. Now, right-click the desktop and select Properties. Click on the Effects tab (or the Plus! tab if you are using Windows 95 with Plus! installed). Point the icon path to the blank icon. Apply changes and now you have a blank My Computer icon.

Now for the next problem - the name. Windows won't except blank space as a full filename. We need a filename that looks like an empty space but it is not to trick Windows. Hold down your Alt and type 0160 on the numeric keypad.

Now we have a fully invisible My Computer icon. The final step - to keep it out of reach. Put it in a place where you will never click at all. Put it on maybe the edge of the desktop or somewhere better. Have fun!

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