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Moving Around With The DOS Prompt

No matter what mode of DOS you are using, you will need to first understand how the DOS Prompt works. Actually, once you grasp it, it will be very simple (compared to UNIX). The DOS Prompt looks like this:


with the cursor blinking telling you DOS is ready for action. Now, we must type in a command. To view the directory, type:


to change from one directory to another, use the CD (change directory) command. Use the CD command followed by the name of the directory like this:


You will find that you are now in the C:\Windows directory. You can choose whether to run a program from there or view the directory for available files. TO return to the root directory, use the cd\ as in:


and you will be back into the C:\ root directory. to change from one drive to another, say into drive D, use this:


Now you are in drive D. To switch to any other drive, just use the [drive letter]: syntax. By now you should know a bit on how to move around with DOS. We will teach you on file management under DOS environment.

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