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DOS Tips

Substituting Folder As Drive

If you want to have a special attention to a folder you keep working on, why not substitute it as a drive? Weird question? No really. There is a small utility hidden in your Windows\Command directory that call subst.exe which is brought over from old DOS. The syntax is simple.

To "rename" a folder into a drive, type in:

subst w: c:\data\work\records\

Now drive w will be officially your drive for working. Cool isn't it? To remove it, type:

subst w: /d

And there goes drive w. You can run subst.exe from DOS Prompt or Autoexec.bat. OK, other than giving you a shorter and manageable path, Windows will actually produce an independent recycle bin for it! Awesome if you want a separate workout from your normal drives.

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Dos Tips 4

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