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Need For Speed 2 - Drive By Night

Need For Speed 2 - Rush-hour Towncar

  • In the main menu, type rushhour
  • You should hear a WHOOSH sound before you press race
  • Make sure you disabled all opponents and activate traffic
  • Click on race and you will find yourself in a towncar there will be traffic waiting for you!

Need For Speed 2 - Ford Indigo

  • In main menu, type in redracer
  • The car icon should change to a ford indigo logo
  • Start a race and you will find yourself driving the ford indigo

Need For Speed 2 - Bonus Track

  1. At the main menu type hollywood
  2. Monolithic Studios will be added to the list of tracks tracks

Need For Speed 2 - Cool Alternate Vehicles

  • On the main menu of Need For Speed 2, type in one the following to use as the vehicle:
    • BUS
    • JEEPYJ
    • VWBUG
  • The code are all self-explainary of what the vehicles you will get

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