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Easter Eggs

Decades ago, Atari players noticed that by following one gray pixel, they will be brought to a special room with the initials of the author. After that, it seems like nearly all developers of games and programs will leave a small credits screen behind. However, they are usually hidden, like an Easter Egg. These are the list of Easter eggs you can find in common software.

If you know more Easter eggs, please contact Byron. We will list your tip with your name under it. Hope you will enjoy "cracking" them.

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Adobe Illustrator Adobe Pagemaker
Adobe Photo Deluxe Adobe Photoshop
mIRC MS Access
MS Developer Studio MS Excel
MS FrontPage MS Office
MS Outlook MS Plus!
MS Powerpoint MS Visual Basic
MS Visual C++ MS Word
Norton AntiVirus Norton Commander
Norton Desktop Norton NT Tools
Norton Utilities Netscape Navigator
Quicken Winamp



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Afterlife Age Of Empires
Angel Devoid Black Dahlia
Blood 3D Crusader: No Remorse
Crusader: No Regrets Dark Forces
Diablo Doom 2
Duke Nukem 3D Dungeon Keeper
Hyperblade Flight Simulator 6.0
Flight Unlimited Interstate '76
Journey Man Project 2:Buried Time Journey Man Project 3:Legacy Of Time
Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love For Sail Monster Truck Madness
Mechwarrior 2 Myst
Need For Speed 2 Need For Speed 2 Special Edition
Need For Speed 3 Outlaws
Phantasmagoria Phantasmagoria 2
Quake Quake 2
Rebel Assault 2 Riven
Rise Of The Triad Shadow Warrior
Spycraft Starcraft
US Navy Fighters Warcraft 2
Zork Nemesis  


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