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Shadow Warrior - Secret Movie

  1. Go to Level 20: Zilla Level (via the TSWTREK20 cheat )
  2. Play the level until you reach the room inside/under the big lava lake
  3. Leave the room, you'll reach a corridor with lava floating under it
  4. Look around and you'll see a small platform next to the lava
  5. Open the wall over the platform and jump down
  6. Now, don't jump back into the corridor, but go to your right and you'll reach a hidden cave (you'll have to lose a bit of health here but don't worry)
  7. Inside the cave, you'll find a lot of medkits
  8. Go a bit deeper inside, and you will see the ninja turtles lying on the floor!
  9. Collect the fortune cookie you find a bit behind the turtles and leave the cave

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