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Easter Eggs

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Word Viewer

Go to Help/About...
Hold down Ctrl and Shift and click on the logo

Word 97 - Floating Word 97 Splash Screen

Select Help, About Microsoft Word
The About Box appears
Hold down Ctrl+Shift+Alt keys
Click on the horizontal divider in the About Box
A floating splash screen appears

Word 97 - Deletable Menu Items

Hold down Ctrl+Alt+Shift and the cursor should change into a minus sign. Click on a menu and then click on any menu item.
That menu item will disappear! Don't worry, this is only temporary and will be restored the next time you restart your computer
If you really need it back, right-click on the toolbar and select Customize... Highlight Menu Bar and click on Reset...
The menu item wuill be restored

Word 97 - No Competition

Word 97 - Define zzzz

Open a blank document and type zzzz and run the spell checker. See what's the definition for it.

Word 97 - Problems?

Now, does Bill Gates have a problem the world doesn't know about?

Word 97 - Naked?

Word 97 - Pagan?

Open Word and type Who is God?. Highlight the word and run a spell check. See who does the Word 97 programmers think God is.

Word 97 - Corny Developers?

Word 97 - Hairy?

Open Word and type Shag Me. Highlight the word and press Shift+F7 to run the Thesaurus. How's the definition?

Word 97 - Define Eat Me Shorts

Word 97 - Can I ...

Word 97 - Biological Associates

Word 97 - Bill Gates Dead?

Word 97 - Naughty, naughty!

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