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Easter Eggs

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Usually after creating a software, the computer programmers will include a credit screen. However, they are usually hidden, like an Easter Egg. These are the list of easter eggs you can find in common software.

Windows 98

To display the Windows 98 Easter Egg, do the following:

Double-click on the clock in the tray to open the Date/Time properties dialog box.

Just drag from point 1 to point 2 to point 3 while holding down the Ctrl key

Special Thanks To:
Bruce Christensen

Internet Explorer

The latest Easter Egg can be found in Microsoft's latest product, IE4.0. In IE4.0, click on Help, About Internet Explorer. When the screen appears, hold down Ctrl and drag the "E" logo to the globe. Release and hold Ctrl again and drag the logo to the wordings. They will start to move to the left and there will be a Unlock button. Click on the button and the globe will start to dance! Hold down Ctrl again and drag the logo back to the globe. Sit back and enjoy!

Windows 95

Highlight any desktop icons by clicking on it once. Press F1 to call upon Help. Click on the Find tab. If this is your first time, follow the wizard along.

The credits screen will appear. Whew!

Windows 95 II

The Microsoft programmers aren't easily satisfied are they? Well, that's because the have included another credits screen! This one is a multimedia toy, a boon to music freaks. However, it is rather tricky. You have to rename the folder 3 times!

Right-click the desktop, and select New, Folder.
Name the folder exactly as written, and now, the moment you've all been waiting for
Press F2 to rename it into we proudly present for your viewing pleasure
Press F2 again to rename it into The Microsoft Windows 95 Product Team!

Now double-click it to see it in action.

Windows NT 4

To those of you who is using the Windows NT you may enjoy this trick. Open the Display properties. Click on the Settings of the 3D Text screen saver. In the Text box, type volcano. You will see different volcano names displayed ( note that the OSR version of Windows 95 can enjoy this trick too. Now, to see the credits screen, repeat the process but type Not Evil in the text box. The programmers of Windows NT will appear.

OSR2 & Windows NT4

Try out this cool Screensaver trick. In the screen saver settings dialog select '3D Text' as your screen saver. Click 'Settings' and change the text to be displayed to Volcano. The screen saver will now display names of different volcanoes. If you are using Windows NT 4, also try I love NT & not evil.

Windows CE

Start a new game in Solitaire. Find the Ace of Hearts. Place it in one of the top piles. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to get the Task Manager. Click Cancel. Tap the Ace of hearts.

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