Windows Explorer Tips

Closing Parent Windows

If you are using multiple window browsing, closing a whole bunch of parent windows will be annoying. No problem. Hold down the Shift key and close the child window. Bingo! All the parent windows will close automatically.

Opening New Window Under Single Window View

Users using single window browsing can easily open a new window by holding down Ctrl and then click on a folder.

Taking Over Window Under Multiple Window View

Like the tip above, users using multiple window browsing can easily force the new folder to open in the current window by holding down Ctrl and then click on a folder.

Deleting Without The Recycle Bin

To delete a file without going through the Recycle Bin, hold down Shift and delete.

Solving A Mouse Drag

If you have accidentally dragged an icon and wished you haven't do it, the next time you come to this situation, hit the Esc key before you release the mouse button. The icon will jump back to place.

Up One Level Key

Pressing the Backspace key under normal Windows or Explorer will bring you back to the parent folder, giving the same function as the "Up One Level" button.

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Windows Explorer Tips 2


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