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Windows Explorer Tips

Details On Selecting Icons

Windows 3.1 comes with the click-to-select and double-click-to-launch system. Windows 95 refines this. It has an enhancement over Windows 3.1 - a better icon selection system. To select more than one icon, hold down the Ctrl key to select highlight another icon. To select all but a few icons, hold down Ctrl+a to select all icons and use the Ctrl key to deselect the ones you don't want. The more convenient way is to hold down the Shift key, click on one icon and then on another icon and all the icons in between the 2 icons you selected will be highlighted as well.

Another nifty trick is the "lasso" technique. Hold down you left mouse button and drag along - you will see that all icons in the area you dragged will be highlighted. The right-drag will work as a lasso too. The use of a right-drag, a menu will appear and if you can view the size of files or change the attributes to a bunch of files quickly under Properties.

Windows 3.1 allows you to type the first character of the word and Windows will hunt the icon with the best matching first character. No doubts that there will be a lot of icons with the same first character. Windows 95 improves this and you can now type the second, third even fourth character after the first matching one, if you can type that fast. Chances are, after the third matching character, Explorer probably already got the icon right.

Windows 98 users will have a more different interface but it is mostly the same with just that they use point to highlight icons and single click to activate them.

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