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Managing Folders

From the old traditional DOS directories to folders in Windows, their duty is to house files into a group for easier management. Windows Explorer gives you a better view of your folders instead of the old DIR commands. The most important thing is to keep them organized.

As a rule of thumb, try to keep your folders with less then 200 files within them ( except the Windows folder of course! ). This will give you a good view of your files. If possible group your files so that you they are not scattered all around when you need them. Put all your multimedia files on one folder so that you can always reach your favorite movies or sound clips at the same location.

Always try to keep your root directory clean reserving space for system files. If you should want to install a program, try to push them into your Program Files folder. If you like downloading, try to put all your ZIP or self extracting files into a Downloads folder. That way, you won't forget where you placed the file in. Unzip or extract them into a temporary folder. Remember to empty it after that to avoid all files jumbled up when unzipped. When it comes to cleaning, a delete key will wipe clean all unnecessary ZIP files.

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Windows Explorer Tips 2

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