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Internet Explorer 5 Tips and Tricks


One of the new features of Internet Explorer 5 is Synchronization. This allows you to synchronize the contents of web sites on the Internet with those in your Offline Pages folder. With Synchronization you can get Internet Explorer to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date pages to look at when you're working offline.

How to Synchronize

  • When you find a Webpage that you like, and you want to add it to your favorites list. Click FAVORITES | ADD TO FAVORITES and then click on MAKE AVAILABLE OFFLINE. Internet Explorer 5 will then proceed to download the website to your "OFFLINE PAGES" folder.

Synchronizing ActiveIE

Advanced Synchronizing

  • This will bring up the "OFFLINE SYNCHRONIZATION WIZARD". Click on NEXT.

Decide if you would like to download the links that come off the webpage you are synchronizing.

  • The next list that comes up (Above) asks if you would like to make this favorite download the links that appear off of the site in question. For this tip, click NO and then NEXT.

Set-up the times you wish to start Synchronizing.

  • Finally you have to decide at what times you would like Internet Explorer 5 to Synchronize your favorite. This I will leave for you to decide. It might be best for you to set-up the time to download the same for all pages you would like to Synchronize.


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