Editing .CNT Files

Funny as it may be - help files requires you to write in certain languages and compile it while you can edit the "Table Of Contents". Did you ever examine the .CNT files? These are just ASCII files, which can be edited with Notepad or any other text editor. Just add an CNT-file to your own HLP-files to get a "Table Of Contents" dialog box when opening the file. Or edit existing .CNT files for better contents order. These .CNT files are usually on the same directory with the help files itself.

Back & Next Buttons

You can use CTRL-ALT-[<-] and CTRL-ALT-[->] to browse any HLP-file, even if there is no browsing sequence defined of there are no browse buttons available.

Open up your text editor and search for your WIN.INI file. Add the following lines:

[Windows Help]

Reboot your system for changes to take effect.


Get at the most commonly used functions in Windows Help by clicking the right mouse button anywhere within a topic. That brings up a shortcut menu that includes Annotate, Copy, Print Topic, Keep Help on Top, Font and Use System Colors. If you right-click in a popup, you'll be shown only copy and print.

Merge Keyword Lists

If you use several help files in conjunction with each other, you can create a single alphabetical keyword list for all of them--even if they were written by different vendors. Just edit (or create) a .CNT file with the same name as your main help file and include these two statements:

:BASE base.hlp

:INDEX Base Help=base.hlp

Always back up the .CNT file before changing it.

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