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Create A Splash Screen

In the world of commercial software, splash screens are the graphics that appear while the program is busy trying to pull its act together and start running. Now you can add the same professional touch to your databases:

  1. Create an image with the Paint applet built into Windows 95 or with your favorite graphics program. You can even grab images from CD-ROMs or Web-based clip art libraries. (Remember to observe copyright laws, though--you don't want to tangle with a bunch of lawyers by illegally using someone else's artwork.)
  2. Save the picture as a Windows bitmap file (BMP). Name the image file to match your database (for example, if your database is named medicine, your splash screen file should be called medicine.bmp). Be sure to save the image in the same folder as your database.
The next time anyone opens the database, the splash screen will hop into action first.


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