Office 97 Tips

Adding A Watermark

A watermark is a faint background image that shows up behind the text or other images in your document. You can watermark your documents with your name, company logo, product-specific brand, or some other icon:

  1. Select View/Header And Footer to open the Header And Footer toolbar.
  2. Click the Show/Hide Document Text button on the Header And Footer toolbar. (This step is not mandatory, but seeing the full page, without the document's text, may be useful.)
  3. Select Insert/Picture to get a selection of graphics choices. Office 97 provides some clip art and word art options, or you can insert an image that you've created or saved in your own files.
  4. Once you've selected the image you want to insert and clicked OK, use your mouse to drag the image to the place you want it to appear on the page. Remember, the image will fade into the background once you exit the Header And Footer screen, so don't worry if it appears too bright or bold.
  5. Click Close on the Header And Footer toolbar. Your document now has a watermark that will appear on every page.

If you want to edit or move the watermark, select View/Header And Footer to redisplay the Header And Footer screen, and make your changes.

If you use clip art or import an image, you may find that wherever the image extends into the document, the document text wraps around it rather than overlaps it. To correct this, display the Header And Footer screen, right-click the image, and select the Format item option from the menu. From the dialog box that opens, choose the Wrapping tab, and select None from the top row, then click OK. The image should now appear under the text instead.


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