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Open Explorer For My Computer

Now, the My Computer icon is a direct link to all the drives and important things like Control Panel and Dial-up Networking. But to most of us, it virtually accomplishes nothing. From our last tip, we advice you not to remove the My Computer icon. It is forbidden by Windows experts. Well, does it mean the icon will sit there until eternity?

Not if we can help it. We assume you use Windows Explorer frequently right? How about a makeover so that the My Computer icon will look like Explorer, act like Explorer and work like Explorer? That way, we can change the useless icon into a more useful one. If that's what you want, follow on.

Run your registry editor and go to


With \shell highlighted, create a new key named LaunchExplorer. With \LaunchExplorer highlighted, create a new key called command. Change the default value of command to explorer /e. For final touch-ups, change the My Computer's icon and rename it as well. Give it a appropriate one such as "Computer Explorer" to differentiate from the real Explorer.

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