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Editing Menu Pop/Slide Out Speed

When you pass your mouse over a menu, you will notice that there is a slight delay before the submenu pops out (Windows 95, NT4) or slide out (Windows98, NT5). Now this is suppose to be a feature from Microsoft for new Windows users to look "friendly". Now there are 2 groups of people who will get very annoyed. The first one are the ones who think that the delay is not needed. They want the menu to fly out instantaneously. The second line are the ones who don't want the menu to pop out when you pass your mouse over them - they want them to pop out only when you click at the menu like old DOS and Win 3.11 menus.

Open up the registry editor and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\ On the right pane, look for a value called MenuShowDelay. If it isn't there, just create one. Now, to set the value in milliseconds. Now, we have seen a lot of books and sites saying that the value should be set to 1 for fastest and 10 for slowest. Wrong! Since the value is set to milliseconds, a little calculation will tell you that the figures don't make any sense. The default is 400 (see? 1-10 is way off the track). Set 50 or below for fast or near instant fly-out or 65534 for near eternity. Since we can't disable the menu to fly out when you mouse over them, you can set them to the maximum value so that they won't pop out until a long time. Click on the menu for them to pop out.

However, we noticed that if you use the "click once to select" and "highlight when pointing" option, you will find that this registry tip will effect your mouse. If you set the menu delay to very fast, you will notice that the brief delay of highlighting icon is gone (hurray!). But if you set the menu delay to almost never, your icon highlighting will also be gone! You will have to click once to highlight and click again to activate the icon.

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