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Stop Automatic Registry Merge

When the registry editor creates a .reg file, it double-clicking on that file once will automatically merge the file into the registry. Sure, this is suppose to be a convenience since the default value for .reg files is Merge. But once it is merged into the registry, it stays in the registry. No way to undo the action.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Open Explorer and select View, Folder Options. Click on the File Types tab and scroll to Registry Entries. Click on Edit and select New for a new action. Type Open With Notepad for Action and c:\windows\notepad.exe %1 for Application. Click on OK.

Next, click on Open_With_Notepad once and click on the Set Default. Opening with Notepad is the new default action for .reg files. to merge it, simply right-click the file and select Merge.

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