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Setup Tips

Faster MS Office Setup

The next pain after installing Windows 95/98/NT is the Office setup itself. Office 97 can give you quite a headache with its lengthy installation. Like Windows 95/98, there are several undocumented switches you can use to automate your Office 95/97 setup. We were surprised to know that the entire setup process was sped up by 30% with these switches.

/K Enters the CD key
/K "12345678"
The CD key should not have the dash
/Q 0 - Quiet Install - with Exit screen
1 - No exit screen
T - Shows nothing on the screen during install
/N User's Name
/N "Name"
/O Organization Name
/O "Org"
/T Specify the STF file
The default is the SETUP.STF on the root of the Office95 CD.

This is an ASCII text file you can copy to a local or network drive, modify the applications you want to install and then point your installation to use that file


/U Uninstalls all apps but leaves common files in place
/UA Uninstalls all apps and removes common files
/R ReInstalls previously installed Office95 apps

To activate the switches, run the setip.exe at the DOS Prompt. The whole command might look something like:

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Setup Tips 5

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