Speeding Up Windows

Speedier Swap Files

The swap files or what windows term as "Virtual Memory" is actually using the hard drive space when the actual RAM runs out. You don't usually have to bother with since Windows can handle the Virtual Memory by itself. However, tuning up the swap files might speed up things a little. Double-click the System icon in Control Panel. Click on the Performance tab and on the Virtual Memory button. Select Let me specify my own virtual memory settings. By default, the drive selected will be where you install Windows. Select the fastest drive or partition you got. If you have a faster but smaller partition, you may use that as well. Defrag the drive first. Now, set Both Maximum and Minimum values to 2 1/2 of your actual RAM available. If you have 16 RAM, set both to 40. If you have 32 RAM, set both to 80. You need to restart to take effect.

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Speeding Up Windows 2
Speeding Up Windows 2


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