Speeding Up Windows

Tuning VCache

VCache is the Windows disk-caching virtual device driver. This is a very important part of Windows 95/98 as it provides excellent disk performance. It replaces all your other disk-caching drivers such as SmartDrive. Windows reserves memory for Vcache. For all we know, sometimes Windows reserves too much memory for Vcache which consumes too much system resources and sometimes to little to be sufficient and limits vcache from it's total potential. Open Run and type sysedit. Edit System.ini and find a line with something like:


Put maximum and minumum into one quarter of your actual RAM (in bytes). That means, if you have 16 RAM, set both to 4096. If you have 32 RAM, change both to 8192.

Speeding Up Windows 2
Speeding Up Windows 2

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Speeding Up Windows 4


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