Speeding Up Windows

Faster Dialing

Double-click the Modem icon in the Control Panel. Click on the Properties button. Select the Connection tab. Click on the Advance... button. On the Extra Settings text box, type S11=50. That will speed up the dial tone from 100 milliseconds ( the default ) to 50 milliseconds.

Speedier Connection

You might notice that sometimes, you are already connected but Dial-up Networking is still toiling around saying you are "Connecting to Network". The culprit it Dial-up Networking itself. To solve this, right-click your ISP connection and select Properties. Click on the Server Types tab. Uncheck Log on to Network, NetBEUI & IPX/SPX Compatible.

Latest Dial-up Networking From Microsoft

Get the latest Dial-up Networking from Microsoft. MS DUN 1.3 is available here (Windows 95/98 Only)

Speeding Up Windows 4
Speeding Up Windows 4

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Speeding Up Windows 4
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