Start-up & Shut Down


There is file hidden in your root directory called MSDOS.SYS. First, make sure Windows is showing all hidden files. Next, change the attribute and uncheck Hidden and System. Open the file with notepad. Search for the entry you want and edit. If you can't find the option, just add it into the file. You will find that editing the file will enable you to edit some cool start-up options you want.

BootDelay=x n=0 disables the bootup-delay (default 2)
BootFailSafe=x enables Safe Mode for system startup (default 0)
BootGUI=x Enables automatic graphical startup into Win95 (default 1)
BootKeys=x Enables the startup options keys like F5, F6, F8 (default 1)
BootMenu=x Enables automatic display of the Win95 Startup menu (default 0)
BootMenuDefault=x Default menu item on the Startup Menu (default 3)
BootMenuDelay=x seconds to display the Startup Menu (default 30)
BootMulti=x Enables dual-boot capabilities (default=0)
BootWarn=x Enables the Safe Mode startup warning (default=1)
BootWin=x Enables the Win95 as default OS (default=1)
DblSpace=x Enables automatic loading of DBLSPACE.BIN (default=1)
DoubleBuffer=x Enables double-buffering gor SCSI controllers (default=0)
DrvSpace=x Enables automatic loading of DRVSPACE.BIN (default=1)
Logo=x Enables display of the startup logo (default 1)
Network=x Enables Safe Mode with Networking as menu option (default 1)
AutoScan=x x=1 disables running ScanDisk ofter bad shutdown, x=1 prompt before running ScanDisk (default), x=2 automatic scan if required


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