Start-up & Shut Down

Shut Down Commands

After you have successfully shut down Windows 95, your only options are not to turn off or reboot your computer. In reality, you are just at a MS-DOS prompt displaying the shut down screen image. Next time you are at the shut down screen ("It is now safe to turn off your computer."), try these handy commands:

win : Restarts Windows 95 without re-booting your computer.
mode co80 : Returns you to a MS-DOS prompt.

NOTE: These commands generally only work when the MS-DOS command interpreter ( has previously been loaded. ( booting directly to MS-DOS mode, then typing win to load Windows ). After shutting down that session of Windows, the above commands should work properly. Also note that the commands won't work if Windows is not successfully shutting down.

Start-up & Shut Down 9
Start-up & Shut Down 9

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Start-up & Shut Down 11


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