Start-up & Shut Down

Emergency Recovery

You have just finished your assignment or project. Then due to system instability, Windows suddenly won't respond and you haven't saved your application yet. You know that any further doodling will bring up either the blue screen of death or the "Illegal Operation" error. Shut down and your precious assignment is gone. Now what? If the Ctrl+Alt+Del combination will respond, then you are fortunate. Check which program is not responding. Select the faulty program and click End Task. If not, select Explorer and the click on End Task. Wait for about 20 seconds. There will be a dialog box stating that Explorer is not responding. Click on End Task again. Windows will do something like a "full refresh". Chances are, you can now safely save your assignment.


Start-up & Shut Down 6
Start-up & Shut Down 6

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Start-up & Shut Down 8
Start-up & Shut Down 8


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