Start-up & Shut Down

Scare Snoopers With Error Message

If you are living with a lot of pesky nosy parkers who like to poke their noses into your PC and most of them are computer illiterate, you might be risking havoc on your system. When pleads and begging won't work, it's time to take action.

We all know we need the to load the Windows GUI shell. Now for the tricky part. If the file is gone, you can't start Windows. If we rename the file from to another name say, Windows won't start. Anyone booting Windows will get a " not found" error. This should scare them away thinking that they did something wrong. Then how can you boot up? Simple, since the GUI failed to load, you will be still at the command prompt. Just type and you are back to Windows. Sneaky....

Start-up & Shut Down 8
Start-up & Shut Down 8

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