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Internet Explorer 5 Tips and Tricks

Internet Explorer 5.0 Browser Tips

With Internet Explorer 5 - you can now use the all new AutoComplete system with online forms to help you save time.

Form AutoComplete

The first time you go to a webpage form with Internet Explorer 5 and you enter some text in one of the form's boxes, the following dialogue box will come up.

Form AutoComplete Dialogue Box

So how exactly can this speed up your working with forms?

  1. Say you have to type in a website address, but in HTML form, the first time you enter <a href="> Internet Explorer 5 will remember this. So the next time you go to the form page, you start to enter the same information you will get to about <a href="  - and you can just use the down cursor to select the URL to autocomplete. Check out the example below.

snap2.jpg (10062 bytes)


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