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Internet Explorer 5 Tips and Tricks

Internet Explorer 5.0 Browser Tips

One of the cool new features in Internet Explorer 5 is the new Favorites organization tools that have been designed in HTML.

FTP Drag and Drop

Did you know that with Internet Explorer 5, you can now use the browser as your FTP client? Internet Explorer supports drag and drop FTP, Login etc, everything most FTP clients can do. Here is a simple tip on how to drag and drop FTP.

  1. Open up Internet Explorer 5 and load up any FTP site of your choice.
  2. Next up: If you have gone to a FTP site in which you would like to download something then all you have to do is go into the folder the file is kept, then DRAG the folder to your desktop or to any folder on your PC. Internet Explorer 5 will then start to download it for you.
  3. If you would like to upload a file to the FTP server, it's just as simple. Drag the file that you want to upload off of your PC into Internet Explorer 5 and watch it upload.


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